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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Montana stripper 8-21-14

Aug 21, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans they are building a better network. Start with. Distortions. The order always confused me a ticket I think Obama should do the ice -- challenge. That's and so initially thought it was in -- much on Aniston like a month ago -- is put -- this point. You know why elements that's perception I think we should dubious -- child who didn't at this right at this point feels like the Pope. You know him the public to the Speedo. Yeah but this -- -- At this point does not feel like everybody should do yes -- yes you won't look. Silly at first it did look kind of silly right right it'll look like people of the people. Yeah bird man of the people Obama can do Larry Bird is higher in the that's true that's America's good point I retired anybody. When Ronald Reagan right. You'd agree that that -- the time that the top was on the Jerry who's number one on the Jerry Lewis I won they won via campus -- above those no none nobody cares. Because Reagan slash Larry -- them to be Jesus Christ. And then the -- and Fred Lynn you know it's but it was too short -- ran for men whose last analysts. Last on the list the nicest guy. The fake -- say. She Shia issues yeah. William McDonald mcdaniels 53 years old -- one in jail after call police rattle a stripper who would have sex with well. 53 is all the -- and I can promise should call -- Saturday night the city shelled out 350 dollars -- stripper. It's sage brush Sam's exotic dance club soccer Montana but did receive the cardinal report you'd expect. Because the second and I'm just trying to picture. The stripper in rocker Montana. I I I'm sure she looks like but what do you think if you -- in rocker is named after John -- yes and you're rocker Montana would you think it's like this would be okay yeah kind of a lawless you like it like a sneaky -- farm girls -- yes got a kid I'll bet she's like as a guy fine line you know what a bunch of people there. Take this -- they think this is okay. They help a lot -- -- real libertarians out -- not fully ones like Q like the prosecution should actually. Encouraged I think it should be look the other way kind of thing. With them and I don't know it's really almost no and they bust these poor guys see the mug shots and Zoellick 57 year old has never had sex Norman -- nieces. Lonely us hostage in the stressed -- well. At least look at beloved because he's a man did you pay for -- -- so I did not pay now. He's young he's paying now beastly and him like thirty users medical in this alternate. And got fifty dollars by the way up to Montana. Strip club which -- 350 box. That she's -- look and it makes -- -- measured as. The cops paid a visit eventually Alderman for guess what sells the prostitution -- -- along a misdemeanor. McCain has booked into what we should be arrested beaten and tell us to a local jail released after posting bond on Sunday morning news sites. Court records show would be mcdaniels rap sheet for the boss for DUI drug possession for Montana counties -- set up. A single Yelp review for sagebrush seems -- -- -- was quote. Dirty smells like it. And it's such a turn on. 350 mile Dougal played at -- public there a picture of Daniel I'm sure looks like George Clooney. Well you look like you're gonna miss it. Oh he looks like a cross between normal Johnny Cash and younger Robert -- Andrea about prisoners would you if Aaron Hernandez did spark a child. I would not sit well no no not a party Bernie Madoff pleaded. Jerry sandusky oh that would that he's on economic any -- boy available. And a place that. Right now is that ski mountain in the third grade class guys July printers size. Business side we would want anybody and everybody. Yes I hope the president yes -- people about Putin who. -- pirate. If we get some some dollars brought in for research. Kim Jung and Kim -- and that you -- that should. Us and you don't mind is a creature that he invented it he was the first to it kills some import prices that's -- would Adobe viral and he killed them and more people -- that or search for. It left -- and some obvious to us and it's just Obama sprints he hasn't done it. Big yes I guess that's that's the same -- on. In that hairpiece. And possible image out the -- of the department and let's went straight to hear people think it's natural 63 is -- -- -- -- Arnold -- there and it. See he's ripped because animal work on the jail route to -- -- -- congress. I hurt you when you and I overweight the experts have the -- -- -- And then the next track on that aren't as part of our growth and was a good idea of clearance comes played. Organ on that. Track I -- I've got eight text message from a very famous person who shall go on name it. Oh please get back there as soon as possible minute and is only talking brings the right please make Kim's. Here's -- Order of preference would you like your doctor you show me nobody else compared stupid blisters on every talk -- it used to. The black teams from junior was killed by a white -- for his or viciously attacked the officer. As he sent his patrol artillery bone crushing punch shattered the cops eye -- Report on Tuesday officer Gary Wilson suffered orbital bloat fracture to the eye socket. -- -- report cites sources -- yes it was county police department in CD's does this mean we call off all the looting it's not fair to bring this up Jerry. Wilson whose character assassination shot unarmed fuel Michael Brown August. It's a little luxury 300 pounds. And you crush someone's face. And they are I assume on the defensive here I think. The officer was probably fearing for his life would you feel like opponent -- upon Christ your favorite. Yes so do we call off polluting panel -- that's a -- partners here we're sorry sorry loaded the store. -- it Sharpton leave now. I'm sure what he gets back to see the phone Sharpton sitting in the fortunes. Yet NA. Fine Italian -- smoking a cigar. Which I four seasons can you smoked cigar. Elect smoking room not sure I'll -- eat that's the only a slight up a -- one. I was -- -- following such charlatans that -- especially evident forget you'll. As -- -- understand Sharpton likes when this happens he's happy that this wouldn't exist if it's just living in the personally offended. Number ones Saturday night in New York City residents wish it was shot glimpse sent in New York City. Fifteen. People were shot one night. Fifteen I think nine died. And I think all of them were African American coach to make a -- I don't think he can on them. Right that's that's that's what he does. Jesse Jackson so we find out the stock this cup has crushed face. Does it change the narrative that we all the climate that's that's all the BS. By Heidi BS crushed face it's true progressives is right -- the -- report. It will be like the guy and dirty Harry who -- -- -- of freedom yes that's that the debt or -- archer says it all hold so far this year. It is a huge job here at the gunshots from his suite. -- the apple story of Astoria but he -- get a camera time no no money -- -- percent from last MSNBC -- show on. Stroke of the people themselves -- at least eight. And Christopher -- Yes I know that is one of -- Brady Bunch is another -- that's right right Peter Peter but there's another current model. From I was the guy who lived three decades in the woods missed on he all the stuff -- -- food just trying to survive a man who lived nearly three decades in the woods now is a job is adjusting to life back in society Christopher -- survive winters in the mean woods by stealing from homes can't. Over thousand. -- graduate from special court programs earlier this fall the network never in the world -- after serving about seven months in -- night. North on her arm it was a minute last fall into the programs participants receive treatment and -- don't think that he's O and in the back in the woods have seen this movie before Canada and on the day of his leaf is going to punch a guard in the -- -- much better now is appropriate to ask Britain three squares -- these atomic externally on off on the floor and guest rooms -- no it was going to be like Daryl Hannah and splashed in typical -- like even haul -- -- that's the ways -- he applicants did squirrel. In front of people in the be repulsed he's taken the job if you're will be a hermit in the woods when you choose like Virginia Beach northern California at it was a no it is -- and what area meaning. Many junior high hopes winters called Psycho man -- is psychotic -- -- -- this guy should be. The setup job regional. Library some neighbors. Kept to himself be quiet boy choir. He never fully explain why dispute what you did to OGQ these never reasons mystery seemed to. Committed more than 12100 robberies as a reckless -- -- to mystery to him yeah. He's like -- who Belichick can't figure -- -- your apple got in the game. That's -- -- -- is a mystery to him he did he's that are remarkable job DA says in this whole thing's working hard to understand what it takes to become part of society. -- it's Sox probably. Quiet boy he kept to himself at New Hampshire Donnie let's not. They're good morning guy telling -- They -- real quick maybe we can get Eric Holder it's lead all the looters and and I -- to challenge sure somebody's called you right. -- committed this morning huge -- and everything -- he should be allowed to do the boiling water. But that's how -- not like an excellent. Like they real quick about the yet commission -- they had Tehran like to answer it for him. I don't think there's any way to shorten the actual case of a baseball game I think the game itself should be shortened from nine to. Oh all right god now I can't be radical baseball doesn't do radical. Has to be incremental. And who -- this a thousand times but it could not be simpler. It couldn't be simplest thing in the box than on the mound to start with that. What do you think that I here's my five point plan and bought the facility exit stay in the box stay in the mound. Eliminate pitching coach trips. And eliminate warmup pitches and the intentional walk to make it I knew it was a -- yeah it's a -- to make five point plan to eliminate. I don't seventeen minutes at least hear from a game that's all it takes and what little there was send a message that they're serious. About improving the game for the next generation do you know what -- The average baseball game provides in terms of minutes and seconds of action the average eleven minerals in -- 39 minutes and 58 cent of football not much more now. And ten minutes for three hours and 42 minutes last night yeah. Minutes at times from people would go a couple games -- three hours yet once a week -- arsenal here in Kyrgyzstan and and then there are state and you know they start and you basically no way any good football prize -- with the product every year that's -- Tom Warner said. You know that just moving back to extra point is an attempt to improve the product you know that I know that there's a lot of flags on the defense. But that's an attempt to improve the product on the Kabila left many flags in the regular season but they want them to. They want to induce more often correct as so -- kind of war in the defense if you do they'll call the defense this won't do and you'll have more office. And that some people don't like that they want to be -- -- 63. I think most people like your average fan would welcome more office that light off so. 1777. -- 7937. Fault lines are open are Phil Simms. Peter King. Bill Simmons. And referee Mike -- are all on the same page kinda sort. I appreciate Mike -- stance not so much with Sims and being and Simmons.

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