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Jackie goes down, Mookie comes up, 8-21-14

Aug 21, 2014|

As JBJ's struggles at the plate seem never-ending, the Red Sox have sent him down to Pawtucket and with the open roster spot, have brought Mookie Betts back on to the 25 man roster.

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I'm not sure what it's gonna happen but I guarantee at some point some point the three of us will be in the studio reignited -- I'm not sure how. What stars have to line but eventually the three of us will do an in studio show again for a full. Or -- about ten days. It's gonna be allowed to put those than done but a -- at that young men on the it's would this year instituted under Angela -- -- -- Games not that Smart I hate you gotta get there right now connect to migrate port traffic just hit it I -- football guys get you out mentally tough after. Update never -- -- Foxboro he had especially since I live literally maybe lights yeah admitted away from the stadium yeah I just want to make sure I get here early you know get on my notes set up you know. Lots of meetings a media a lot of important people today. You know lots of important conversations. You know so I figured I should probably had my first question ready to go. Dam breach drawn and they kind of sit in the back and let everybody else -- the -- don't have to understate the damn all the time now in a. Tennis that no I think you know the band I think guy understated doubt one it's just. That's got to do that he's kind of heavy legs you know feel like people are starting to respond to that little bit more no. They look -- money got us from find mass money dot com for the Jimmy Fund and it it's. It's a beautiful day -- final number. I went over three million nano to do we match last year I don't know I fell asleep before the final number came -- three point 01 when I went to bed. Yeah it's pretty. There was Dyson is impressive but I do I -- you here because at that you have been a pop -- machine. And you know we're gonna mix of pop -- shut them out at the alien currency we need all -- call -- -- doing it you know it got a goal over the ingredients again how to properly do it again treated. She could shall we had built a script the first 34 bit. Boy this you know the issue kept trying. Lou Tim tried one Andersen offered and it worked as that he ran up the road I don't quite -- -- to -- -- for -- this is worthless. I okay. -- his dad for stuff. Did doctor -- and it was looking like what's wrong with your enemy. I will admit to being frustrated that might not meant to take rocket that was what's -- going to -- pop it's only Bobby careful with that two of their value was lost to them for nothing yes we make. -- went all the way down the state in just did it was -- and it looked back at that it would happen at this point it was like -- way down mystic yeah excuse that reaches that went and it ends up. For a guy he's not -- program one day -- her anarchy and that is impressive. You know. -- whole new world that is opened up to a. Thanks everybody at the Jimmy Fund radio telethon over a -- in and everybody did hard work back here at the studios. Propping this raises much money as we did for Jimmy Fund in the Dana Farber Cancer Institute is definitely a worthwhile experience glad we did it. And -- seem to. A live up to the expectation that I have for everybody coming together and make good things happen for the charity. And I went over really well also thanks to all of you who donated and doesn't mean -- to stop you can continue by going to Jimmy Fund dot org. You were able to do and donate over the last two days you still want to the money is certainly. Still acceptable we missed a lot sports wise well. Refer to a national let me tell you think that is definitely now. You've got right back into last night though -- car and yet you don't grow wheat gives ecstatic at gain those three hours and fifteen minutes. The last that I get the three hours and 45 minutes at the last couple of days Allen's great means he'll last night I feel about that pace of the -- and human. If you want to but the pace of play again. -- and if it's if it's if that had changed the pace of play with guys on base that's good teacher -- America's -- bucks fine. Nobody gets a basement but those -- no hitter or perfect game a quick one. If you -- one guy might take four hours you know begins and it's just completely slows down and that it -- help -- awful injury you know Garrett Richards I mean it. -- values left knee. Patella injury looked like the -- snapped. We don't know what the injury is but -- that's got their number one right there. He's their number one guy he's opening day for -- that guy's filthy you know it's Sox got to got to below obit. Earlier on good. -- left leg below lot of it's the restart -- once. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet out on that line while it enough player I don't not it wasn't like Rob Gronkowski or like somebody breaking the lakes will be crazy. I look at it again it's more because on mlb.com they had it. And it just looked awkward you know it's like it's like he felt awkward and it. First the first you don't know what the -- as you look at suckers you know and I look at the right near the left naked overly knows you know it's a cookie which which to me is it's a year. So I just sort of ice ice -- kind of trip and fall. Atlanta ought really have that right knee twisted in behind him -- any. He didn't just lose its footing and trip and then. Twist that right means that he stumbled was left -- -- look at what's the replay games homes left -- And I couldn't get one NASA prepares to give me one them to sit up there okay all at some point someday a litigator at the replay Yost regularly look at it. When you finally see -- thousand Buchanan or online to see the highlight it was Paul George -- don't want to do now here's to you didn't think you did see that left me. You're sort of pop you know and it's exactly that the patella tendon right in front of the kneecap. You know the front he need then -- Sheehan and that's a huge blow for them huge blow for them obviously Nebraska -- up because -- just completely lost in one inning and oh well yeah most well -- any disorder but won't -- for silver linings right. There wasn't much to be frown and Dennis Becker's -- point after the game he kind of -- that the shoddy fielding that we've seen in recent games from the Red Sox might be an indication that their start and a lose interest in this season do you see it that way move or was this just a matter of literal physical mistakes from these guys against the angels. But I don't feel that way as a team losing interest in me individually you know Ameen. Not I don't look -- the place over the weekend Wright was in -- trying to Sunday. And be losing focus and not -- couple plays that should -- dope laser or simple plays that should remain I don't say well. Yes Dan lost focus solicit Venus losing focus not a player it's losing focus that fly ball that dropped the child hit last night a drop in front of being on nova. Now's a strange play because he kept saying goes out to shallow and -- tag. And then have a just doesn't stop running and he can't get -- -- and then you look at it PD go and where where where where real you know army he was shape throughout the -- also a long way. It seemed like it was a fly ball right so it's just. But I don't look at the team that Hillary label the whole team -- -- David -- -- -- -- -- team -- motivated. It's individually you know what motivates you pride wise so. No I just look at his team less that it just. Could buckles for wanting lost the aggressiveness lost the feel for cub -- that the -- in the 20 wasn't there. Agents were impacted a cutter in the nibbling stuff and in the slow pace of play and it's ugly you know just ugly in that fifth. There were some moves that were made Waller during the -- refinery it's all on that a lot of people talked and Red Sox well we were raising funds for the Dana Farber and we didn't get to talk about Jackie Bradley going down -- keep debts coming up in. Even some of the comments have been sharing tennis related to the Red Sox and the future of some of these young players like for instance. I don't think we've ever been unwilling to trade prospects for the right player of course we would consider trading prospects clearly. There's some areas that we'd like to act to this offseason. We have to figure out what makes the most sense whether that's trying to act through free agency trades dot dot dot. There's definitely times when a train makes more sense in free agency and there's times where it's vice Versa. That's from sharing -- on Tuesday evening before the game. Against the angels there's not necessarily a lot said there aside from the fact that there's technology meant that. A bunch of guys who we all thought or untouchable because of their long term high -- ceiling for this team. Might not be as long term. In their minds anymore now they talk about Bradley he talked about Bogart's. Is everybody on the table to reach rated. This offseason and is that a good thing considering how much. Stock they've put in to a guy like Bogart justices -- for instance. Why you know you think about it. It's like in the beginning of the season this team was going to. It looked like he was being rebuilt it looked like there is a there's a bridge movement going on -- all these young kids who were restarting in and I'm including Jackie Bradley junior in -- even though he really was supposed to be starting Shane Victorino got hurt kind of -- admitted that in the lineup. And I have -- Brooks who ever was expecting great things from. But exam to -- at short. And you have the other guys who just waiting in the wings -- Pawtucket this you know waiting to come up but. This of this this doesn't surprise me at all amid the surprise you one bit -- -- start to see. With Jackie -- -- start to see some warts that may not be fixable. Okay he's older of the young guys will -- bill Brooks looks like he's just a and despite an accident waiting to happen every time it takes to feel he can't stay healthy. And if you in if you are available it was a matter how good you are if you can't play can't play Bullock is the guy that some would get past two he's the youngest is 21. And he's just Jong and with young players. You just don't know I guess I guess of out of all those three he would be the guy that I would say all right I'm still willing to wait on. But again. To play it safe if you're gonna ask you from a trade in these guys yeah of course have the right trade comes around it makes sense financially for the team of course are gonna take it. But I mean again I never think anyone is off limits it all depends on what the -- would be and who the players they would be trading for. That's a whole thing through thick it was for. You know -- -- does that mean you -- -- -- -- Stanton you know I got a short list of guys that are the other untreatable. Zero anybody on Ellis resigned pro Stanton. I'm not so sure there is department does rhyme come down on this I don't think there is an -- guy and offense is two guys probably -- three guys on offense you know -- probably. Most of them or give up on Henry owns the -- made like Blix wire because -- package that he has. The office -- with the defense you know got to control the ball like you seem Christian basket but yet switch hitter. Who considering the bad very unique very tough to come by. Now the two are -- established polar point 526 years old stand. The thing with -- Jacki gets that I was surprised. You know -- we we talked about this week two weeks ago saying you know last month makes sense of these guys -- at some on again. They -- two weeks ago but it like -- at this point -- but a comeback -- right gul I'll come back up. Anything now is a numbers game. He gets that Dodi and use an option it is an option -- yet this year guys in the big leagues all year long right. But it only counts if he downed at the twenty days or longer. In other words that they option new down AAA and they call you up in nineteen days that burn an option. Now Jackie last year's rookie year his first year big leagues they use that option on him he's done a minor league so it's good to -- two options left two more years of up and down. If they call them up on the nineteenth day. Then they have burned an option and they still out of for two more years of Bob -- with an option to more options left. Which takes about September 5 so regular season's over the -- they might make the playoffs. If they play that first round out kerosene Jackie Bradley September 5 -- what the tickets that went because it just makes sense you know and bring it up here in the they play him lately if they put -- -- games but does that surprise what the time. What I wanna know is does this speak to them having the same debate that we re having almost hypothetically here on the air it seems like there's still trying to figure out. At Fenway Park what's more important to figure out of -- -- can play the outfield defensively or to figure out of Jackie Bradley junior can actually hit. Because right now I'm not sure week in ironclad say yes or no to. Either player doing. Either scale positively right now I think that there's a lot to be found out a rookie -- can play defense but. In my opinion anyway it looks like he's further along defensively. It would Jackie Bradley junior is offensive. Yet now with Jackie Bradley junior defense -- and that's. That's just what he can do out there is ridiculous so. Comparing. Comparing that part of -- -- is game. I don't think it's fair because Jackie Brown he's been there he's. He's obviously shown how well he complained I was ground he he can cover and how good years of you know just adjusting his body catching the ball we know a strong army has to. It -- -- think Jackie's like I don't know like it's it feels like there's. Is there something else there to him being pushed it moved down I mean is it. Is there wizard do you think he's doing everything he needs to do and I don't -- don't feel what you heard down there -- you heard anything at all as far as the attitude. About oh about him as far as. You know of being open to. Helping himself you know did better at the plate. Yet I think the work ethic is is there that there's some frustration obviously you know because. They they believe that Jackie Bradley believes in a ball resting yesterday. Less than that play O Gary Richards. Blew out his knee apparently first base and the reason why don't we kind of started first as we watched them play the backside and high bar. -- up on third base in almost gets into -- run at their base for no apparent reason because you look and on Butterfield faced there's. There's some frustration near the place you made on Friday and Sunday in a field. If there you would listen to it and to some of the guys in and coaches. There's no excuse for I and then we're at the point now a season where you don't want that to happen at last at that was a lost focus there almost cost about body was out. Boy is he's -- bull or anywhere on that play you know -- is -- air repeater I mean that's probably the worse -- you can be called. If your professional athlete is the guy that just you're making the same mistakes over and over again which you which means to me that you just can't take coaching. We had to miss things -- he's 21 years all of that don't talk about him being quotable you know -- that there's some frustrations with them you make some. Mistakes. That. And Jackie and and he will -- Brooks. That they don't feel they should be making right now even even with the aged no but it ticket keep reminding themselves as well but. -- going down. The original point about -- defensively -- -- offensively and I've felt better about that defense right figuring it out. That it do Jacqui Jackie's got Alter a lot of things. Offensively. It looks like there's more or -- defensively for parents to learn -- and there is hitting wise for -- look at just these repetition of guys never done it before you know Jackie -- -- -- -- -- got right now. We will get more play center field look at a figure dipping on you if you just need some more experience. I don't wolf step aside like Christian go again. Real in depth dancers from Bill Belichick and advance the third big clashes in any question would you wanna give you something anything important don't know what you want go to -- -- -- -- in the -- as a -- watchers -- yeah you'll -- -- that answer went down and distance when they try their first trick play on. That's what I wanna know what down it is what is down distance and times explorations in my face the last moment. So me -- -- say hey Alison hey we have we have a text a question. And this question comes from ten active XWP. I I talked about a -- the good stuff yet Christian -- in about it now. Archer on May ask to join us at noon we've got lots of patriots and NFL discussion coming up forward Don but what we come back wanna hear from you Red Sox fans at 61777979837. The question is about the future of the team the prospects that exist. Should they all be considered treatable. In one way shape or form. -- -- suggesting really that prospects are going to be moved if the right deal is out there so is that the right approach for the Red Sox. I think it is I don't think get a single one of these prospects is on tradable. Or know what you think in 61777979837. And also taxed on the eighteenth tee text line. 37937. And one prospect they might be bringing on board is -- -- to steal we've talked about him from Donna on the Cuban prospect. Lewis some firsthand insight that he's gotten about how good can -- could be. Or is -- maybe not worth the cash figured out we come back 937 WEEI.

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