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Curt Schilling reveals the source of his cancer, 8-21-14

Aug 21, 2014|

Speaking at the WEEI NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon with Dennis and Callahan, Curt Schilling revealed that he had mouth cancer, a form called squamous cell carcinoma. He blames his use of smokeless tobacco and says it is his biggest regret in life. This revelation has sparked debate about whether MLB should ban the use of all tobacco.

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Talk about which was number one. But it wanna get into the chewing tobacco debate. Which -- there was gonna come about what's today although my gratefully that was why I got my god you believe it is -- while absolutely. No question in my mind about that I do believe without a doubt unquestionably. That chewing is what which gave -- cancer. Let's start showing yesterday guaranteed Jimmy Fund radio telethon part of the reason we were able to reach the thrilled three million dollar mark. And funds raised for the Jimmy Fund Dana Farber Cancer Institute is that there's a great deal of reaction to that interview Schilling talking about his cancer. For the first time with Dennis and Callahan yesterday could hear that interview on demand at WPI. Dot com and after -- was on. Boy that -- or just lit up with people. Making donations would seem to move a lot of folks former Red Sox great talking about his condition. And I know I stayed in the car and listen to the whole thing before I walked over Fenway Park pulled up about 815 made sure heard every bit of it. And it was really compelling radio to hear talked about it for the first time. No when he said that. -- about. The debate the tobacco debate my initial. Thought was oh he means whether or not it should be outlawed baseball and they clarified and said right away. I think it's the reason why I got cancer I would think there's no doubt that there's. A direct core location between smokeless tobacco and cancer and smoking and lung cancer -- that's pretty well established the size -- we've been talking about. For the last two days over Fenway Park and telethon. On the debate about whether or not it should be banned from baseball I could see maybe Kurt not wanting to get involved in at least initially. Now seems like he's more willing to do it because he's talking about publicly and he knew. That the reaction that he got from an interview have to spark that to a degree and it seems to have generated some conversation. I think it's something that Major League Baseball can band and can't outlaw sports players what do you think should happen. I think it's done it can be tough. And a reason why is it a minor leagues I know they've been -- they started baiting when I was in my early and I defined but it caught in a minor -- chewing tobacco. One my coaches get caught chewing tobacco would both get caught the same game he brought me -- -- it is again you know bad news. You get caught called the police that being a stance -- he would -- dip bitter that you and whatever so this is. The equivalent of like the NFL uniform police bureau in the field there -- -- stands in -- like you know sit in the front row -- -- the progress while teams stretch helpful games. You know that's what they were to sit in -- And -- don't just sit up there subpoena or seventeen obviously vision again that you you know a dip in whatever and then you would write you up and get -- a milieu or certain amount of money fine. Now that's that was early years of them doing this. And even I saw like a year later two years later at three years later to -- much goal way. You know the again -- talking about emphasizing rules it already is a role which is stopped emphasizing. It's got to start down there that that's the point OK it's got a stark. I think you know in high school it's gonna start college it's got to start a minor leagues you wanna -- story when you get a guy yet I think you should start. Because that's when it starts. K that's when it starts burst to dip by everything else in high school worst thing ever did my life. You know continued to college -- miners it's at least a ballot still battle today. That's when it starts to you you you educate people you sit -- your high school coach your responsibility you see it. You know he ripped out some kid's mouth you whatever it takes college whatever it takes. That's where it starts. Yeah you get queued up in a big league level I think about -- secret realizes. Paul -- it's going to be outlawed. Because like he said many times he can -- the voice of the guys -- morning say you know you realize night gonna be on the forefront. Again out. But he also explained that. There are people on the forefront. There of have a job that I've talked to Curt Schilling about. In other people out there that have lost your voice that have talked to Curt Schilling about it and me about it and other baseball players about it for years. And never stopped her in -- ever stop me or never stopped others is not gonna happen -- legacy from. See he said that he said that I never had the belief that it was one of these it's not gonna happen -- situations. I just didn't. Stop anyway. Is he couldn't. Knowledge is the only guy may be -- day or two or week or month you know back in your your plane you know and here's some but Tony Gwynn. And at the the scary thing is is it just stop the damage you've already done. Do yourself in all four -- this awful habit of people writing articles you know. Michael Silverman everybody read these articles Ambien -- just needs to ban tobacco and a single player and say you know I know some bad -- and your dictum that you can't -- -- -- It's not that easy obviously it's -- and it's gonna have to be signed off on with the players went on to say it's not that easy to quickness is this very addictive thing what do they do but it just grabs you holds units like you don't. You know you don't want you don't wanna do it. -- that -- can't stop what does -- have to start what you -- is gonna start at the younger levels yes. It needs to start in the minor league level it needs to be enforced more often in the minor league level. Maybe there's some sort of partnership that Major League Baseball to develop with the NCAA so it doesn't happen -- calls and maybe there is one for all I know but it's not effective. If there is a partnership. But at some point it's got to come to the majors right if it is going to stop at some point the major leagues. -- -- -- There has to be a in October to April stretch of time were Major League Baseball goes the players and says no one's gonna be able to dip when the season starts. What I'm saying is it's got to start early. You you can't goal with 34 year old guy a kid or want to grant you laundered it and then her not sorry about grandfather it's just this isn't like a rule. This is an addiction. You know this isn't like you wake up but he can't do it anymore okay 'cause it's a rule. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that easy you tell me I get a stop now what you think have been don't for the last fifteen years ten years. You'll -- goal we -- to kids that there's it would in my doing it myself so -- usually leave home the next day people would end. After having that same emotional scary that is the notes that like that's got to hold you you can't just come to me and say it's a rule you gotta stop I got a problem. That's -- that a lot of people that's a -- is saying the same thing but shell is just sit there. He knew all the risks he knows he's doing his body. I don't do it myself my grandfather passed -- of mouth cancer then you know I'm RC -- stories I've met the people. It's not me no. And it just because it takes over it -- -- you know it's just it's not that easy just writing an article in the newspaper. It's saying MLB should outlook they got a -- step up and it's not. That simple it's difficult. What I wouldn't wanna clarify -- you're not. Going at this topic of conversation from the it's a personal choice view I can do what I want you're saying it's an issue of how is it done. Right how do you stop it from. Still being allowed on the field and they phase it in is that more your consumers. Like I can do what I want. To some people are existing it's a personal choice in the slot and there's a lot of people. That. What I wanted to do was square. And then and it's just not there he's. And you know so what I wanna do is quit. So he -- economy it's a -- doing in a kitten I don't wanna do it anymore. Help me -- -- You know it's just it's it's it's not as easy as not cotton dry. You can't just take an addiction and you say you know what you can't do it anymore. -- -- -- -- you really like I wanna do this is that the opinion most other players into most guys that you know that are playing now wanna quit. And there are just too addicted or do they want it keep dipping and they don't want somebody did. Get away and say you can't do anymore I think what what players do is they just go along with the game you know and dumb luck and do the same. -- for three with a couple of roll overs yeah punch up. Seventh inning don't dip in for us the game and relax. And it's just it's habit forming. India the only reelected because it's habit forming and an -- and becomes necessary. And then you walk away from a from a while everything is good and something comes up interest. No matter what it is maybe it's an argument with family maybe it's bad on the field in just electing to win or go again become a back to a at any study on Oregon to a -- season. You know Indy and in the offseason he sort of walk away between elected down south find yourself content by itself dolphin. But don't know when indexing you know it's not just the seasonal thing so the guys kind of go along with the and they do a -- a season to its -- -- habit. They wanna quit when seasons over the course that the fine let's look at Carter in the careers over the look at SATs with the helmet got myself into here. What turned into something in spring training with turned in the six months mr. -- in the twelve months sister did the twelve years. And and it's so I think yeah guys right now they don't think about it. It just to look at this part of the gig it's part of the job and and it's just something that they do all right -- asked them deep down do you wanna quit. I would pick each and every one of wants the court. Right -- wrong Major League baseball's player union players union. Would put up. A fight if they got enough feedback from their players. If Major League Baseball or try to step and say you can't dip on the field anymore. You know make it difficult yet. Is it active players. On to have to stick you know it's okay -- -- could help all my player that's addicted to. What Major League Baseball ought to plan that's -- -- what field. Mo. Target -- -- just have to keep playing through Josh Hamilton. What do this before -- and you know with with. Stop chewing tobacco and he kind of said you know I've had a lot of issues with it but don't get -- -- -- it affect my play -- made fun of. Which could quit tobacco he struck with whatever I realize in -- I do. I realize how addicting yours I realize the hardest. 61777979837. We only have one phone line open on this should Major League Baseball make it illegal to dip. Chewed tobacco on the field during games can also text 37. 937 of the AT&T text line a little bit more for -- Curt Schilling on the top of the -- phones. Is what he had to say during the Jimmy Fund telephone. -- -- And it's it was a addictive habit that I if I can think of shall -- time in my life where it was so relaxing. You know -- to just sit back and have a dip and do whatever. And I'd lost my sense is now my taste but for the most part I'd come issues that led all the sort of stuff. None of it was enough to ever make me quit. -- -- instead right now that is only regret in life it is that the pain that I was in going through mystery man. The second or third day it was the first thing and north in my life ever ever have I wish that you go back and never have to wants. Well -- the only regret in his life is that he started dipping and got hooked you said just a few moments -- lose the worst mistake you ever made when you were in high school recently for started. Yet casually college casually you know I mean and a surrogate except pick up the intensity of the -- stuff. Moscow do like Connecticut John was in first on this hi John -- 937 WEI. Guys thanks a -- let me caucus -- most thought heartfelt thing I've ever heard you say. -- it really in depth here I recruit guys 0%. At underworld and probably literally. It -- it would Arctic habitat to kick in every single -- The caucusing in the quake yeah maybe I'll automatic fuel sometimes it's our. When you're in it you can you can -- anywhere control that there weren't able to appoint three look even know. Yeah that's one thing about it John it's it's a hell of a lot easier to do in smoking and even while there's a mass movement afoot in so many places to outlaw smoking. Publicly -- not only is it easier to do. Publicly to dip as opposed to smoke but be. It's a hell of a lot harder to outlawed because it's a lot more difficult to make the case that it's a public health nuisance to others. Who were not as opposed to smoking where was easy to make that case because of secondhand smoke. In it it is in the Little League it's stopped because of baseball do you think it's great because debate all the that you get quote. And if it turns into a daily part of your life and -- everything you do become part of that it's harder and every kick. Well -- -- -- you've seen it off the dugout and Major League especially. It's provided. By the company to -- league players. Now. It guts it's not not provided any more Daniel went when I got a big least was in 98. And it wasn't provided that is well that that it stopped. A few years before that now what you see in in. In the dugout or club houses that are companies trying to give you alternatives. A company you see different things think right now to get some caffeine -- that they actually PD was talking about. Different kind of -- different kind of whatever might be beef jerky these sort of things and all these companies try to give you an alternative try to help you would. In one way or another kind of make that -- She needs here you know what helps is sort of like the mimicking out the cigarettes in -- -- and the movement up mimic the mannerisms there's the psychological component of trying to kick in that regard but. You know I never. -- a lot I've tried it. I dated a little bit in college never to the point that I felt a real addiction to it but I have also tried those coffee pouches that you're talking about. And my guess is for somebody who dips a lot there's still a long way to go there to properly mimic. The response that your body gets a sort of the adrenaline you get when he put a dip in because I've tried those coffee pouches and yet Scoble staying. On your lip and it's got that little -- you're tong. But I don't think it triggers anything the way that -- does as some of the stepped down products due for cigarettes and people are trying to kick cigarettes. Yeah I wish to announce that created in you knew you had to do that dip in that you and whatever and like. They had the roof starts to spin you bet yeah little queasy I do yeah you know I thought I wish that that feeling was enough to make me quit rather than for some reason is a stupid -- The united fight through it. The point where I was proud that dead and get that feeling anymore you know would you -- back and it's just. It's sad and and this is the whole thing occurred -- would listening to him it's sold to rule. Like imagine here's a guy that you know at level headed. Who has a family who gets it who appreciates life who appreciates what you've been given. Who sees people dying from it who meet people without you know half their face I just never stopped. You know he knows what he was doing his life. I know what I was doing my life on people and all and they just they just don't they don't stop it can't stop what you wanna call. 6177797937. Gloucester is our next stop we talked to Eric there hi Eric. -- -- -- Their response let's go to Zachary calling from New York Zachary you're -- -- 37 W the. Right there -- in -- -- any better. We got here Acker don't hard worker -- -- -- darker much like they're from -- on the radar for support all off now work. And are what -- sports that we -- I don't know I -- your guard. All being very forward -- out there are now what it does so well. I would that a ballot are just flat -- yet he also mayor for Motley sponsors. Both the thirteen would actually here. While on the field there war in old city. All they're more and everything -- and honored the mayor it was on the Jumbotron at my three year old you want it. Because there were. Up in black bear every army walked out -- -- yeah. There are out on the it is awful to -- it and if not all. Starting your major league baseball. Players if they do all -- did reach out for anybody. We want which will kicked out there aren't sure -- still in order -- You order it in action to mark and and all these wait on the white. -- -- you know it's such they -- well. Are really thought at that they are -- -- little -- market there. -- Are completely different matter bottle -- yes I hate the Yankees. What do you think an offseason rehab program is enough or to go back to what we were just talking about since a lot of Major League players do what they can't get away from baseball on the offseason when you get back on the diamond. -- behavioral pattern off -- easy part yet kicks back in again that's when you mr. because. So what we're not. I would have a problem with a lot of people advancing the whole. Same argument like -- this is like smoking in a bar at this is like. Getting on a motorcycle and not wanting to -- home that are not want to Wear a seatbelt or the only deep personal freedoms argument with this I think it is a health issue for the union to look at with its players. And it's one the Major League Baseball also. As an image issue with that he wants to address I don't equate that way. What's it like real life being able to. Put a dip and I do think that there are bigger debates afoot here than just a personal freedoms. Argument but I don't think that's where you're coming from on this -- sounds like you're more how would you do it. Howdy -- police -- guys break the rule rule is to get put in place and how do you make the rule. Adequate in functional in the first place before goes on the books don't like an instant replay debate. Everybody -- replay and is put on there and are too many holes seem -- to be said for other try to do this would chewing tobacco as well. There was a -- MLB just these two. Really kind of get this program together. To worry and you gotta start younger. You you've got to start younger and it starts in in high school starts in middle school you know we get some cute finds a can a middle school in the trap of first time an eighth grade. You know Walken with his buddies in the parks you know through woods those sort of things now it's arts. -- and gets him in high school you know they get the college NCAA needs to enforce a coach's. Need to enforce -- any depletion minor leagues the coaching staff need to enforce it Miley quarters neat to umpires. To get to the point where to fifteen years from now this generation comes up and they don't need it the play baseball. That's that's how you gotta make it work proceeds are enough or -- jerky whatever it takes -- whatever. 6177797. 93 ceremony go to rich on a car phone just called him I think he can speak to this pretty well higher ritual -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That that they can Lou I appreciate it at that conversation both because. Is that since 98. When I started. And I just quit this year D'Amato. But actually comment like that currency to. They gonna look at the -- -- right out and -- get out this quit when. And everything that is just for a belt because. When you get up on it just looking at that Brad and fraudulent. And it just it it made it out picked it up. It's just and people had a good track. Are the work that -- at Acela I'm. Lot happened on this saint stock up about 88 Alex found out though -- -- Becker are hammered out so he's going to -- it's such. -- -- -- -- -- When you win when when was he diagnosed at that. -- -- it and that was enough to make equity. -- -- -- -- Stop. -- stopped the from dipped to cigarettes beer and heroin and to send it to Richard Moya and they'll say you know because I know somebody via com. Here it's peaceful we used in a perfect oral cancer and and heard about it scared the living hell out of me the most days to -- -- the different. It is that a perfectly it's not just some back in the -- we put -- -- in and you got that Fuzzy feeling you got that head's spinning kind of feeling. Because it was kicking your system so much now you're putting it in just to get to even just to feel right. To see you're not out of balance the other way and that cell. Addiction tends to go regardless of what the drug is like a -- that's that's saudis would dip that's how it is cigarettes that's how it is. With hard core drugs you event you do it to get a buzz initially. And then what happens you needed to get back to even. -- cooperation I think we actually lost their backs and 6177797. 937. Oscar won more in here let's go to Steve calling for Maine hi Steve your 937 WEEI. They get paid on this -- Michael you -- Yeah I just think Cadillac caller right kind of -- what he's saying that and that the point that we not brought up about addiction and this is really. You know the issue is. It that. My concern on the clarification -- ask you guys did that it proposes that this is done. I just on the field or that there -- there's going to be some kind of requirement that the players actually quit when I am not an and I. I -- I even though it's even been brought up. But we're really disgust there were bringing it up because what Schilling said yesterday and I hear what you're saying when our talked about was illegally and yet Tony -- -- and -- think -- -- Even before yesterday with a lot of people knew what he was -- -- have cancer but to answer your question no I don't know how you police that a player not dip when he's not a Major League -- -- -- -- substance is legal I don't know -- you would police that but I think the goal would be to get him to quit so they. Don't have to do after as -- pointed out before a bad bad bad go back in the tunnel put an end what the next two batters on base and try to run back on the field and be okay. -- right let me and every guy that's not really any different than than any of the -- workplace issue you know and I want society as you just can't smoke at work. I don't know when he plays that you can do it anymore people suffered from a it -- -- it legitimate addiction. But people out of out of a miraculous way of adjusting until the end you know we can sustain their addiction. Probably got Alfred two and a half three hour game. I'm certainly -- trying to practice is going to be another issue is coming across the board. But -- you know having a little bit about nicotine replacement. You know you talk about the dome of the -- I'm you know and within the keys and that so it it's going to be yesterday's news and these guys are going to be you know. A lot -- at least on the game -- for the and the players coming up gonna have an impact. -- -- -- We'll see what Major League Baseball does about it in the conversations definite pick up because the two high profile to about all famers here talk about shelling -- -- very -- high profile players at the forefront of this discussion house that's going to be something's gonna get the ball rolling. On this topic conversation we come back tonight for seven WBI we can't. Hang up on somebody before somebody else calls in ninety given the numbers at this point -- often without folks just dialing in on their own sort of obviously. Touched on some of the people wind discussed in the wake of the Curt -- interview yesterday on Dennis and Callahan during the Jimmy Fund radio telethon we'll continue get feedback on that but. On a positive note. When it comes to David Ortiz some of the numbers he is putting up in this otherwise lost season are really eye popping for some specific reasons that were brought up during the game broadcast yesterday. When Lou and Joseph were on the air and I wanna get to those because they really are lightning will discuss we come back now to -- MW EI.

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