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D&H - Commissioner of Baseball Bud Selig

Aug 20, 2014|

Commissioner of MLB Bud Selig calls into the program to talk about the Red Sox great association with the Jimmy Fund. He also announces that hewill donate $70,000 to the Jimmy Fund on behalf on Major League Baseball

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We are very happy to welcome in right now the commissioner of Major League Baseball. I guess this is the last Jimmy Fund radio -- I can say that the commissioner of Major League Baseball Bud Selig but thank you very much for being with us. Well thank you guys I'm happy we've done this for a long time -- -- right this is the last Spaniard going to be able to say that but. And -- you know how much I think that Jimmy Fund I think what the Boston Red Sox have done. This I think since 1951 of my memory serves me correctly has been. Absolutely amazing them and proud -- and news can be about it and I want you to know that certain pleasure for us to be involved -- Yeah and it's always it's always a pleasure to talk to you. Blood and in -- set it off the top is the last year he could say the commissioner of Major League Baseball does wonder. How does that sit review a -- it's been a 22 year run. You've done some things that you've got a lot of them made a lot of changes to the to the game -- lot of things to be excited about. -- you gotta be the former commissioner practiced it what what are your thoughts but that. -- next January 20 real well I am happy about it to be frankly you have yours and my eightieth birthday and I when I made this decision. Here as well now weigh in all I I saw a lot about it and I really. I came to included or is it time to come -- right and I'm Nicole and this was the kind of the goal for me so I am. I'm very proud to whether I'm gonna teach and write a book and I do a lot of things that I really wanted to do for a long time so. I'm sure the last month or so will be somewhat sentimental and emotional and sensitive. Went -- -- we got to that point yet. We got to write a book I can't wait to see that now he -- he pulled no punches in this book right we got to. I don't -- you bet it'll be what actually the last fifty years or they're better I think you. Those involved in this sport and around we'll find it most interest -- I know I was thinking about this. Commissioner of wonder know your man who likes them ideas have met through an idea at Q in Q2 -- The thing about your career in baseball 22 years a twelve year career as a commissioner 22 years. You've established. Stand up to cancer. You establish may. Were breast cancer awareness. We're paying Father's Day in June focuses on prostate cancer awareness we Wear blue and how about this how about. Before you leave you establish this. August. We focus on children. We will Wear gold which is the official color of children's cancer awareness and if he can't do it in August to happen in September that could be. A parting gift from the Commissioner of Baseball what do you think. And I get an idea like your radio lie and I look at them there's no question now. I've met right here earlier by the way about the Jimmy Fund I really am so proud you know often times. Clubs don't get credit. Or what they do when that victory -- but all of Philanthropic things that we do and what they look back you know the pattern was established. An abortion Red Sox and the Jimmy Fund and it's been perpetuated. And nurtured Evers and so all I liked that idea right get a deal. Did you ever expect when you accepted the commissioner ship and move from the Milwaukee Brewers 22 years ago. That you'd be still at the job 22 years later. Actually I was 23 though I did in fact. When I first. I might wait wait I got back here look back as I came back receive -- -- go forestry thousandth hit with or seen it yet. Actually I came back with Tom Werner. Would their time course over the Padres and as George W. Bush and Bobby Brown the president league in my wife creators of the plane. And said the what does this mean. I just don't worry -- performance will be done you don't ever occurred after the last 23 years I am. So quick but. It's been an interesting. Every interest being run and I'm proud of everything we've done in the game really has been changed. We were we were following -- so closely last week we're trying to figure out okay. You know rob Manfred asked Tony vote you know -- Tom Warner's role going to be not to now rob effort as a between one and eventually. I got to the 23 that he needed what can we expect. From rob Manfred and there was a lot of debate about changes to baseball some I agree with some I don't what can we expect from him. Well look he's very he's very Smart. Knows this board has been deeply involved. And by the way I'm a great fan of Tom -- is still want to know that I I we really came down to. 2 candidates that I am -- actually I made a list out get crazy about 910 months ago. Which they gave to the council gave to the committee and they're names were rated -- apple book soul. Yes I did all right on that score and eight well this. Everything always is in need of some changes it would all the changes we've done. There's no question that there are some things that we have to think about that -- -- Google announced happens on what pace of the game. I was talking about that for about seven or eight years frankly and spent a lot of time on it but I do there are things that. We need to do but in the end you know the last ten years have been the greatest advantage use in baseball history I pop. And so I think our fans are happy and no right. Instant replay will be or controversial and then. But it's it's it's it's worked out well but but there are things that we need to address some things we need to look at and I am sure that will go on and you can expect. Rather very conscientious. Very resourceful guy. Who really understands the whole culture of this sport. I -- I hate to be forward mr. commissioner but are you gonna leave us with a parting gift on your way out of the commissioner kept. -- of course I am and it's gonna give me great pleasure. Two this year donate 70000 dollars on behalf from the drop -- that's incredible if there really is it really is a pleasure I'm just. The Jimmy Fund I -- right here before guys stances and they testimonial to the Red Sox. And the baseball and what all of our club -- so it's my pleasure. Mr. commissioner thank you very much enjoy your time. Teaching and writing your book and thank you for your generosity of the Jimmy Fund. Very were granted as always has been a pleasure good luck guys. Thank you will look forward to that book -- when you think -- -- got to come out. Al I'm gonna start right here late January so we'll be a little while. We will be ready for that -- that's going to be a -- that's going to be a good read. Thanks commissioner that's commissioner Bud Selig of Major League Baseball with a a very generous 70000 dollar donation. To the Jimmy Fund in the Dana Farber Cancer Institute your contribution is critical of the Jimmy Fund a native farmers relentless pursuit conquer cancer. A gift of 100 dollars could help support one of the 760. Clinical trials that take place every day Dana Farber. Please help us reach our goal of 75000 dollars by the end of our show. In making gift right now the telephone number to call is 8777381234. This is the WEP -- -- -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from Fenway Park presented by our -- insurance foundation.

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