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D&H - Brenda Haynes and Rich Fregeau, parents of the late Rayquan Fregeau

Aug 20, 2014|

Rayquan was one of the stars of the Radio-Telethon last year. Unfortunately, he passed in January at the age of 18. He had been in treatment for rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer of the connective tissue.

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Stimulus into the its radio telephone a year ago the stock. The star of the radio telethon. Was great quantity ratio. Two was a rapper got to -- with TI that he was on the mid day show with -- Lou. And Natalia I was home listening time and and he owned the show. And unfortunately. We lost break one this past January at the age of eighteen. His mom Brenda -- and his dad rich ratio or with us it's so nice to see well thank you thank you for having us thank you. I. I don't know what to do what your -- be honest with you you were very strong people and tell me what -- Kwan was like. Just as a kid around the house -- tell me what it was like -- -- -- them. In think of -- he. You know he left to right. It's always you know plan as video games. Writing poems and things like that you know while this friends at a time for them planted around the house. By the way -- if I was here in the background is because they just with the two million dollars number of Omnia on the teleport out there we finally got -- in the dollar mark. That might have been applauding correctly neighborhood applauding. It definitely. Oddity. How did you get the chance to -- TI it's. -- and make a wish. You know he had once he forgot he had cancer it you know is devastated so. He started the regiment of aggressive chemo. And you know. We met with -- a sponsor from the make A wish and they introduced us to you know the possibility of him. Meeting you know -- which naturally that's what he. You know. Was he able to -- with them -- for him needed it. Did you guys record opium recordings allegedly. -- there -- so what was that like home as. He came alive. Came -- on camera. I've never seen him perform them live right before. You know. And a wonderful thing about great claw and is that he's inspired so many people you know when he met TI. You know TI you know volunteered his services but what's he met with Claude. He just went above and beyond break for frequently give me things that point in this country that do because -- -- -- -- so much did he inspired him it's now his presence. In OT Eyewitness -- hopefully luckily for -- made a wonderful time. You know fortunately though just a few weeks after we lost. -- dale said he doesn't know if he could do what you guys are doing today and I think they'll speaks for many many people in New England. It's got to be so difficult. Told us about that decision. To be here today. In knowing that he is just being around and hearing the stories would remind you. Of a -- -- and and loss in January. We had to be here and require loved him before require a lot of data fiber. Last year when he was here you put a smile on the face and he helped raise money and he he he he acts with a volunteered. For -- for cures for cancer so we had to be here. And although it is difficult and we are still going to emotions as it feels like it was just. A month ago feels like it was just so recent. We had to be a forum for Rick while we have to stand up for cancer for other patients as well we know that sun. Affected many people but there's still people -- still a struggle of -- one part of that struggle in the name of record. Brenda when you think about your son. What's the first thought that pops into your head to brings a smile here. Rates. Discourage. Them. He rose to vacation he rose to vacation. Require a lot of life to the fullest. You know he didn't land that he wouldn't let this cancer take him down he. You know he lived he smiled you know he try to do whatever it was to keep his -- going to keep his Dave -- You know. And that's what keeps me going but just not the type of person that he was the way he approached his his illness. You know this it it definitely inspire. Definitely inspire. And he had. There were some aggressive. Chemotherapy. And just -- For those who didn't hear last year just give people an idea what he had to deal with the last year year and a half. He was diagnosed with a stage for a -- my -- home which is a -- aggressive cancer. So I obviously penal. Which was definitely aggressive. If you know. For -- just like with many of the children at the Jimmy Fund their day is consumed with -- you know they're they're pretty much all day. You know. And to think -- you know the fact that there -- always smiling and you know it's just it's to me and you know the coach these kids have. And I want to add to that that McClellan had an aggressive chemotherapy schedule and what they know what -- says he never missed an appointment. Brings no sign of it all went to his appointment if it was eight dollars a day. He went dead heat sometimes he had to wake up early in the morning coming from you know from the outside of Boston had to wake up early in the morning spend a whole day there but he enjoyed being there. And we believe he enjoyed being that we enjoy being there being around the other patients and being around the other people. And I'm Rick Warren made his daily physical work over working forty hours did he enjoy this time that he did his Kemoeatu and although it was. It's tough sometimes tough for Clark smiled every single day he went he went -- would -- smiley you left it with a smile. And that's and that's not easy getting chemotherapy and especially the type -- -- that McClellan was getting. That will win what we're the wool over the doctors. Telling you we we lost him in January with a doctor's telling you in. November or December was there's still hope that their -- you know something there's something out there can be done. You know the amazing thing is the fact that. You know we all held -- And you know inclined to. You know we we just we pretty much approached it like any other day you know. We have we held -- that we just constantly held out hope. Week in September we had some encouraging news in September of last year and it was his birthday. You know expressed his coming up again to say you know he's not happy birthdays on his that is coming up but at that time of September we've got some encouraging those and that was around November. I want them pulled aside and we got some -- was told that the cancerous but it was way. But even with that we still held hope McClellan still smile he didn't give up. We didn't give up his parents and we we took that rolled all the way to January without giving up an even though we were told some devastating news in November it didn't affect where Claude. It didn't affect us as parents and we expect the senate is -- hard -- we need. You know we never told us on. We kept it we told us something we didn't know we just Romans has some bad news -- was gonna keep going forward and because we didn't tell us the devastating news he just kept going with his treatment. And always today and all the way today and McClellan smile you know on this last day -- -- -- and he -- his last day. While -- -- was a remarkable young man and meant so much to so many people and I source Hillary got it from. A pretty remarkable parents as well Brenda rich thank you guys both examining it thank you sharing the memories that this thank you have has graciously both Libya that is -- Brenda Haynes and rich for a show via -- the parents of break one ratio who passed away this past January at the age of eighteen. As I said he was the star of this whole thing a year ago went when he was rapping with -- Maloney and and and joined them and you know many of the stories that we've been able Italian over the last two days have been positive and and good. You know unfortunately there are some stories that -- as positive and and uplifting as we might like them to be in and you know those are part of the process that we go through here as well.

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