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D&H - Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner

Aug 20, 2014|

Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner discusses the Red Sox historic association with the Jimmy Fund. Werner also talks about his candidacy to be the commissioner of MLB and how he would change the game to make it more popular.

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Again that was the remarkable interview from earlier this morning with Curt Schilling and for those of you didn't hear it we're gonna -- much of -- at 6 o'clock tonight. A remarkable story to hold. We're happy to welcome in the chairman of the Boston Red Sox Tom Werner I mean your ears must have been burning on your way down you're the commissioner saying such nice things about -- He was very complimentary well is what the most important thing that he said with his 70000 dollar -- contribution to the Dana Farber Jimmy Fund because. Every year the MLB. -- their share and this is such an important day you know this we we were talking up before yummy it hasn't been a tough year for the Red Sox that is this all. That's just entertainment this is this is real life and what did Dana Farber does the Jimmy Fund does is so important and a I know but mentioned it but I'm so proud of our association the Red -- association with a Jimmy Fund this is our 61 year. And it really is the model of what a sports team and he. And day if organization can do together in this hospital is in this. The research that they're doing is is saving lives and that's what's important today. In and the commissioner seems to really understand. Just the importance of what they do in the connection. That the Red Sox have with Dana Farber I know you guys got here in in 2002. How much information that you have before. You are owners of the Red Sox about the Jimmy Fund and now could you compare that to your understanding in 2014. -- I -- the history of the of the Jimmy Fund -- how it was started and all the great players. The Red Sox who -- associated with it but. What is great is that this is something that everybody in in Red Sox Nation. It's involved with this isn't just something that's happening in new England and and you guys know that we've gotten donations from every state in the nation and this is really a Red Sox nation's way to contribute and it's being done. Dollar -- dollars not somebody coming in and just giving a big cheque for a million dollars this is this is everybody giving with a cannon and we are so deeply appreciative. Witnesses -- now if somebody wants to you Richard -- you're gonna probably be happy to take it all started out you know -- bills that something in the introduction you said. The chairman. Of the Red Sox Tom Warner so Tom Warner still the chairman of the Red Sox for awhile there -- -- -- to going to be Commissioner of Baseball but naturally wanted to be the Commissioner of Baseball. Well I with ready to it to take it on. I love the Red Sox and I love baseball and and I felt this. I think the game is is a great game but I was talking about the future and the need to go out in and and capture and new generation of fans and uses an opportunity to talk. Events and things that I cared deeply about one of the things the commission talked once about and boy am I wholeheartedly in favor of is pace of play and speeding up the game and and I know their disagreements among -- solid baseball -- just how important that is including Michael. But I'd like to see the game speeded up that. Well you know that was one of the things that I talked about it. All this needs needs a partnership with the players and the umpires but I watch these games and and there's there's not just I feel often. That Theres just long periods of of just in inaction in the game it's like. A player you know he takes a ball and he goes out of the batter's box and fixes his. His batting glove and no I'm in favor of a pitch clock and know that that might be considered somewhat radical. But you know I was watching their Red Sox and angels game. That was not -- 2:30 in the morning news on the West Coast. And at what what had happened was the umpire called ball four on a pitch the if they get pitchers throw strike three. And then the next minute and a half the pitching coach came out. And you could see on camera that they will he was even talking of the picture. Because they were just waiting for the umpire to come up in that was an opportunity for the pitching coaches -- -- except there was nothing going on firm firm minute minute -- half and I think that is that there's excess amount visits and you know I've often compared this to mention Bill Belichick coming. And talking to a field goal kicker you know before he kicks his field goal. I mean I've got a bunch of thoughts on it but I -- just 11 voice but what I really care about. Is making sure the next generation of fans love baseball the way we do and we know attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. In these games are getting longer and somebody has to a two address that in some way. Yeah and I think it's important he used that phrase a next generation of fans that is. Important you engage them capture them wondering if shortening the game will do it a wonder to pitch clock would do it. I don't think I still think you have to -- like baseball essence of baseball and I don't know how. It's it's a great challenge for review in the new commissioner to figure it out I don't have the answers but I am just curious if shortening a game with three hours but still a baseball game. Is gonna get those -- Well I'm I'm and I said this when I was speaking of the owners that I respect tradition and I respect the values of baseball. But every year it -- the NFL. Has some rule changes that and then make it feel contemporary and modern you know I think that they're considering. Moving the extra point back from the eight yard line to the 35 yard line just because. People knew was automatic so I'm first -- and making some some moderate adjustments and let's try it you know I mean I just feel like. We shouldn't just simply say you know what this game has been the way it is for. You know more than a hundred years and let's leave it that way let's try some things in the end to it in a way that I think can keep the values of the game but make it more exciting. Michael was as a Saint John -- when he visited with us earlier -- must be a bit surreal last October. You're celebrating World Series championship but for many of us came out of the blue. And here we are you know ten months later and the team just hasn't clicked all year long it's been -- it's been very disappointing in -- We wanna win as much is is everybody comes to Fenway Park if it's been it's been a difficult year. Home I do see that there's some hectic encouraging signs you know I think that we have. A lot of players who or who are. Going to continue to perform well -- perform even better next year we've we've got a very deep. Pitching. Compliment and are in our not just in -- major leagues that are minor leagues I'm I thought the trade we made. The last day of July where we're encouraging them and I'm I'm optimistic and that we're gonna certainly. We're going you'll also be active this winter and and continue to improve. The ownership group for the Boston Red Sox have always been so supportive of these efforts the Jimmy Fund radio telethon and I know. You guys have once again stepped up and huge way. The last era of the ownership group gave a 100000 dollars. And we decided we were really going there to tried to. And beat that and I think that we've raised between now all of our partners a 1151000. Dollars so I'm very pleased about that. Thank you thank you just think it's a great the great gift and we appreciate it thank you so much thank you guys and and thank you to all of that doctors and and all the nurses and everybody at Dana Farber who who's. Giving so much. Great to see okay thank you see here Tom Warner the chairman of the Boston Red Sox -- -- very generous 100000. Dollar gift. You can make another minute -- dream -- my apologies and my apologies you can make your gift and it doesn't have to be a 115 believe me were grateful for whatever you can afford 877738. 1234. As the telephone number you're listening to the WEEI -- and Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from Fenway Park. Presented by our -- insuring.

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