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Aug 20, 2014|

Tyler is 13 years old and a patient at the Jimmy Fund Clinic. Tyler was diagnosed with leukemia in 2011, and had chemotherapy three times a week for a year. He now has appointments at the Clinic once a month, and he speaks to school groups about his experience. He starts 7th grade in a few weeks.

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Bring -- a Red Sox history book to the fourth inning if we welcome thirteen year old Tyler Smith from Falmouth. Tyler Jimmy -- patients -- accused. Liberal plastic leukemia. Here -- his -- Bryant followed site hosted. 2011. US radios get to be -- pretty standard for you you -- with -- earlier in the day -- -- -- And you can we had -- on. Almost -- -- -- little later on it. The -- and do little play by play -- can play right now Mike -- -- -- -- But you'll know what they're saying here's the pitch what does that involve going to go love it when outer strikeout so that you between. And I think he'll ground -- definitely it's okay you tell us about it Mike Trout. Struck out his first time proper way to block calls pitch. Let's get going. Wouldn't last long at its. We get the adrenaline blown right by him. While. That value. You're diagnosed acute lippold -- that leukemia in Britain. You -- -- just moved on and apparently you can have a job -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- a couple of years later that -- and as a flat while the senator tailback caused -- gets turned around but I have a tri athlete it's the fifth. He had to -- out there by the garage door in the short of that and his one man out. You're treated at Dana Farber mid forties night. Yes that is figure out greedy can ten hours surgery. Yeah I had a -- infection Blake and onions growing in my nose itches like eating. Easily and I see it on patients' skin because it's like and normal thing that's in the air. But this time and I got my nose is actually like eating tissue away soon we'll be telling him that. But Joseph this is the amazing thing about Tyler because right now particularly between ten -- ten and 25 pills a day yeah. In the actually collapse if classes that you typically book how to properly take these children don't you aren't that many girls a lot of else. Again all the wonderful lawsuit not to file first base side out of play who would they do to help you kind of get through that you're -- -- if they can teach you. Yes they. They have a pill taking class and -- then liquid forms of -- and he's really bad. They -- that was like. They established it knows or knows not to get beards. And say go up many Eminem steep tax and then he and -- was scandalous which is pretty much you graduation kind. So green left makes a little easier you know to get any shots that you. I do every. Every week I get one but that was sort of the choice for me. Because you're visiting nurse who -- with my sports going on his -- rough to. In schedule going on for that. Strike to who lost due to what sport you play. Hockey and baseball. Much -- able to compete that just like he did before he gets sick yes. Yes definitely. To pitch. Me a line drive left field and it's just minutes that -- -- always almost overran it -- the property reached up grabbed that was that the manager but he made the way it was called. No -- team they lost that one in the lights still a little bit the way he was looking at the way he stabbed dead it. Because Glen Arden looked like they're lost that one maybe in the -- at low line drive bit. She'll Robin Albert wolves. To now or. Hamilton. So are you would have made its program -- she's not getting yeah treatments law. I still do get humans once -- week. There's a line drive left Centre failed and it says personal catch this one it's up right off the Jimmy Fund that radio telethon sign. And -- played -- that's it to double for Hamilton really been slumping. My shot off the wall in left center two out double brings up Kendrick who flied to -- his first time. You'll need to -- when you meet kids like Tyler. Is the way they they talk with their own experiences tell you actually. Talk to other kids in your school won't go to new community groups -- talk about your situation make others aware of but when -- All right senator like it then. Ice but keeps on playing hail and same story just go around talk to people who make more people and witnesses. And how it affects people. A lot of it with your fellow classmates at school at the Bill Clinton would go with you you're dealing with the. Yeah I definitely because like some kids in school like I'm close. With a lot of kids but some of don't really understand what's going on like my friends and then with me like do my hospital days and they still keep in -- and. In touch ground ball up the battle by Kendrick -- -- score how many rounds there that he does sort of broke out in the second. So -- ball over second base and a two out run for the angels tears 31 roadside Scandrick. Mikey in his 52 run after across our kids who have a similar. Disease you know yes. Says that people who don't really understand as much as my friends do they sort -- get a feeling of what it's like in. Sort like. So they don't look at me was like -- kid they just norm mall is nothing really wrong anymore. And I'm just playing through this and some people take it as -- we should stay away from him but. Once say say that -- when I talk to people I think they've they've taken a different look of one. Happened to me and what goes on with other people's lives. Through world expressed. Very important to. All one or strike one to freeze and some of those -- first time. There's the your school which you back on track now going into separate. Yeah. I hit. Didn't go to fifth grade history here and I did fifth grade. -- second year. And but yet now won't -- supposed to be in -- but it's better. My parents made the decision is -- me back in fifth which -- -- great one because if I've moved on to sixth and kept track. -- agreed that I was here the ban on if I can get sick then I probably would have been much more challenge getting them from school. -- in front of the plate knocked down by Ross. Plus maybe help the athletically to again yeah which your favorite sport to play hockey. -- Of the who's your troops are involved on the go back to school. -- -- few -- your home -- he must be excited you fairly and on our ailing. The -- alone. When I first went back after eight years no school. It was exciting but now -- bad -- story gone back into his thing. Q school again to work yeah. -- one. Analyze drive center field will -- that's right there stab you for being out there retired the side Tyler Smith. Back economically. Certainly get a lot of inspiration from your story we want to wish you good health that you you really. Great case in top perseverance and have enjoyed it appeared on them. All right come back anytime anybody and CM. You would look flick but the actor -- three and a half it's 31 Boston with a Shaw's star market WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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