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Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon Montage

Aug 21, 2014|

Listen to the highlights from the 13th Annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. Thank you for everyone's support.

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The WEEI -- in Jimmy Fund radio telethon and helping to strike out cancer. But you know what the amazing -- plus -- just dumbfounded by it. Just been told you have cancer. You walk out into the public and the world still going on abbey twelve years old diagnosed optic -- almost she finished treatment. In July says she's feeling pretty good -- he's twelve years old and sixty weeks we heard Curt Schilling on here and on adult male going through it talked about how. How much anxiety he had how tough that was for him to get through and how tough was it. -- is it hard. But -- give -- -- factor in the evenings now -- -- -- in your supposed to sync with the first line guy in the first. Mountaintop not a footprint he's seen me go it's the kingdom of vaccination. And it looks like a -- that we need. That's it -- not just can get like yeah sure and it girl. And it narrows it. Again at that game. That. Do something and slammed the -- Now that it's over you want to go back for quite some time in your scans are are are fewer and further between. You missed that I -- -- -- weird you missed any of it they did the environment the Jimmy Fund clinic -- the people you know I feel you do what emissions and -- -- hill and then I came back to the room and my family was sitting there and I thought you know what. It's this -- -- what's worse is if you want my kids. It's not -- and the one guy and it's -- -- that can handle that that's why. So you know that from my perspective it never ever but he never said why me are never well once you get started. It happens fast it -- you don't get a chance to breathe in Europe and you're often running and you got a team surrounding. And away you go. It definitely caught us -- less surprised I was a leader on a retreat but at my high school. I'm New Hampshire and I actually gave a speech on obstacles in my life and useless a week before I was diagnosed with my -- -- the biggest obstacle -- -- in my life. Can't ever be donated money from still mess. Candy is the father of Leon's -- going Quinnipiac College. Huge Dustin -- fair I think he doctor last year then yes you're talking English word is that quinnipiac it was a Yankee country you know she's afraid her roommates might like Derek Jeter. She's scared she's gonna put -- for joy of poster of boulder ventures a look at border go to school. And as -- mentioned she stole the show last year. Unfortunate she lost her battle with cancer. You know condolences go out. So the next you handle that. And soon tonight here this time I think he was injured and does so well side Paula is obviously disappointed initially not pistol someone goes and American sense tells them. The team functions -- here. And he just hops off the table and in as he's coming up the tunnel he just -- -- -- allowed -- was I've ever heard whereas my call. And then holy realizes that she's the -- he's references she just broke -- like because not only did you remember her he remembered her name. You know he's written about him on his blog when she passed away he did it -- touching tribute to America. So it's like it's not just. A contractual obligation for the rest of its players especially for Schilling when you walk around. That facility to see these amazing doctors doing. Amazing things and then -- -- opponent's -- and -- 567 year old kid I can't fathom. Deutsche I don't know if this happens again I'm not sure if I would go through the treatment again it was a painful I lost my sister -- it's in 2008 what did you do. To keep your hope together because that's it that's it Joseph says that's wanted more difficult cancers view. I just felt like god told me I would you have a testimony. Any stomach go through treatment and they come back -- did she does not working. Document asking what are you feeling now presumably Miller that I wanted to have a -- So that's what I have right now I have a Hillary just went ahead and that is you know the people that help you so much Dana Farber. Because they'd give me so much help with the understanding that. Whatever treatment throughout the year they continue to fight for me as much as -- fight for myself. I know OK. What -- are you didn't say yeah Miami that this dog or a job. Let it go. -- -- -- anyway you tell us a boat heading they make a wish via direct that was ends and it was much different than than most want to talk about what was your wish. So I went to charm city cake and I and that does garments on the ship is at -- It was really funny any pain and then we'll come basing your image in your primary care yeah. Thanks to the new England Sports Radio network the Boston Red Sox are billing insurance foundation they use for your continued generosity.

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