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Lisa Scherber, Director of Patient and Family Programs at the Jimmy Fund

Aug 20, 2014|

Lisa Scherber joins Mikey Adams, Joe Castiglione and Mike Mutnansky. Lisa is the Director of Patient and Family Programs at the Jimmy Fund, and one of the driving forces behind the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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Speaking of the one and only. -- server. She just walked right in the door here like. -- the Angel that she is. Police act ought to step up that a Mike for a second we were just talking about you'd Joseph and I. You've been -- the night we were just talking about your indomitable energy and spirit how are yet. I'm here I'm glad -- and I just heard doesn't talk -- about what seconds ago so this is really what you would only give anybody Chancery hers we know you have that much. But this season -- -- he never rehearsed for anything he knows he has the information is that I'm here for one reason Obama what's that. To make sure you do your joke is that Leone in front of joked that I'm a little Bryant snapping up. Dave Saturday that he when he the next couple of days you've got to get Mikey to do is GO. It funny joke because I've been told you are nervous to do it now product -- out of the challenge though you'll know what crystal unease at the next guy out there when Joseph is here at issue. Which over years each has his own personal call realism what he's doing play by plays a little styles. And it's information oriented you know Joseph is that it is a mountain of information some of these players that you should not just the batting average. And the RBI tones and a home run totals. A home run total it's for charity ball -- forty and I can't play shortstop. Audio C Lansing a lot nuts. -- -- -- I told you denigrate him and it. Prices probably go back many years this problem -- a ball player to go back in the old independently 80s706191. For the New York Islanders. Before government or by train. You know he's got -- it got a history of every player that relive. My very favorite though I told us last year of my favorite Joseph Castiglione ism. Was when it was the Cleveland Indians game at a Red Sox were tied up and it CA pinning its like 121 the bags -- -- And was it Steve bottom left hander gave out -- bottles on the mound for Cleveland and hears ago. Are there comes a lot Marc Rich from the soft throwing left handed palindrome. Yes I gotta remember that about Adam has hurt. Now at least we're Iraq in general tonight you were trying to get toward the three million -- -- hard. We haven't had a late in the latest update but you've been here you know all day all night yesterday today I -- -- We're at its it's been an emotional inspirational. Amazing day two days and I think it's it's one of those things -- where. We're rated did go to 39 and we think these kids these adults that are going through this battle deserve to have that so we -- sort of and get right we went and it with -- You've won so many battles -- over the years and and you know which can't win a ball that's the idea though is to win the -- if it's at all possible. But you must in the course of Europe travels here and everywhere and it and it -- Dana Farber. Come across faces you see -- all I know this person I remember when this person was having a really really rough time and look at him now. You know they're they're -- is that the is that the most rewarding possible feeling and in life. I think that's the breath of fresh air we take and every time and think what's really interesting you could be walking a story and you see somebody. That maybe was treated fifteen years ago -- like remember -- -- gave -- that Mickey Mouse when I was getting my Nike now and I might actually do remember everything that came out. That was the best day like in those of the simple things that we talk about all the events and we talk about all those big things but sometimes that's just the real simple. Things that we do inside the clinic from what the nurses accused sort of make the kids feel. Safe when they're accepting of what happened there. Administering chemotherapy. And name they make them laugh and they sing songs with them just to make them feel that it's those little things that -- sort of capture those moments that kids. Member of rapper and his Mikey said you know that we have a goal here admire tiger as three million dollars in the folks who are driving home right now. -- we're counting on you folks are at the game and out in your -- maybe traffic in the parking lot. Not to call in an 8777381234. And make your donation and the thing that stands out to me and seen the amazing patience located coming here. Is what you guys do for you for the kids. Is make cancer treatment fun. And I don't I can't it's done this for a couple years I still can't comprehend it but when -- -- these patients come up and you asked them what -- think about the Jimmy Fund and responses not. I hated their response site I don't like going their by their responses. It's fun. I have friends there the -- lady Lisa is my favorite or Jennifer is my favorite. That's what you guys Q would you do with the dollars the people of donated all of this to date we have got to can. I'm leaving them still being treated. Benoit day expecting it to do refunding. A justice into too much talk about it of the ages sounds like such an oxymoron of -- cancer treatment fun but that's. That's pretty much the wheat fields whenever you go to Jimmy Fund when I was to -- -- and I mean when I met Lisa. I was though -- it was conducted after the those things have not changed it it was weird because I did have to miss school uniting go to school and in night -- -- like that very much. They get to this code is different but. At that time I didn't like missing school. But the fact of the matter is on Mondays which weren't -- my days to go to the clinic. While at the end of the day it was pretty crappy I mean I felt awful and that -- the ride home was terrible. After the chemo treatment it was awful but while I was there Monday -- was that was pretty much like the idea that we eat it because I knew I was going with someone who I was gonna have. More fun than I did whenever you know when I was at home and at home could go out and outside my mom wouldn't let me go outside and -- she was afraid that it earned. I have all the activities and -- when I get the Jimmy Fund I literally had my best day of the week. Going to the hospital going to the Jimmy Fund that it made it's it's said very hard thing to explain. And I think you hit the nail right on the head when you say that they made they found a crazy way of making putting a fun and -- cancer treatment. That that's. Yeah and had a statement how healthy he looks -- Andy's done about it like myself Leo. We've you wouldn't imagine and it isn't it the losers don't ever have relatives that a book as well he's done this man as often as he has managed a puppet candidate I don't know what I I -- -- on us it's good job by any place. Continuum we and penalty it's nice everything -- I have no idea which I have no I don't -- and I can't -- poignantly Ariza a classic example. Of the good things into -- out of. All the workers found to be edited we criteria that Jimmy found when he got -- year old patient and that how many years now Spanish broadcaster. This is my fourteenth season but I think it's amazing too is with with our kids that have have moved on and done well with treatment -- -- try to give back. Yes and in -- does all the time whenever I have one of the teens that were bring up to the -- hearing the first might opt out. And and I think that's really an amazing testament to sort of the care they receive from everybody and an even the kids that do not finished treatment those parents and their siblings. They give that consists yes they and those are the best gifts that we yet. You know trying to act I -- you -- about this my own brother in law my sister's husband you changed his life by supporting him in the right direction. -- sometimes it's a question of getting with the right people to get things done when it in the battle against cancer. All the right people -- Dana Farber. What I'm right here Lisa server an Angel walking -- us hear it it's -- Rick congratulations another fine year that you lost August all everything you do. It's been unbelievable.

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