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Three For All: Bryan Cox

Aug 21, 2014|

Bryan Cox told his team about ability with the ladies at a young age. The guys talk about white pants, and also... tapeworm!

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate -- Renaissance man who thinks -- three or wrong. Three. Countries three people -- red -- 234 wrong these days with him half beat. And they need jobs and it's. OK. Okay and is. -- read okay. Okay. OK okay how bad. And time for the three for always has brought you by the constant dollar construction needed -- they've got you covered. This is what we take all sorts different topics and throw them under the roof. Of the three for all including. Women's fashion. That's where we're going to start today and I know you guys are kind of -- of women's fashion right. Oh yeah. -- adequately cleared the organs. We walked around and women's underwear like you do two of -- you know was little bit of a stretch that article and I heard that. You heard that Arctic and this is the information you got from my dad that you're talking about right present when I talked him off air. So anyway I'm Matt Dion oddball comedy fest last weekend and I've noticed this throughout spring and summer this year and I don't know anything about fashion but it seems to me that every good looking girl. Across the country has decided to invest in a pair of tight white pants. We see that this year till the route that they elected governor on net there's nothing wrong with it I love it I'm in transpire. Because it seems to be I don't know what this has become in my head now but I've seen so many girls wearing tight white pants this year. And I saw this and at the oddball comedy festival the excel Centre Mansfield are right. Everybody walking around. Even now you're not a good looking girl you shouldn't be wearing tight white pants girls that are wearing tight white pants to me it's like magic. I've fallen for it -- enthralled by that I can't get over this is a -- it doesn't matter if you should be wary -- or not it works for me. Does anybody else of this proclivity here mile loan on this he's basically saying keep it up yes I always wintertime Paul. Not just spring and summer picnic. Yoga. The answer. Oh and notable rise and those Clinton rise you know it's more like it it's just regular. From what appears like white jeans almost a -- elected he'll look easy in this year and I'm. Fixated on it. Every -- -- white pants doesn't matter if they're good looking or not it looks like the look pulls itself off about the problem back pupils from a low rise -- -- -- succeeded on those. One night you're ruining what can I -- and Christine just let me have this one. I don't. -- got me out of you guys have fallen are not enough because you're a few yards and a watch it throughout the week whatever you whatever you need to do. Well Brian Cox and as marvelous is usually the guys first time in the league -- -- He's been all over -- economy's grow was defensive lineman you're talking about a but the video and they showed that gave him showed video work there was some things but he puts -- a picture. Of these thirty year old daughter. Because he's been always -- starting to think about look at my daughter but this is this was this. -- Only. What that political and yeah. Right guys started at that right now is that book six is dollars and thirty year old -- He actually looked like and film study put a picture ever produced agreement on the -- vote as a team. You know look at her -- Throughout the whole process would scream and yell and everybody -- topic of bodies of all my daughters to grip that's it no communication or not the it says they were in -- how old you coach I'm 46 -- thirty. I've been. Thank you two. Only well there's -- political. Up by Brian Cox and trip these. He is a lot he's a lot of funny guy mace and it -- the cigar in the mid day in the week you know by the pool and this is what this show needed. Brian Cox is exactly. What -- Nazis. Yeah you know -- yeah it's what I never met a but I always felt like you mean though the personality that was just over the top and it's amazing that he was able to transfer that personality which he really would think would work into an actual coaching position. You know in the NFL. But when I was ten really did you know are supposed to work when so many years ago ten years old. No not even. I -- I got the general concept when I was ten but actually execute the game plan I don't -- those. It was like -- Cuba to me I just couldn't figure out how everything lined up -- like a -- in -- excuse but I went via. I Q so this is going to be this -- -- a little gross guys the one I got so I disk. If you don't if you stomach -- and wait to eat before you hear this okay. So a mother and a daughter roll into a Florida hospital Florida ER. Right and the complaining of stomach pain her stomach is no slowing up so what does the nurse do. -- take some some doesn't ultrasound and at first they think she's pregnant wolf she's not pregnant. And then what they found on the ultrasound was that just something different summed it look route right so so the girl goes to the bathroom. And then when she goes to the bathroom they hear this loud scream coming out of the bathroom. Did you magic didn't guess what you think they would they would find him there. Guess it's not play a white pants now -- be the last thing a -- -- it was a toilet bowl full of hate war it's okay. So here's what happened and this this is the release this is the really bad part the mother. The girls and pageants the mother. He's really Padgett Miami and yes see the bad animosities feeding her tape yeah. As April weight down that's truly don't know her paper forms and did so the mother is obviously getting emotional -- she hears -- -- -- and about the mission breaks down. You know she was apologizing. To the girl and she says I just did it to make you a little -- year. You needed some help before we went on to this pageant with the girl with the the girl wasn't aware that used to in this -- that the girl had no idea what was going on she was sick you know she you know obviously you know. Her stomach was swollen because -- tape worms were. You know there was -- and yet infestation of -- warrant and they were in the toilet bowl trying to come out like a bunch of little stakes it was just discussed the -- yap because obviously stick your finger down your throat is so in 1994 yet so I mean so I read this obviously your mind goes crazy just nasty -- If you're caught on a crazy guy he got done on a diet to try to tape we worked diet now look at -- idea when house. -- and -- pop Warner football. We -- -- solve seat it was a weak category saw was housed at the right age -- is big for my age so. I gonna -- to diet that one also 1011 years old to make weight. And one of the diets I went on was the watermelon guys. OK nothing but watermelon. For like a week straight it's all water sugar I mean and that was it so you personally -- team. Ball I mean listen there's not a lot but immediately it was announced -- almost roommate of the quarterback -- Dartmouth team atomic weight. Amid talk to you guys anything I mean knows whatever people tell me about crazy ways of like the weight loss diets only the only thing I ever remember -- going on was a watermelon diet. There's my answer doing -- I think my mom tried it out there was like the only way to cut weight in like five days. I would say for me I guess to a caller ravioli meat ball diet. -- when I get older I get a high school it was like to read those and Coke diet. -- you very shocked to hear this -- narrowing had a problem with a nine. -- it's funny you know I guess. No to did you did you play pop wonderful what do you ever after because of wrestler you know Ressa has gone all least -- to all these crazy things to lose weight. Where we had a guy used to go to steam room with like trash bag I could when he makes a -- Come on like 510 pounds I couldn't let -- -- -- within days and now that it would college it was but late pizza diet. Those candidate diets I was goes on. Always trying to get up to the pop Warner football. Wait and I couldn't do when I was little wall CO allows young girls trying to lose weight when -- got older you know again in college it was all -- -- trying to gain weight so I used to. In -- on the loop -- and Alan wake up it's my alarm at like 1 AM. And -- would have a peanut butter jelly sandwich and -- shake free made so as soon as my alarm go off of 1 and -- I would guzzle bed shake as soon as apostle and out Ethiopian -- jelly sandwich. Go right back to bed -- try to find different ways to get more calories in me. Even while I was sleeping and it worked for the most part. Well I think we should do to slow the Jewish or Christian take the tape or challenge. The ice buckets Allen's been there -- -- that tape warmed challenge to promote better better weight loss -- -- should change your parents do to help you out in your career. I since this were Christians that is is I I can't wait to see he's come up with the Fauria five we'll do that next. Not every seven -- -- Only. What political and often.

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