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Rich Murphy, 48, melanoma (skin cancer), Marshfield

Aug 20, 2014|

Rich Murphy joins Mikey Adams and Joe Castiglione. Rich has participated in successful clinical trials and immunotherapies to treat his melanoma. Rich currently shows no sign of melanoma after being on 2 immunotherapy drugs.

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We'd like to bring in now our our guest. His name is rich Murphy rich. You get your picture taken the -- -- you could -- it. -- can -- a great thank you know you from my hometown of march real news he's a mash the gas tanks and that is that you say it -- field that's and we say yeah actually make all my Daniel Webster and Steve Correll the -- Leo it's definitely. At an average Mercury. Average of melanoma was which -- and you win. It correct that's correct and -- patent dealing with for how long. Since 2008. And what's going on what's the latest the latest is the last two years is still smooth sailing. As of two years ago Dana Farber. And the clinical trials I've been on have. Removed all the instrument on -- is that it is not your voice two out of three out of Arthur. Boys no cancer there what do you think it over there -- This -- these guys base because nobody nobody is happy about that news that your voice and now as it immunotherapy. It's a -- therapy it's it's revolutionary treatment in the cancer world. And it's very different from chemotherapy what it does is it works on your immune system. Com so the the drugs that they're giving me on killing the cancer drugs that they're giving me. Are putting my immune system it back in order and then my body is fighting the cancer on -- zone wow amazing and natural -- with some help. And natural there was some -- yes that's I can't imagine what it was like for these boys. To go through that emotionally and the ups and downs of this well we tried to the bush my two boys are pretty -- when this started so I'm. We yeah. We treat it like mushrooms kept them in the dark. But but but that's not a I don't has stated but it went up to be a -- And these guys look like top guys Souza I think they give him that you have -- tough guy to talk about what will result what how did you know. That you that you had cancer everywhere and. It from a hot you know -- my nose idea I couldn't sleep through the night my nose is blocking com the first to assure that my nasal cavity and for six months I couldn't sleep through the night. Finally eyewitness are one of the kids DOT dot Salazar. Looked up my -- he said he gets up and up there. And he called me in a week while we're down on the cape and he says -- in bad news you have melanoma. And I hate -- -- I chuckled and said that doesn't sound too bad and I was wrong. Yeah yeah. I guess your work. Now I tell me how your experience who Dana Farber cancer Susan manifests itself in and you're you're healing process this game. Farber and the Jimmy Fund you know I -- my life to that it's that simple. That the work that Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund. Do it is amazing. You know the money that that you where we're raising here today. You treat cancer and in and just keeps on boarding the effort looking for. But here are a care for this disease and down my oncologist doctor hardy kept on tell me when things are -- darkest hour. Just hold on things are changing by the minute. And they really are and the money is what makes the -- yet because the research you know the recent Q what do you do for a living -- Well I -- saw that daily business helping years ago and down and realist so I'm selling in March and coming back to. That you know it it is true that -- I -- -- server here who's such a remark she's an Angel. Walking around here on earth -- -- and all the folks to go through the date of markets resume if they're fortunate to meter. They know exactly what I'm talking about oh yeah she's a manifestation of all these different -- or -- much like her. But she's the face of so many ways. And you think about the the -- of emotions that you went through. And and you know she's with you all the way on this stuff she's -- everybody all the way her emotions are attached. As everybody that the department -- who is attached to each of the individual people -- cured and I think what they're probably think about some day. You know this map is going to be. Really weighted in favor of those who lived through the experience as opposed that the those who had to succumb to it and that's the battle keeping people alive. -- improving their lives to keep him alive longer and as whatever it takes its all good. And it absolutely ignorant on that in the right on the nose. I I have had a chance to -- -- -- Lisa once. Several years ago. After I listened to this radio on and knocked on her office. Just because I was so moved by the stories that day and I said hi and that makes it if you ever need help let me know -- I think she's got a lineup that don't often -- I -- -- -- big chunk of ice he's one of those people and you know I get there all the people that do this I have that runs that thread running through them. You know serving people and helping him get through the most dire circumstances of their life. But when you Wear it as well as she does. And she's always so pleasant always so positive upbeat and nice it that's really what -- Dana Farber cancer is about is that positive but he. At that people think that they got people such confidence in them two to help about that that it it just it runs rampant the company it is almost bubbles over. It does not mean you know you can't go into Dana Farber and I walked out to get from Paris. You know I've -- I've. Take it upon myself to reach out to friends and friends of friends and people are suffering. And then make that phone call and tell him -- there is hope. Don't give up and I would have been able to do that. Without you know without having. You know in a -- of fiber in just the lessons you learned from being under the roof of that place. And so for all you marsh -- people or is it match -- -- -- Ollie asks us get out of the and Tyler Steve Correll. Don't care. For you guys and you know when your late forties. That she LB fifty. All right so -- -- that I get that apparently. Yes at least or amusement park instigate. I'd for a guy out there that have boys. That figures a look at the -- love their dad. You know I think what is this way OK. You don't have cancer. Some people do. That's why we're here to make sure that we keep keep that a lot longer some native Barbara users who do they do. Research wise for guys like rich. You know it's all about individual people who need your help. And now I start low here at ten bucks -- text that. You'll feel better about yourself and for good reason absolutely money well spent spend that money. Rich Murphy Dicey you -- -- Johnson marsh real absolute shock it's. But Hewitt survives. Where strawberries are only three time united crops. One idea that it. Etiquette and more often it's I'll update my strawberries all out if it splits you Richard it kinda help you make it and you -- well they care.

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