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Another great Jimmy Fund event 8-21-14

Aug 21, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the great support shown by our listeners supporting the Jimmy Fund.

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Thank you thank you. And thank all of you. 3020937. In the interest of full disclosure just before the clock struck midnight last 115945. We were at 22999900. Million dollars and I donated 20000. 937. -- rocks to put -- so does not make him like you. -- ask -- about him otherwise Gibson Q I know it's for the kids it's obvious the -- that and. I think we should credit that that -- just threw that out of the Boston -- up he talked tomorrow and Mullen yeah and then exclusive really yet but we'll get to that yeah -- never thought would get three million I really didn't I was open 2.2 2.4 because look at look at Shelley -- and everything ice -- challenge in. You know sometimes people just worn down that's the way it works I've felt like two million would be more -- and then satisfying successful. I always feel that way elect when we start now like it's going to be tough year yeah. That was just hit people up for the PMC in there ever a point you made yesterday that that is not good here now they're they're they're two clusters to clump together. And I guess just the same it's Jimmy find deals the biggest Jimmy play it's half the Jimmy Fund. Revenue right is the PNC and you sand beaches. You know for this and then -- like -- -- people asking trailers and and and asking for so many other good causes adjust to elect. -- can't happen every year you know he just can't and you know what else do you know that. Ailment autos on the phones they're asking. Donors them make a monthly contribution right and you don't do that every year you just do that Brent and it comes out each you comes up -- credit card once a month. We can't ask those people right so once those people sign up to don't want to mongers are gone they're gone god bless some rights like you know. Tom Brady jerseys you know of course the number of preachers are going to be down everyone's got one once one has got five. If we -- home all right hey -- need these retro the red brought the red one bright red or an hour. Listen I have the it's mrs. Brady gets -- pajamas and I think it's like I think tank top that are as yeah yeah yeah yeah but but and again people came up big thank the I want to thank him. Everybody who called that -- donated and volunteered it was for those people -- -- the phone excellent point they never came up for -- you saw my daughter was on the phone for four straight yes it is people it's out spears or the day before that he ordered the morning. I saw a packet. Mike Matt Walsh. But didn't -- you know Rodriguez's one out yeah exactly -- at the late Michael and -- -- people aren't on there and voice. And you know we. Every -- one credit Jason wolf on the godfather yes of this little endeavor absolutely and we couldn't do without him. And when he left I thought this thing just fizzle. And it hasn't because it -- bonanno nice job joke and Curtis and everybody else who works you know they get there. And they started whatever Dwayne -- they leave Doug lane and they leave in on the get there in the dark and they go home in the dark it's a long day. But obviously they'll elect it's worth it and it is. You know Kirk would you like actually. I would like to thank the same as you all the volunteers I think you know I've thought at work which shows are Obama's -- here I think he's usually they'll. Some -- if he's able to put this argument to his brain matter the preparation I mean is. It's spectacular -- -- right couldn't -- couldn't do without it -- I didn't I didn't have a number in mind what you guys that thought you know we did anything close to last year pretty good and we did get three million dollars in two days is not a Johnny -- for a show would be the LS thing has been so which is great but it's been. So unbelievable has been like the story in the country. The last couple weeks of people are giving money like creed that -- -- give people a charitable yeah I think people people have a number in mind each year right you know you do your taxes you. And have that charitable dimension and production to about whatever they have a number whether -- right -- hundred or 500 or some guys 101000. Like Johnny Miller in a very generous people and you just hope they haven't reached that number just hope they haven't said. Like it to those guys last year this year give to whatever MS. -- -- mail lists you know or you know. Climate technological didn't by the people much for your money went right after -- el Al the ACLU because I want to make sure those nicest guys give out of -- -- -- guys out by. To -- I think people give more than they expected you for charity I think they just can't help themselves they see this say they see this. Ice bucket thing I think on the part of you wanna be part and then they watch yesterday or they listen yesterday and I think. OK -- -- might hurt me to give a hundred bucks from gonna give a hundred bucks again -- -- people mostly can't help the. And I think it is -- made the point when we were talking Lisa bug girls' night out the seesaw ever rightfully say. I give a hundred bucks and buy a dress in one of these poor girls or -- or ticket or show for them yet. The minister real tangible. Benefits and when you hear that your kid talking about the the clinic or group trip to spring training the girl's night out of the whatever the summer fest -- I wanna. Underwrite that some Ecstasy that's. Why this show I think has gotten involved with the -- -- -- thing it is it is something tangible all right we see video evidence of that nobody's seen the girls' night out -- -- on the David. Gisele walked in and just blew them. Begin on the roof off the the slot we need that we live video of that. They should bring a camera along -- she will play it. I got out there was talk of NASA about the picture we have on our wall in the the girl's night out they give the mall. Or make a mop up and then they have a professional photographer whose great volunteers and as a spectacular job. And then there's this picture photograph of all of them right and it's the most beautiful thing and the saddest thing you'll have a -- noddle arm around anymore right you know -- -- editing them just -- the girls that we know. Look at it every day dancing she's not -- -- more Lilja leave tepper who was the best speaker you have had a at and the -- amazing you know she's gone but she won nine out she had a great time she looked beautiful and her hair down -- make up and that's where your money goes. So note to self as we evaluate the last two days going for a year from now we need to spend more time. Portraying how this money can be used other of the injuries test tubes bright light in -- get a says they had been ill take arcade Jerry can have a hundred bucks for test tubes. Again Jerry take Turkey -- I have a hundred bucks so the kids can go to spring training -- hundred bucks so they can go on a girls night out now we're. And here I think a good idea would be the video camera with the girls night though with the Christmas party with summer festival and we can show them. Elect an autistic in my mortality not integrate and I was also thinking we could you maybe -- that the doctor Alley. -- that's about it sometimes 101000 I'm trying to -- they may have gone completely new Holler out yeah because a girl act the handsome. Guy he's taken. -- -- and doctor prompted -- -- that prompted each of these is married but that's kinda rocks I went right in my whole past yeah. That's not a bad idea for mass yet put them on camera says it will would you bid which auction Laporte we're we're bordering on traffic now yeah it's not all past maybe a -- while husband -- -- -- about them. The great item that would be well. With food with a guy who legally anybody anybody you or why not -- not a bad idea it was blocked for that was sausage. -- fifty cents that it. It is -- to begin on well on Tuesday this year but on day one and to begin ago. I'm -- to do so I don't know Miguel this it feels like it's exhausting. You know it's it's emotional. And then with so Regis that wow look at that we -- it's something you got up this morning and first thing and that was look for that number hoped the past three million edited and it did and said wow. And it's what thirty million not total yes as we have the sign out their. Duke when he we do. So I'm pretty sure it's about 31 now and and trust me when I tell you this at this is human nature at least it's -- on nature I was on vacation last week and I was gonna come back at one day on Monday to do show with you idiots here in the studio. -- that Tuesday and Wednesday it was going to be over that we partner with the Jimmy Fund radio. Via. And and that there -- a couple times where you know it's it's it's difficult and trust me trust me. I'm not complaining here but there's this help spot in the back of -- who boy it's a tough couple of days interviewing kids it's tough. It's it's their million moving parts in a -- we're doing here today and talk about it -- talk Curt Schilling will talk about football. Talk like clay acts but colts today. That's easy that's all awful lot these two days of broadcasting a very difficult. And the -- -- let's get back from vacation Monday and -- I think are you kidding me -- hole. Mean. Think about four -- that you are raising money -- think about the people that we interviewed about the parents with kids talk about the kids who have who have cancer. So that that that that kind of feeling of dread of a difficult couple days on the air. Goes away immediately when you actually assess. The parameters of what you're given. What's tough to rates topping your interview the kidneys had. Brain tumor since three months old yes staff writers SA had nothing to say it out get a deal at this humans -- it's right you just just dive it. -- show yesterday said he's been every single one he said he felt the energy was highest yesterday and it dissident you know I've only -- three guys have been. It a million but it does feel different than last year to meet he was more optimism in the air force. Yet the worm that many. Those stories. Hopelessness and despair sometimes there are those that aren't that we says that every year at least there. It is it roller coaster ride she does go to lots of funerals. She was just memorial service for stamped on fourteen year old boy who. Idolize delegate -- seventh when we get to that another day yeah promised to give it. The program pivotal time -- to get to that you don't call by the way and make a donation. Anyone checked I feel like I did not hear what he's -- -- to -- in Allen's world that's true yeah now she is a -- -- -- -- -- the TV and radio changed in case you did not. To myself he's pretty exhausting and that's that's right take itself recent sure she's. You know spent a lot she has her own charities that as some people say that there -- charities he's probably given to I don't know the Sierra Club. Or. It ratings levees and giving you a -- urged every we need we clean water at Allen had nothing that had to development project it is that's true doesn't you know -- -- -- -- -- reaches for the sake. We laughed out loud somebody came on us. No -- actually commented. Somebody was doing a fund raiser. To get a swimming pool on Martha's Vineyard. The guy who swam across the ocean is that right swim across on the -- -- To raise money for swimming and one Arab moderate and he told us -- we -- laugh -- a lot. You don't realize there -- a lot of poor kids can afford swimming pool -- -- That's year cause it's. Right there in life -- swimming swim like Portugal. Remember elect. This thing around and yeah. And I mean if you could the oceans in the middle of the Atlantic coast to swim a good swim just like hundred yards. You had a coat on a calm day Akron. Posted an item well in the middle of the ocean. Swells. In the castaway packets happened now -- now against the middle of the coaches from ten -- you yeah you know what I would. I have. -- drowned -- Buick in five seconds in does not. Easily and quickly because you know your -- going to be fighting you tread water can hang on like blue in exemplary. 45 days of 47 days in and the ball well Ethan -- -- -- got a raft here respected if you believe book. That you. It. Well cut and -- and see. What's different. Points rats. Rats. Would you give up immediately I know that yes like you can tread water for you May Day. -- often I'm you know -- been here. -- he would do in that situation he prays to Jesus. And it's. -- -- -- He hides our products and I think it's so much easier to be an atheist like you because if you at the last moment. For what it. Forgive me for that. He's eighty years. Hedonism. Let me in the haven't you have to get on -- it has to be -- God knows he can go and your brains the that -- obviously you you can fool people get pretty slick you might feel I would give up. -- work you know it's okay now give up I think I'd do it for boat. In our that's what is the point I mean rifled a -- in America needs or is it. -- -- Why -- around by yourself anyway well Japanese. He just. Loved by yourself yes I don't books and cast away don't -- -- jealous. -- is no music television he sang light my fire he says the doors song he had music in any books. We get the guys choose the member of the did I watched a pilot. But it got to play yet -- -- the -- she's yet to -- Wilson wrote that book isn't. -- -- Don't want to just take a Smartphone you can on you look at -- Reynolds whether it knows. Charger -- liked to do all you charger. Depressive I've thought about that island it's a hundred deterrent on yeah every day it's to -- -- your sense of your life. The key is still goes down -- have a charge with the aggregate upon entry. -- can still in the congress when they gonna put that Reagan power that's a -- I don't we've got to I was split across the ocean we get the story as we we thought that was the funniest thing -- remember the swim out. To raise money to -- Community pool in has been a month -- the right place. Scenic community -- and in. The -- don't Alexi epic that I about the elect's example it's the verse Perrier. At. That's probably what it's not like seven. This. The Anthony diversity picket these clubs. Terry cloth robes and all that there's. The good guys -- in au prince and lose yet if you go back like six generation is expected would be ashamed of weren't averse well I've articles leave us. They would close -- They were transgendered individuals we have a couple of tree and short we wish. Come up with our separate charity other than the Jimmy Fund certainly we are engaged in the Jimmy Fund and on the heels of -- swimming pool in mark on Martha's Vineyard. This com. Martha's Vineyard taking care what's -- -- Nantucket how about. Spin occurs for everybody via gas -- on the sailboats what's Hispanic or it's that it's that big colorful -- -- Barr spent occurs and -- now it's it's a big. -- kind of square triangular. Sale they put up all kind of colorful you know designs on its its extra horse power for the Boris. I decided to my own cherry haven't done that yet that there are putting new bunker at the eleventh which just took a cut and I think. I think it's yeah yeah it's time to think it and move it over a little bit again this it. Is that tax deductible and notified a republic and. So you know things aren't going well for Barack Obama the cover of the New York Daily News which is very liberal paper. It says Barack's gulf war gulf war golf and its depiction of him laugh suggest that you see the picture of -- account Laphen. And on the same covers is Jolie James Foley had put out and sticks down for a couple days with Bruce he went right from that press conference. The golf course when the -- press conference where he was you know calling out nicest -- and you know were -- get yeah. They will fail all of this they will fail. To. President and work quickly. And sex was 77797937. Curt Schilling. Mall today let Garret blunt the way I am convinced. That once would Garret blunt. Left the knowing the patriots that's when his wife ran off the rails I'm sure -- never ruled -- blunt when he was in New England. Play. Nails buckles last night ice bucket challenge we have to deal with the mayor's office at some point today might -- Bill CM's Peter king and Bill Simmons which one doesn't belong in that group will be right.

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