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D&H - Trish Vickery with Dr. Beth Overmoyer

Aug 20, 2014|

Trish was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer in January of 2013. She had a mastectomy, radiation, chemotherapy and targeted therapy infusions and now has no sign of cancer. She finished treatment in January of this year. Dr. Overmoyer launched the Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) Program at Dana-Farber in 2009, where she continues to serve as Director and the principal investigator of many IBC research programs and clinical trials.

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We're happy to welcome in now. -- used to be and neighbor of mine yes I lived in rent until a couple of years ago now live in Bellingham but. -- victory is with us how -- yeah I'm pretty nice to -- yeah yes nice to be here that it literally. How literally exactly yes and now also -- us is. Up over Moyer the director of the inflammatory breast cancer program. At the Susan Smith center for women's cancers at the at the Dana Farber Trish tell us your story tell us when you found out what you found out. Well I. Because I actually lost my mother too inflammatory breast cancer I was very diligent about you know calling for mammograms and so forth and IE. I had gone for had a clean mammogram in October. And noticed just a couple of things that seemed a little different in. Make any connection in and around the holidays and discovered. Almost overnight and very large maps. After going to use it checked out and having a biopsy. At a cancer diagnosis in January. -- locally advanced. Hands. IE didn't know quite what to do I thought I want to come up to one of the hospitals up and Boston. It never occurred to us that you could actually just called Dana harper did end. We -- -- you know someone you'd have to week and I was trying to get into another hospital in the actual steamy for another three weeks and I hadn't. It quite a large masses on the team. And it's. Two friends -- different Chan asked independently. Intervened and said cult Dana Farber now ends Beth says they haven't IBC group and knowing you know -- history. So I called to end. -- a person answered and said what's happening what's going on and it was such a relief that someone cared. And -- called back and said. We intensely she can you be -- -- point really absolutely so he came and payment tactic Domenici my surgeon. And incidentally can you just wait a few minutes next Tino. After -- was coming in and Stan Mason and you know they they suspected the IBC. Clearly this is a pretty large aggressive thing happening with the pain and they said you can go to another opinion or. If you won a state we start today and -- and -- Tito like where else would we go where I stand up Barbara of course for staying and we were off to the races in eight days I had to -- out season. MRI -- Scans and with starting chemo in target there it was and it was when I tell you so much activity and it was. Is he sees it could have been. Well I had to do was show -- they took care insurance they took care of everything it was. It truly was smooth as silk and it's possible -- there's so uplifting. Inspiring that you. You feel good you feel like. This is you know this is and it -- is gonna work and that's why I haven't action plan in times that the essence in. And every doctor Meyer just to go wait the week after mr. -- out. -- she said. I'm going to be at the office telling you also enough and it was done hands it felt so good to get started and then from there was very fortunate -- -- responded really well and pharmacists you know. Followed by a mastectomy. Six weeks of radiation. And on going confusions. -- January sensibly here. It was you know one milestone at a time and it's. You think well where did this setup itself from Los -- -- area that play and I feel like a little bit like the lights that. But. Now and I feel I feel great and wonderful support from family friends -- It's just been incredible -- experience. Doctor over Moyer. I I think it's important to. Point out the distinction between breast cancer and inflammatory breast cancer and who better to do with the user can view tell people what the differences. Break it it is still breast cancer but it's rare happens about two to 5% of all breast cancers and it comes on very quickly which is where it. Is being discussed so. You can have a normal mammogram and the next day you have a very large -- and the rest is red it's swollen and inflamed. But it also has -- different biology which is which is just talking that we use targeted therapies more for this particular disease. And what is very important is that the Dana Farber has the only inflammatory breast cancer program in the northeast. So we focus on research. Targeting the therapies for inflammatory breast cancer. As well as support so that these women who are out there rare form very aggressive. Note that they're not alone they come here they have the support group they have the research that's dedicated for their individual treatment. Thank goodness you're in the right place at the right time parish IE I am late lucky lucky girl and really really am end. And I. I thought to the you know and only to have incredible medical care carrying you know doctors and nurses. To be in this environment where. So many small things that make it easier and better effort for the patients. I remember being overwhelmed at one point there's these nice really nice like Al -- we can sit there's. It's sort of prided that you can if you time in between Hillary needs to talk to your spouse. Can someone thought that someone in that provided for that and I thought of all the people it Tony. Who don't even know me and I'm benefiting from that and it was really kind of fumbling the few years ago I had blocked marathon route to the Jimmy Fund. And I thought. Now it's the mini stroke research I don't know. You know I mean really think about it and now I thought at all the ways that you know patients are helped by donations searches and data telethon well. -- victory NJ by the way that we've ignored you -- we weren't ignoring it. Doctor -- over mark thank you both for coming here and sharing your story we really appreciate it thank you okay and I am having a few thank you. 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