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D&H - Red Sox Manager John Farrell

Aug 20, 2014|

Red Sox Manager John Farrell talks about his relationship with the Jimmy Fund and reflects on Curt Schilling's time with the Red Sox and his remarkable fight with the disease.

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That's former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling who was on this morning and Dennis and Callahan and minute hand. While we are gonna replay a large portion of that at 6 o'clock tonight for those who didn't get to hear it. And we are also we have -- whole interview available via online WEEI dot com. He was amazing list. Yeah I would it was. It was it was fascinating and announced that disrespectful way I mean we didn't we can have a lot of information about Kurt. And for the first time he's come out publicly and said what he had the same cookies too easy. Colorful fascinating figure anyway. But you know hearing him tell a story in the reason. He didn't speak he said he didn't want that pity he didn't want to I get into the debate. About tobacco. So he decided that he was just going to. He is going to be silent and to the right time. Every Wednesday at this time we visit with a manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell but I was joking with John as he came and I -- this might be the only time all year we probably won't talk a lot of baseball with. Little bigger deal going on at the ballpark you're the last two days -- much bigger deal and to think that sixty years and counting. The affiliations in the Red Sox the Jimmy Fund Dana Farber. Just the number of people that are reached out contributed and certainly the number of lives that have been impacted the positive way. You know this is an incredible. Relationship between the two and I think we're fortunate to be part of it and to help let me hammer we -- And John we were just talking about -- -- mean you think about. Players active players on the team. Like he was in 04 and 07 not championship seasons he's a part of -- he's going to talk to kids and then. You look at him and he needs treatment from from Dana Farber you know what was it like when you viewers pitching coach in 2007. What was it like working with him and talk with him very strong -- area opinionated guy what was that like. In many ways it was challenging because of what you just mentioned his characteristic shoes you know. Very intelligent prepared. And a ultimate competitor and so those. Combinations kind of put into the position where he felt like he was right a lot of times. And I say this I hope I -- is listening to this right now because. It it's the same reason he's coming through he's coming through right now meet the challenge involvement. Procedures in the treatment she's gone through he's a tenacious competitor and I'm sure those same characteristics. Have served him well in this time right now and we had a chance to sit down and and he MIA and I've traded text questions for quite awhile as he's gone through all this but. No more important than the day we had a chance to kind of sit down -- the ballpark and -- just have a conversation to try to catch up and to. Visibly see what he's been dealing with. And I think for all the families that have the have a person that has been hit by cancer it's certainly could choose where it it brings -- close the moment. We've had some some situations in my own family that bring their polite but when you have a relationship with a guy who's in seemingly the prime in his life. Be stricken by it it did make you stop. It makes you consider all that's going on around you and when you see someone who's dealing with that it really brings in the white and and and only can do is hopefully reach out -- supports them. Well you mentioned the 61 year affiliation between the Red Sox in the Jimmy Fund -- an hour from now. Your entire baseball team is gonna come down here and show their support as a group. We've had individuals already come down Dustin Pedroia Brock hole and David Ortiz is gonna come down later on. This is a cause very near and dear to this organization heart. Well it's it's certainly is and I first became aware of debt as a visiting player back in the late eighties he communities in the the Jimmy Fund Simon you see that the receptacle is if you wanna make a donation just in the day of walking to the ballpark and from the outside view. Became familiar. Familiar with it then when you're fortunate to be part of the organization you really begin to see the impact the effect. And visibility that hopefully we can help create with this cause and do. You know create some contribution for those people who are doing such great work in the research area to strike out cancer. And we like -- that are fortunate to be part of it and you I think what you see. The true talents of people come to life in the in the medical world and see the impact and they can have an -- watch some of the young people it's about throw out the first pitch. That you see a fourteen year old who's going through treatment for the second time. You you begin to say that you know what we're fortunate -- The talents and the accessibility through some of the world class medical that's right near Boston. You know I deals that we were gonna talk a lot of baseball but just -- -- a couple of baseball questions we'll throw in there. How do you put this season into perspective it is the strangest thing to me that. We were in this ballpark. In October. Actually I was rooting for me he win. In game six because is gonna cause a problem for me at home. Because game -- can be and Halloween is going to be an -- stricker period so okay so get -- October October. You're winning the World Series and now you're out of it. You. Do you reconcile. Well. Right now still in complete. You know we we've still got you know. 47 games remaining -- or thereabouts. Or 37 games remaining in. We still have answers to. Two questions to be had. Where we're still getting familiar with the players -- ventured over to us. Certainly it's the record where it stands today is not what anyone envisioned what we assembled in Fort Myers down -- -- fifteenth. That that's clear. And yet there's some things that it's sometimes inexplicable you you think about the number of opportunities and we're coming off two nights. Where we create continual. Opportunities to score runs and that has been the theme throughout the year. We've got a very good job throughout the year of putting ourselves in position -- score runs and it's been left incomplete so warm assessment on the years in the complete. There's been some incompletion to. The use the scoring opportunities that we present ourselves. And I was I was mentioning to you for went on the air that Brock -- visited with us yesterday has spent a lot of time actually up at the Dana Farber visiting with the kids. He's been a rising star off the field and probably -- your rising star on the field this year well he has and you know he sees an opportunity we had no idea. -- the defense of versatility that existed with him or. We are allowed to bring along with him and that's large part because of his skills his half of the system for -- ball ball. That he embraced every new position that we put him he didn't have a hang up with. Well you know what I don't have X number of games played this position I don't know how you feel that he jumped in took off and his continued to hit. Regardless of the position in which he's played he's settled into the leadoff spot for us this year and he's done an outstanding job all the way around. I -- to go back to something used in about killings and -- challenging because he felt like at times he was right. I'm guessing you would much rather deal with that type of personality where a guy is. Prepared maybe even over prepared and passionate about what he does as opposed to. Guys got a conflict can come in and and light a fire and just try to hope to see if anything is being inside that it is sad that chest. You know Michael that's. That's the reward of being a coach because every player's different every personality is different and it's. The endless pursuit of how do you get that person in in a position except success and that might. Cause you to push buttons a little bit differently so that being in the case -- was guided. Because his trademark of his identity as a pitcher was you know a -- -- mid nineties fastball down and away from right -- that seemingly he could roll out of -- and throw. And as he was in the last of these was career. There was there was a change that he had to go through he morphed into a different type of pitcher. That was still. The basic principles of play and that's disrupting hitters timing yet he was doing it -- 87 mile an hour fastball 88 mile an hour fastball rather than one that was you know in the mid ninety's so. Because of his intelligence because of how he wanted to. Allow that competitive spirit to come up he found a way. But it was interesting to give him beyond that point of this is my trademark in nineteen -- fastball to 21 that was less than and he's I still that we were just out Anaheim and it's still came back to me in 07. He pitched game three out there the final game of the divisional series. And now on the day when he was thrown 8587 miles an hour in a playoff environment. Absolutely shut down a very good office in a way that you know maybe not some other guys might have done -- with the changes he had to go through. John we appreciate you taking the time we appreciate your support for the Jimmy Fund radio telethon. We'll get back talking more baseball with him next week some good guys thanks John think Red Sox manager John barely get to 75 dollars could help support the development of new cancer drugs. Which helps our patients so many ways. Please call 8777381234. This is the WEEI -- and Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from Fenway Park. Presented by our belly insurance foundation.

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