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Don Block, President of Northeast Electrical Distributors

Aug 20, 2014|

Joe and Lou are joined by Don Block during the 2014 WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Telethon, and Northeast Electrical is challenging people to make donations and they will match between the fourth and sixth innings.

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If any 31 Red Sox don't forget staked over the -- post game show -- five cents and they -- went instantly with the sonoco rewards credit card. Adherents of different radio telethon and I just -- the northeast electric challenge yet we welcome dot blocked the president of northeast electorate distributors joining us here in the Booth tonight. IQ oh hi Lou great to have you -- that this again the challenge. I thousand dollars you'll match -- its between now on the sixth inning yet. Would you -- please note that at 8777381234. -- I bar batting first here grounded out for three. He's first time -- that he takes a breaking ball in the air for a called strike. But then you have the the program project green light one public school receives an energy -- cool if their body decide which school loses. There's children apple commercial I'm just pack realtors throw it out there were lobby is look at this on an arterial system and -- Grandchildren. Well any public school in new England and -- one of the six states can write an essay as to why they would deserve this 50000 all of makeovers. At the end we evaluate all the essays and pick one lucky winner. -- do you do that it is December. It's a nice Christmas present. -- to dive bar is one kind of weak grounder foul outside third. Facilities you do. To help with school -- become green well we helped them along with our partner -- that they do we help them change the lighting it in the pictures of the ballots. Allows them to reduce electricity that the school. Consumes and -- electricity bill. To everybody likes him everybody loves that. Yes indeed. Used the O two. And -- and tossed it to the laughed and then you have some. Thirty locations. We have 32 locations throughout the six who they show. And -- that 445 employees that really supported the Jimmy Fund here. -- has your family. We've been Amber's here to -- the years the 02 pitch. Just missing inside lady do you grandsons. My grandson Jackson and Wesley -- it's the first reflected tonight. First game. And spoil them first game bringing him appeared to have an extremely beatle music in the green monsters that live wanna come back -- the inevitable. History. Is the 12. And I -- takes it outside. If they know the employees of northeast. Has been a very supportive and Jimmy Fund and certainly some were employees of a loss of hole. Relatives over the last year from cancer and one of the reasons why role supporting. Truly wonderful association. Due to -- she is just a little inside Michael's body at that went with the count goes for all the live bar. Who talked so much the last couple days of usually everyone's affected by it one way or another it and you know you need it kind of down there and you see everything of education it's going on all different. Clinical trials and you think -- I am paying for therapy that might save my life some day this affects so many. Three deuce on file in the batter's box I lost my dad last December. He was treated at Dana -- When the last activities we did together was what the Red Sox won the World Series them to know. You really do because. It certainly was a very very special year and gifted. Also grateful. He -- that especially when you hear stories like that. He would -- there. There's a line drive base hit in the left center field toward big gap has put his caps -- top high -- -- -- they -- -- -- retreats. As he fires back into Bogart's. -- lead off single. It's four hits now off. Buckles and yours Ryan Andrew struck out his first time while. It's waited so long so many years and sure a lot of people relative never been CA championship final four meant so much for. Who like -- even even you almost 713. Individually there are those special moments. -- you'll never forget and that's obviously a special one for you affluent. It's great to be able to share -- your. Children who were hearing your grandchildren. It's coming to Ryan had a. And it's over the inside edge across strike -- how long you've been involved with northeast electric distributors to the Jimmy Fund although we this is our second year the Jimmy Fund. It's who really proud to be part of it and there will be a very long associated. And get a chance to meet some of the young patients. Yet. You really do make an impression. My dad was -- Dana Farber I took a walk through in you know. It's difficult to see but they're also make you feel very confident that there couldn't. On one of the count. Here's Iannetta the catcher from Rhode Island one last -- came with a wall ball double. The ninth -- True home bosh with a winning run. Here's the pitch he takes blown away waiting a long time here between pitches. In the fifth inning after the leadoff single by -- -- who was always a base stealing threat. This was -- block president of northeast electrical distributors. He'll let you talk evil pace of play and even though that the pitch clock was something that Tom Warner mentioned again with men on base has not come into play so. You still see the game slowed down a little bit. We've seen quickly buckled when guys get on. He could -- that his own pace and it's not exactly quick. Want what they should put the clocked in with men on base. And -- wanna be serious about speeding things up. 211 account to Ryan had a good double play candidate. He takes -- little off the plate that are missing. Three and one. Sex with a 31 lead here but the angels have a lead -- man here in the fifth inning. -- pitch count up to 5839. Strikes. After Ryan head of the number nine Peter Navarro do what -- Calhoun. Across with a three want -- it's over the outside corner. The outside -- with his sinking fastball at 92. Yeah a good two seamer down with a grumble bits that you be able to duplicate that one more time meeting get a a swing initially get the ground ball you look at born. It's within weekly we are now on the floor that we talked much about it but they're pretty impressive. Early on here -- best -- slow things down now with. In effect being aggressive are looked like he was going either -- the dive back his -- fires to first. So where did you grow up. Around here and your big Red Sox in office. -- originally from Dorchester -- What is we'll move to build to the right here. He's the league. Instantly the little. 32 pitch. And check swinging and it off or. Ball bounced off the shin guard of loss. That was not going. To me and I mean nobody out. And done it and threw -- to get away. Tell us again about to challenge -- -- Iranians could do to call K there are many ways to donate. Call 8777381234. Protect the cancer. 22022. To donate ten dollars. Really you'll match. Bonds between. Fourth -- And then the sixth inning with and I would -- thanks so much for joining us and -- that he would listen. Thank northeast electrical distributors are being a big part of what message you know. We accepted as the -- recruit them political gifts that here. And the pitch. Is it different strike I wanted to send along congratulations. For your document through a thoughtful thing you know. Picnic my good friend helped Edmonton as a member of the society for baseball research was accurate death penalty frank you remembered through a trade organization. We use the reaffirmation by confident they'll appreciate the thoughts great thank you best wishes and thanks to the northeast electrical distributors -- block. President.

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