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MFB - Tyler Smith, 13, with his parents Brian and Paula

Aug 20, 2014|

Tyler was diagnosed on July 31, 2011 while on the Cape with his family for vacation. He lives with his dad, Brian, his mom, Paula, and his younger brother, Alden, 8. While on vacation, they went back to his old pediatrician. He ran a blood test at Tyler's mom's insistence, and after the results, they were sent to the emergency room. He was diagnosed with ALL and spent 48 nights hospitalized and was treated by Dana-Farber. He underwent radiation for eight days and had a 10-hour surgery on one nostril for an infection. For one year, Tyler had chemotherapy three times a week and he is now on maintenance treatment until November. Tyler now takes between 10 and 25 pills every day and goes to the Jimmy Fund Clinic once a month.

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Well we got special guests joining us right now here on middays with and that B Tyler Smith thirteen. And acute. Limbo plastic leukemia patient how to do there. Senate are pretty good at that. They're from fall but it is family -- from -- -- Bryant and -- his parents are with him as well and on the topic of moving around all over the country this just shows you the power of what. The Dana Farber Cancer Institute can do for kids. A receiver got my timeline right you guys were about to move to North Carolina or just had moved to North Carolina and yes -- -- -- shots here. Up here right that we had been in the McCain I got transferred for work and three months after we got their talents are getting sick. With high high fevers -- 20305. But couldn't make him go away and -- We were we actually had a pre planned trip to come back to the -- fourth of July weekend. And he got sick while we were here visiting and took them back to his pediatrician that we have seen. That he had seen while he was growing up and and his pediatrician did blood work. Diagnosed. Or diagnose low white blood cell count extremely low white blood cell count. And that that drove us to the emergency room at children's hospital and we ended up there for about fifty days while he did the first partners treatment. And then so in September of 2000 level we moved back to North Carolina com. He was treated at UNC Chapel Hill for about six months and now we decided that. The support network of our family and the the treatment available in Boston where what we needed and so we yeah we asked might. My work if we can move home and they agreed and so I'm able to work remotely. From the house and he's able to get -- treatment you know here in Boston and -- -- No mom. Paula I should say a -- intuition right because it was. You insisted on the blog where you realized something wasn't wrong because they view of this you know my wife both times. I want to get this -- what if you feel it if it's -- you really need peace of mind. Then you go right ahead and do it. Yet so his son's pediatrician actually that he had seen since she was born. Didn't examine you know like even medicines by the time we get into the pediatrician. You know he's feeling great and -- -- -- You know the pediatricians and keep them and you think you're perfectly healthy ten year old boy and I think. He told me to trust my instant doesn't mom something's wrong and it's really high fevers and explain to knowledge. He's like -- it lets -- the full work up and that he ordered everything and that's like half an hour later. I got the phone call to ministry to the emergency room it was a like views there is no not easy for guy -- a lavatory and I studied a lot about cancer and so it was heartbreaking and I just I just your images tell myself to breathe and just get there he said don't stop -- there and talk about we didn't know that we actually needed forty nights of back combining the. Don't sit back long yes so Tyler so now. So Q after you looked every three times a week. And now you're on a maintenance treatment of until November but you have to take up to ten point five pills every day. Adam how was and tend to play are we talking like he's so excited almost like vitamin type pills yeah. Did you mall once and just trying to get it over or is it do you try to give -- what's your what's your technique. Well. Just recently as sort of found out that I can take them all at once edges -- a one man one big handful yes. Up to -- diet -- well what do you what do you do with the lake. You gotta put your head back in just boom boom big goal -- thing is if I have that many I usually like take gunman. Likes sometimes on steroids is like fifteen -- pills. Like the regular basis Kelso. Usually acted like separated into groups thing. Usually it's just pretty easy just take a big -- like being in that surprises me because most kids can -- be out there and have a class. They've really done that nurses give them explain yes -- bringing it down for us when our eyes and children's. Like I was taking medicines that. Pretty much made me throw up -- nearly the equity they they -- the liquid state tasted horrible also. They had another solution in which was the penalty ISO. So I can start taking pills in the start off with my parents seeping its owners. Which is pretty easy but then you go to you like many and then there's a little hard iron. Then take tax menus and it was Skittles so. -- -- and in -- security. And makes it kind of fun begins you get nearly eat that candy you right here as it was euros dollars. This -- that he forces for a few months yeah. Let's say they've gotten the skills that -- so is there. I just -- that's a minute to that's got to take. Like it's got -- guts because I have a hard time taking my little multi vitamin every day and you know I have my own little technique you think it's too to put my head back and -- guzzlers the end and he was -- I mean when you finally got to was there a look look mom I got ten I got fifteen I got on him -- -- -- limit that you don't want to get over just for safety purposes. But -- know maybe like fifteen reveal his play. I have like almost showed some strength to keep that feel as though. I Chad did make TSA won't like mass that shows here's something. They usually it's not that bad. We -- back playing baseball and hockey now in her right yes that it's cool to run in all optimism houllier tutored home. Yeah on the computer LSU because events have a couple different responses from kids your age but when you look it's a -- cited a -- back. I was when I first went back. But now since and start them like sort of backed in to school it sort of like if he had just like I don't -- -- -- candidate don't want some -- It's our -- -- -- -- what he was talking there are showing video appears on your monitor there of him playing hockey what Tyler playing hockey while wearing these Dustin Pedroia T -- -- got the perfect blend their baseball and hockey wise and I noticed that you had the technique to pick up the -- What do it again when jeweler who -- -- -- but I'll watch it on YouTube over and over again with a kid from Michigan who booted from behind the net. Yeah at Blount. And in -- to play I play hockey let me. Satellite. That whenever there they find like a new trick they can do they're like oh you look what I can do it and we all chatted like catch on and do the same thing is sort of like. Bragging rights kind of like oh I can do this in nineteen -- that humans are you try to catch up with them feel like all of what I can do now. I decide they're showing your bedroom -- it's like -- Paulus to the Bruins and Red Sox add. -- and the Bruins it sounds good to see you later on tonight correct and I'm doing the game with Joseph Castiglione coming up yet in the middle one of the innings or are you and leader -- the announcing -- on the PA on the basketball players see joining you on natural rather analysts have broadcast -- do play by play. And I can't so you can maybe joke -- You can feel it during or just want to do anything I think cool stories -- you know it unless one more thing because I was reading too that you actually. Speak at school and in some community groups about your experiences you actually. Talked to others about what you went through yeah like what started -- let's start for you. Well it's sort of their agents my school -- she's awesome she. Saturday came up with that and we I'm not exactly sure how we got evidence but as soon as -- cared about him like sure let's do it. And so. It's sort of just to make everyone know where. -- What's what happened to me what's going on -- So. There leukemia lymphoma society gets we do. Pennies for patience. And everyone in the school tries to donate. And and all that. Goes to like researching. And stuff. And so we raised like I've. Thousand dollars last year and they do raise. 5000 dollars in pennies. Well it's not all that easy to do it just called that they -- -- like giving and it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again and then at 101000 this awhile I'll send. You that's impressive and you've mentioned on a couple occasions the nurses don't put this one on -- T four in knockout power. And my mom was -- -- so I had a soft spot in my heart for nurses. So how did the nurses help you mentioned school nurse you mentioned a couple owners of Dana Farber. And -- on what they do to help you because I know there are crucial to give kids better. He had a blood they're always like supportive anything. And they just want you move time may be late if you. Want. Do you say you're unsure about something and it's something I've known her maybe it's always nervous about going back to school wants to say they're always like supportive of that. They want you to go on and keep going because it's not like -- just stop your whole life for this year. You -- I keep going in do more stuff. And be nice they can get even more help there could be more north nurses on board right yes only one way to make that happen while Tyler's going around -- pennies and dollars here and there. Maybe some people out there can call 8777381234. And take that lead to use that example. And donate some dollars or ten dollar bills to -- cancer 20222. Or by going online to Jimmy Fund dot org or WEEI dot com slash Jimmy Fund. And donating whatever you can -- up to one point 486. Million dollars at last check and it's all the help kids like Tyler who were sick at one point get back on the deck hockey rink it back out there on the baseball field. Like Lou as Lou likes to say feel this feel the dirt beneath your cleats. Africa underlined that. Walk up there now see the empty Fenway and am beautiful and to outstanding play I'll see you later on tonight right -- about the fourth inning I think. At some point yeah it.

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