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D&H - Shawn Thornton presents a gift from the Shawn Thornton Foundation

Aug 20, 2014|

Shawn Thornton returns to the program to present a $50,000 check from The Shawn Thornton Foundation.

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And are valid insurance foundation is matching all gifts made this hour from five to 6 PM up to 25000 dollars. -- be a part of this incredible opportunity by calling 877738. 1234. Nauert go online to Jimmy Fund dot org and your -- holding double. Thanks to the generous support of our presenting sponsor our -- insurance foundation. Your gift means twice the support for patients and families battling cancer. And -- and a bonus -- this hour AT&T is matching. Text donations as well so. This is the time we were we were saying he can't hit that stride this is the time -- we really have to start to produce. It's getting late. About what seven hours left to just roughly seven hours left in this radio this telethon. So all you big spenders out there. In the you don't have to be big spender you know we didn't amount enacting gifts right now -- matching gifts from our dollar and AT&T. This is the time to really I give your contribution if you haven't done it already. Well we mentioned earlier when not Shawn Thornton joined us that we were gonna bring him back in one more time. Mainly because you know like saying goodbye and -- that occupies a CA SUST of November 4 and I've got up from the few minutes ago. But in all truthful news. We're bringing in the guy who heads up before and foundation now. We it's been a very active organization in this town that's been going really well actually. I've had some great people on -- board that and -- support around the -- so. It's -- -- -- year in you know half I think. Just had golf tournament we we in a bit ago. I think we've raised 135. -- In the golf tournament most money. -- after my grandma chemicals to parkinson's but we've been doing now -- punches -- our condolences for parkinson's. At a team race in the fall through -- theories like 37 grand marathon team on I think there are not the seven series so. It's been it's been really good and I trying to stay on top a couple of little bit too much of a micro manager of the people that -- aboard volunteer -- and hit it probably do more more work than they expect the sign up for but. It's been it's been great it's been really successful so far. So you're gonna leave town with a parting gift for the folks at the at the Dana Farber you have we we had a board meeting on Friday and you said we've that habitat for fifty -- from the foundation to to Dana -- today itself. They can put it up on the board -- cut and two of -- bella is only good. Anything that we ought to do that plays that's fine to have more money and better so we got to check -- -- -- and the meaning of its. We sold out there that's great that is very generous. And it's funny too because we talked to Charlie Jacobs yesterday mentioned you were going to be in today and he said. I have a feeling that the -- foundation is gonna continue to be active even after he leaves it out and we will be it's still based out here a minute Trevor some of the stuff to Florida on down there. There while it applies to connect kids on Christmas Eve of the movies ever talked the -- vote. Trying to continue to do that -- down Aaron. Well for a couple events on down we can. Don't continue to back when we cannot and -- again we spent in the off seasons here and it went on set up here -- this -- home so this. This wasn't one your things plus a panel that continue on to go on and on keep him back again. He took it to the movies public funds that that's something. And I think it started they really just want to see the Muppets and I ask you -- -- -- let's -- some kids. -- -- -- nice guy and not just didn't feel so silly little things out and I was. It was its been great ethnic three years now we've we've taken on Christmas -- and and we don't have we don't have kids so there's not really not to worry about getting up and you know get an -- -- the -- of the so we have all day atmosphere might as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'll you know. Sunshine and read some. Thank god and god -- it depends it depends on the year sometimes you know Ali not a lot of kids become not a lot of kids are and not a you know it's that all the and the -- One -- knew we had about 40050. I'm not I can't remember exact numbers one years -- smaller actors sixty. Will fulfill the theaters many as many as -- -- more than welcome. Well it was a very generous donation and I know Lisa will be very happy take your check out there. I'm not surprised that mean I know what you meant to this community and how much you've given back to this community. And I think the community yet probably loves you as much as you love it. This has fallen more of the people that have really given to us and this isn't -- -- uses. I've analogue a lot of generous people that have reached out and supported. The causes for the Foundation's. News. This is from them. You know what you top to -- to. Google is here yesterday he had him in an ice pledge phonetic -- topped out that was that I was actually out of his -- personal. Let me is a little bit more -- for -- out to get some from mine -- I don't think -- hip socket when he fired your contacts. Let me go back right where I feel back they always give my heart time and how much more money makes the amoeba that. You know what he's a very he's awesome he's one of the best Branson to -- by the other half of the vote not in not yet accepted all the bills the summary get -- next summer at all. I would never take a -- from -- is that he's such a great guy though he would he would take care he's that type of person I mean. He he goes above and beyond soon. He he just gets itself -- guy that's making money he has in the in the you know another -- superstar. You'd never known never act like -- Thank you very much of that and and thank you for everything you've done for the Dana Farber all the visits and all of the cheer you've spread them. You know that's a pretty nice bonus on top of the night. And I also think about this thing you know. -- talk steel like Boston Bruins -- tough I mean I haven't put you know like it's its weird -- we're at the golf tournament you know -- -- -- your little late for the -- relies on drive is like there's my teammates is -- not anymore it's like that's right ex teammates on site -- that -- -- to play against those guys it'll be weird prime minister's job want to get out there on the reforms have had to fight guzzlers but at the wedding so. It's a job you do it but it'll be weird. But we we are coming in this buildings I never played a game here until I was actually on the -- so. The real experience it's going to be the first ones -- -- ago I thought I hope nobody there it over and I'm glad I don't think everyone asks that question and and got a lot of guys candor button. Lot of guys -- I wouldn't want Clayton. Let's hope it's so we just where occupants you know the job that job. John thank you very much thanks I'm -- -- -- -- back in November 4 fairway all right thanks. That is Florida panther -- -- -- missed it -- Thornton with a very generous donation we appreciate very much. Most early stage research is not eligible for federal funding. Please call 8777381234. Or go online to Jimmy Fund dot org and making gift of 100 dollars to help.

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