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Red Sox Baseball - Dr. Ted Alyea

Aug 20, 2014|

Dr. Alyea is a hematologist who treats patients with blood cancers that need stem cell transplants. He thanked everyone for the outpouring of support for Dana-Farber.

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I'm -- -- celebrating their ninety and I said -- sized copy reggae -- the chance to win 99999. Dollars every game the rest of the season. Red Sox player to Grand Slam Oppenheim the ninth that you win. And it recovered farms dot com covered farms official copy of the Red Sox radio network. Second inning one nothing Red Sox caught stealing was not -- two to six. The double steal attempted here's Josh Hamilton facing. The over shift the buckles delivers. These tapes in their first strike is we welcome doctor Ted out -- here too are both the metallic just an oncologist. At the Dana Farber associate director of the stem cell bone marrow transplantation program. Pitches way outside. Doctor would have Davis has been for the Jimmy Fund. Absolutely it's always a great two years you guys are super to do this and really the outpouring of support is truly humbling. Don't we talked to a couple kids today during the day. She and -- exactly hair and goes -- the man. -- in this city changed and his -- has both of them Houston stem cell transplants -- believable -- -- but they both came from Germany. -- and we were like -- users or some kind of connection overseas. The actually get a lot -- yes and a lot of transplants that we do. Hamilton takes little low it could have been strike three to -- The stem cell products come from overseas probably about 50% of our transplants from donors that come from Europe so. But it's a wonderful. Organization in this country and we urge people -- in rolling in on the list. Is that due to had their moments slices of -- for the third base seats on apply. You -- amazing things I find these two diseases is here so much about you know five years ago we weren't able to do this three years ago we -- able to do that and but it it it it's exciting it's their thinking this what today's all above -- two days ago we we could be for years movie could be five years and he. Do you feel that same optimism you've seen the changes are truly demand dramatic over the past twenty years that I've been working at Dana Farber. Institute to those who want kind of ground it product got to piece it David Ross is just off the DLs on his -- that'd -- that would hurt. When I began doing -- transplants really be upper age limit was around forty or 45. And now with new technologies we've been able to extend these lifesaving benefits to people into their sixties and even early and mid seventies by making the process much safer. But they're still so much work to be done to make it successful and more patients and to reduce the side effects that. Really the outpouring of support from people in Red Sox Nation allows network to take place. It seems to be okay do into the count. 22 pitch to you Amylin is one nonaligned at first right calorie counts of forward one down. -- active research is so critical especially in. This form of cancer re dealing with that like cancers. Absolutely and again in the support that that. -- over these two days. Really what makes being a barbour's special place and really unique in the United States to be able to do new and novel there needs to treat what he enters. One opera Howie Kendrick who's 8278 with five homers -- 353. Years Fenway. And he swings and it's a fly ball to right field not a cruising -- it is. We have to make the catch for the out right. Attractive man down companies -- well transplants that how long is it warm. He's starting to work three to keep you -- year after year after two years what would it that I'm currently. UNC really within the first three weeks the -- from the donor begin to grow in the nation to make their new white blood cells red blood cells and platelet. But it takes well on a year for the total immune system to recover. The patients who undergo the fact that there -- it's really along. Camps but people stick with Clinton are -- doing the things they wanna do. David phrase takes a breaking ball will always have to thirteen with six homers. Course federal funding is what it used to be so. These dollars -- even more critical absolutely it really makes the difference and Dana Farber a special place. -- takes occurred in the -- for strike. Groups and many wonderful success stories which still many more ago. That's exactly right and some of the successes and transplantation include being able to find more donors for patients preventing the disease from coming back. These lines a base hit over the -- hair over second base hit to center field. Throughout single the first hit off sparkles -- brings up five bar. -- at 266 with six homers. It was just little cutter too much of the plea but it's been pretty impressive. A couple of good start -- again twenty pitches sixteen of those strikes. We've -- good fastball command from vivid. With a runner on now we'll -- you mean typically slows it down a little bit and he can deliver the baseball little quicker got to keep your job and I understand that. -- that he can take his time. Were you look at some great seats to watch the game there's no doubt about it. How long you been Dana Farber I've been there associated with Dana -- for now twenty years. And it's been a great pleasure. And the pitches -- it seems to be a pretty standard that. Researches. Stay there for a long long time. Well the outpouring support from the community and efforts like this is really again what makes -- -- very special. I intended only come to the northeast for a couple of years during my training. Who was so impressed by what I thought being -- part to the right -- this day and it's been so rewarding and so many ways to -- her personal. Originally from Kentucky. So -- coming up to the north was quite a change. -- -- -- And he swings the ground directive Pedroia has that I when he flipped the first for the out there retires the side. Doctor -- out here thanks so much for joining us in that. But your wonderful researcher -- great work can look forward -- too big thanks to the Jimmy Fund and I. Well thank you gentlemen for all that you do it really is very special and we appreciate these two days greatly thank you for your -- to -- again 877738123. Or text they can't you get to 0222. One nothing Red -- in the Shaw's star market WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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