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MFB - Zachary "Zack" Hare, 12, with his parents Mike and Amy, brother Nate, and Lyndon Byers

Aug 20, 2014|

When Zack was 10, he was getting fevers for several weeks. The second time his parents brought him to his doctor, his mom requested blood work. The office called back 6 hours later and told them to rush Zack to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with AML. He received 4 rounds of heavy chemotherapy, including 1 round to deplete his bone marrow in advance of his transplant. He was hospitalized from January to July, with just a week at home before the transplant. He received a bone marrow transplant from a donor in Germany on June 20, 2013.

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Eight full cast of characters. Here with us today. In the noon hour including one of our Brothers in arms from WA MLB. Let let's take it. A athletes after Republicans to transport it. Current scenario the -- -- liberals and here he comes in he's explored them like what -- need the muscle for the man. -- and we were nice Israeli -- family and we were really looking forward mr. -- advances -- -- comes in and you in particular Christian should be happy he's here because I'm sure he wants to talk about your favorite topic of conversation here amid days and only but it there's nothing Christian like to talk about war in the John -- -- it's his favorite picture that every guy I won't do it for you. For you anything at his favorite players favorite pitchers Jon Lester. I'm surprised that that's January now company's green light years sign of solidarity years. He missed -- Pitching great doctors and it is -- I'm not surprised honestly or do. A -- with -- you minority vote come with you there I feel body looking good man but if you my dad how's everything going to a year in year in two months kind of -- day to day okay answered that transplant right and yes. From from Germany can you. Before we went on you were talking about. And we we had another person on the -- on here who -- transplantable Shannon Shannon you literally it's just you wait and by the way basketball players and it's -- she's just so you guys that she's waiting for you. To -- you guys -- draft why journal in order embarrass you but you go. I like Germany -- what I understand is mute go to get a license in Germany today your don't have to you'll opt out. So I look at it as when I was a kid in a license it's easier for me go up at a swap I'm gonna do that -- -- make it harder to opt out. So how many kids to get a license today and if -- against -- today. It was those two days before birthday incorrect as well -- transplant yeah yeah -- blows that leg kind of the waiting game. Was there much of one. Not really. The -- we knew the date you were nervous just to make sure -- always accusing itself cost them from Germany what happens if you know about the but the thing goes out here. Missed a legit question. But you know when it comes to that gets there it's. The parents I think make it's that we make it more than really what was. The nurses at the Dana follow up. They came and they had you know big birthday Cobb indicate forum they whatever -- form for the color rebirth as well. -- that the -- you know push the button to stop button so and it was quite the event. Well. This is something that we were talking about earlier when she and was in this is an exact. Opportunity for people look at you where their money goes it goes towards programs like being able to get these bone marrow transplants taking care of all the way up to and including people going all over. Getting what you need from Germany and bringing it back with him volunteers will do that and paid their own way to do that or the Jimmy Fund will make sure it happens if just out of the could just the kindness of their hearts of times people will say I'll fronted the award I got it save the money for something else. But the Jimmy Fund is there with cash to make it happen and that cash comes from people who are listening right now calling 8777381234. Exactly and think about that like -- having. This transplant done has ever go through your head about how much science when -- keeping you with us right now. Yeah. And. Too much to think about. LB -- me stuck in the throes of relationship here with this young man the man he -- Why -- I think. You know you -- did in my world Christian who in my world and they helped him here a broadcast we'll have the opportunity. That children's and and you know hospitals and in the area to be in an open door policy to be able to stop Barney when you have time when you want. To go by and then they've ever -- closed -- Back. I actually my -- that told me votes -- -- and I just up popped in and we hot and he's a great great guy he's a warrior -- strong as a horse and yes you get to meet so many kids so many warriors. And so when he apparently says there Rossum and and it's just an honor to be able. -- part of their journey and very successful journey this is one of strikes balance. That I've been a part of -- know they won't mind judge you know and I shut out -- -- -- all around him. Jill and Joseph because. There's warriors and there's angels and that's all part of this big Jimmy Fund group -- do with they do -- to magic happened to have Jeanne Madden NH stern and other her family here. Turned it up to raise money and not. You know you know Michael 2% of -- you know it's about numbers. You guys are on the -- we're here to give people the opportunity it's not about 50000 dollars -- what 101000 dollars -- 1000 dollars 500 dollars it's about. Anybody that is listening to the radio watching gas and it's about donating something because come masses make the difference whether it's fifty cents whether it's -- dollar to it just. It it makes it's just need to know -- the total in the end it makes a big difference in. And it's back to keeps keeps people alive and it supplies family where love and happiness and strengths to out beautiful. Go through the battle that you know talked to humanity and -- launch time right buddy you know and it's so it's a hardship on families and and and we need we need to show them the love so they can have the love in the strength -- to be there and then they make the miracle happened. Yes those missiles actually use you see this big Fella has big strapping young -- common would know what's really go through your mind me he's a Teddy very dull I mean. People don't know me they look at you know Albion and -- disguised. As a bruiser. Still would thought about that the big -- when he rolled in. I mean I didn't really know who was at the time. And -- No no I don't know her. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I and so on aren't Yonhap -- has been back on her husband are out of bed now I don't know he meets at some point just sort of -- Gore's going to be playing hockey Florida -- he would get a doozy if he's playing hockey if Florida and here you know you need the big -- to -- -- Watch him play a little baseball who's got to show up at I had exactly and I love it right you're the best -- -- your your value you. The run around and you know you're doing and participate in sports and they're very well -- I think things. That you would let you handed pitcher. Yep so why blisters favor. In part ten. OK so wayward nick cutter you're too young I believe brings all the global -- fool fastball changeup for awhile when just -- once you start on the -- At least 26. The best vote no liquidity and they'll -- Let me get draft probably I'll put in the -- you left me. And in some bombs a lot. Analysts jointly to watch in the Little League World Series a lot of data that the girl that Lori Davis Davis who is thrown it and paying attention her all. -- -- the viewers who runs it is they're overrated so I always felt slighted in the -- -- is well I don't you know learning that -- jump shot not a three point. How much did you miss playing baseball team. Out. You missed it did you miss last year playing now this disease your first year we give back to it -- You did. It's some -- got some gaudy stats. The oddest big numbers -- numbers and -- you literally yet. He knows that you. You're hospitalized from yes from January to July. Right at the uniform. Right. From January to June to -- now and January not July you write about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah they didn't in nineteen he said -- saying. Though there is always something happening I was. Well lastly here we talked a lot about health and we still pictures through tough times like this and you're going back to seventh grade. -- thanks so much your classmates would have her classmates been like for you. It's -- and. The report in -- seen them. That's what makes -- -- you guys bottom but -- the end you know Felix reviews of local back to school right. A serious or so ago so -- -- pretty good -- to lock means I care. But -- didn't get or don't wanna go to slowing more now than what is it like baseball for us like yeah that -- Iowa when Jon Lester has is returning game when he comes back is a free agent to the Boston Red Sox so make sure -- is in attendance and now are right. We'll make that happen. I'd -- things like that -- -- you can I. -- investment bank here with hey you guys everybody at NASA EI all the volunteers you guys make it happen it's thanks but allow me to be in here. Just just didn't know what to -- party the team -- happy.

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