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MFB - Joshua Robert, 17, Hudson, NH with his mom, Lisa

Aug 20, 2014|

Joshua just celebrated his 5 year anniversary of finishing his chemo in June. He was diagnosed at 11 with Burkitt Lymphoma. Lisa was a a Dana-Farber patient when she was 6 years old. Joshua is throwing out the first pitch tonight at the Red Sox game.

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And we came across on the way out as we -- exiting. Joshua Robert seventeen. A Berkett lymphoma patient this is what Joseph injuries he had by the way Foreman in the patriot. And this is the kind of cancer that really grows fast but it's treatable. Unfortunately. Back in the day if you had it and you weren't diagnosed with the quickly could have been a problem because the science has come so far through donations like the ones were -- today. Joshua still witness -- not only is Josh through with this but. He's going on to great things and Josh it's good catch up with the goods -- basis here with the story gets that part of the story just a second. -- holding out on us Josh were so impressed calling match you gonna talk we're so glad that we took the time that we deal with the other kids because that meant you were still there before we left him. Maybe -- of the age right now where Bobble head doll doesn't -- -- Good good good mood. Up. You impressed us Ellis was your last day there -- -- your last three times -- write a -- like okay. And delegates are what -- that's what it was one year check up and what -- what do you want to now. But here in June. And you with the firefighters. Tree program after. It goes on chemicals right we saw -- last time to kind of work so how does that. I was ago would be amused or just weekend stinger. Some questions tomorrow okay that the two weeks. We guys you guys who literally have you gone through the whole training session yet coats on you know they're going to on the poll how fun is that -- I'm like god -- -- a little -- I don't know that it. Adjusted to get tickets through -- and after you first diagnosed with this clinic how old were you were you Mozilla and it's harder for Reagan. -- Christmas break this couple -- it was what made you go to the doctor's office. There is after dinner one night for new years and it's really out. I was walking -- about -- -- officer -- an activist. Cooperative and arsenic you know a few minutes earlier was there and it just came out of nowhere else. There right now. It was very popular talk about it you know my lumps on the next largest pops up when we talked and boats on the new. The size of conflict and Eminem are we talking about something bigger than than as it turned -- that. And tell us. -- Please and you spend its recent five year anniversary in June so big -- your life so far. And an important part of your life so far as investment over -- Dana Farber. Just explain it to -- so many young kids who word you know haven't haven't been through as much as you have but are still optimistic and happy and great attitudes. So. This receiver has sort of this is this. They did everything that they could for me and they may be definitely but things that are in a better way because without them I wouldn't be here. So -- they definitely changed everything for me because I first got sick. I just tried I didn't know what was going to happen what was gonna happen to me and -- version -- -- and then we came here and then I knew of apparently perfectly frank. Well it's also because the as a fan in the new would be -- a -- was which brings us to your mother who was holding out there -- in here this morning a story we met we -- -- any of this to thinking you would sit. They've never heard this place called Dana Farber. Entire history of course it is. My history of choruses. When I was seven I was -- diagnosed with a which is accused of a plastic leukemia. And at that time my I was only seven so I didn't know what that comment. My mom told me that. My pediatrician said this is where we were to happen elections in our Dana Farber. And Jimmy Fund. We came here and back then the treatment plant was much longer -- I didn't total of three years of treatment. I would -- we would -- like every day. Come back and forth from Derry New Hampshire everyday to hear. And then it would stand out little by little but in a corset that took a course of three years in that restaurant -- check. Just under. 44 months. That's unique you actually have have seen the growth right you've seen how how that. This being treated differently. Exactly exactly that their research and and and everything and the donations they get now hopefully give today. Are gonna make that even batter. Whereas. That that time span to treat all the patients. It is dwindling -- you know they and they have in -- treatment and skewed to the patient. Back then they did for me to my mom had told me. But today it's even it even more dramatic. Dramatically so because they know right what to pinpoint. They know they have that they obviously have a plan but then they formulate that and around each person individually. And that's what they did her job. And the connection continues in the sense that you're throwing out the first pitch tonight Josh and and you threw out the first pitch mom and back in nineteen -- when it was at its Gloria or I need that other how was that got us. Ferguson Jenkins they're playing the Cleveland Indians and yes we did win. A seven to apart. As the Toyota camera the voting that managers don't ask he will have a -- that -- -- myself. My dad and my sister -- the time I now have two other siblings. There are raping and checking my other Brothers. But that was whose victory here and then this is me but crowned best -- And none of this -- -- any of this information to us. Shaughnessy the other things he's got at least you. I don't agree that you know I don't know what I it is a little. And break down the look you know it docked in like seventies right now business. Bigger nightmare than that here -- here well as our. Cancer patients don't care but. Talking about yours until W dad's dad's object blasted and -- at -- at dad and. And everybody else I mean I. Have a sell. Out those pitches. Anyway. The guy in the group out there not enough with you -- the download code in the summer. And car but what if it. Hello good RJ forty years and I'll be doing -- zip into us and think about it. Lance is relatively lenient that the that the Jumbotron was very first at Fenway Park so it was to see at least that -- -- throwing -- the first. But Jimmy -- For the children throughout the well. How much of that -- -- -- that you remember I remember that -- that -- -- a fascinating and I regret it and I remember being a patient but. You know it's Hitler at the beginning because you don't know why you're here. Near when your young kid and you count your talent you have cancer. You don't know what that is just you feel sick and pretty much just yeah. In Joshua what was that like for you because you're -- -- diagnosed with cancer right but you look at your mum on the how much. How much that make you feel better about like she's kind of gone through this and she's she's helping you with the whole process. First on the to -- -- of everybody wears her husband -- And an honor -- You can do that. We -- where doctors do. And in new -- there. So those talks with him. Well we sire. Might you physicians and our doctor or plaque and doctor Steve -- -- -- much you listen yesterday to talk. And he did happen to -- yes at a glance at once or twice or. I'm getting treatment and so forth. And everything but then I had told us. So -- view I mean you mentioned some of the doctors that you were able to see. About the nurses is there anybody that's still there -- you they never you know that is still kind of. Teen idol for me now. And and and the Jimmy -- totally changed anyway. They then and then everything will in the building and then and the scope of things it's just gotten much much more dramatic and it's up to her -- to. In other contributions. To that. You know for the Jimmy Fund. When you were treated with the -- well yes that was the leukemia. That Sydney Farber. Started treating and where the Jimmy Fund sprung up from day one that's what made him known in the industry and that's where the Jimmy Fund started. Which to treat the kind of leukemia. That you had and the efforts that were made to build the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber to what is started with one guy in a basement. With some mice doing experiments. To the point that you were here. And when your son got sick eventually he was cured it slightly different form but. Mr. nonetheless. And the reason I feel -- connection with you guys is with. My father being president. He worked in that seem basement. After the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber became what it is when he was a med student he was doing experiments in that basement so I can feel that same. Generational connection that you can to that place and it is still great suitable to be here because what people of -- along the way. There's going to be a third. Person that you can tell that story too when you become a dad somewhere down somewhere down the line. Because American people done over the decades and now we can continue that by calling 877738. 12. 34 and I'm gonna -- challenge out here because you have come as far as you have Josh. And all those other people volunteered to help you. The first thing that you wanna do now is help other people but being a volunteer firefighter. So I know that there are volunteer fire groups out there that wanna help you and look at you as an inspiration. So if anybody is listening if anybody's watching is in the same field. You're the guy that they should think of when they pick up the phone. And make a donation www. Jimmy Fund dot org or WEEI. Dot com slash Jimmy Fund. You're not one that has to go out help other people but you wanna do it and people helping your name. Give back in your name I can't think of anything better -- that. So thanks for being here guys you can't resist this year is a special interview for. Mean so you are up girls literally thrown here -- -- mean fastball curve ball -- Egypt scientists currently laid up there. Really gonna bring. You mentally I was seven when she throughout her humanely do you want to -- so I think it's distorted nine -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I said when we come back we've got another forty minutes to go in our portion of the programming and we would. Really like to see just about one point six million before we're done so help us do that. Let up your ballot so port. And please donate -- cancer 20 QQQ. Donate ten dollars brought you by AT&T this is the WEEI -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from Fenway Park. 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