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Aug 20, 2014|

Andover native and star of television shows "The Shield" and "The Commish," Michael Chiklis joins the Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon to talk about growing up in this area and his familiarity with the event.

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Joining us at this time is Michael -- -- the pride of Andover mass course known for the shield. The commission fantastic or. And he started a new movie which is coming out when the game stands tall that's coming out. Friday that's about -- 151. Game win streak for dale -- high school Michael thanks so much for joining us today. On the radio telephone how aria. My pleasure middle go to the wrong crowd. We have Michael -- Obviously no we're doing here I mean your local guys like I grew up -- -- grew up there in -- we are well aware the Jimmy Fund what it means that Lou the local. The team the city and basically what we're union that's -- reasonably call -- -- thank you for doing that. -- my pleasure in them please people get on the phone and and and major donation right now you know I'll -- this is everybody's it's a no brainer. He's just wanna help you know fantastic. Now Christie was telling us a little bit earlier about here is Southern California vs northern California rivalry. But -- sell high school at least -- that being a high school football team you can relate to bridge the gap there you have Michael just you notice that -- anticipating years the -- -- coming out when the game stands tall. And you know I group it's on the California went to a high school called crest high school and it's funny that we were always paying attention to deal Salle high school because they just were never losing and it was like they had -- great athletes and they had guys that went to college to play in the pros but. They were stacked like a lot of schools were but it was more about coaching the community and just how they played their brand of football. So to kind of break it down for the people here who don't really know about it what the real story is and what the point the point you're trying to get across a movie. -- Diego really briefly for those who don't know to do -- self football team out of Concord California and northern California 150. He won games straight. That's thirteen years of wins without a loss. No team in professional or otherwise football or any sport for that matter has ever had a streak of that kind. And the interesting thing about it is it was never about winning and it still is not about winning to these coaches the whole notion what it would they're trying to do. Is to be teachers and you know. -- that this movie great part because I had phenomenal teachers. The more coaches rather. Who ended up being great teachers and mentors to mate Dick Collins -- board away. Mr. Vickers mr. king these guys who -- football coaches when I was the captain of the the football team and and -- Ended up being men who taught me things there's stayed with me throughout my entire. Life I'm fifty years old and I still think about those guys regularly what they taught me. What they're teaching kids over Taylor now is to be -- That change -- them to be accountable. Reliable. Meant as opposed to individuals and what they would ask of them is to put. What a perfect effort not to play perfectly. But to give their best perfect effort from. Snap to whistle. So that they can be relied upon they could look -- right left to each other and the singers because it's. It's very Vince Lombardi you know you can beat Iran and football in the field. And -- you know you're gonna probably a good result from. And I just demanded that from these guys thought that they be perfect but that they give that the overall. While also Michael I think it needs to be noted there are people you all thirteen years of you never lose your game must be -- a bunch of pansies and I really going out challenge yourself but that's not a bail us out they went out and and challenged at the top ranked schools in the nation in this -- school. Comedian -- the disassembled what. You know when I told them about -- that the movie that was making me was -- -- -- as you know. His uncle was the principal of the of that school he's likely that this is -- us so you're playing against guys like Brady. Are -- I guess the question -- Brady eagle there. I mean maybe I could get on the field. I don't think there are proud to have but I will say you know -- meeting he's having met these guys popular them. I mean you know I think Bostonians are really really get this movie because we're a team you know one of the greatest moments in sports history for me. Was when I was down at the 2002. -- the Super Bowl down in New Orleans. And they introduced first to the greatest show on -- programs right it's like to happen out about all the individuals and the comment was and what they weren't going to be we weren't going to be that. And then at the -- bit. They introduced ladies and gentlemen in New England Patriots. And everybody got goosebumps it was like all -- coming out as a team as you know all the way it wasn't about the individual. Red Sox and our Bruins in the we have our stars but we really believe in the collected. The that is one of those movies that really pulls at your heart you know makes you wanna jump up and up on the football field or hockey rink itself in when it's done you know. Gets -- fired up. Michael what. Kind of just some of the other local celebrities in the New England region to help Jimmy Fund today. Well you know. -- Would have to proceed to aggressively and -- they -- -- to this that the -- 101000 dollar yesterday that everybody calling donated a thousand bucks right now is that all of the village that must be the only which again. -- Well actually you know I think there's strength in numbers and the other thing is still -- me right now it's up in the game. Is you know a lot of people got sort of because they you know they feel like they can't afford or anything but you know if everybody it was a little. That I get it done so everybody you know as everybody just took the only gives ten bucks. Couple of Starbucks guys that fit you know that if everybody in the entire area -- that -- that you gotta be killer. Don't agree -- that we would you do this Mike because right now the everybody can text -- cancer the 20. Cute cute too right now. -- donate ten dollars that's brought you by AT&T so let's. But he said strength in numbers a ten dollar donation by texting -- cancer 220222. And it said it all adds up. Quickly very quickly while Michael thank thank you so much for coming on bestseller with the film coming out on Friday once again it's when the game stands tall about the 151 game win streak for -- sell high school. Michael -- the pride of Andover mass witnessed here on the WEE I -- in Jimmy Fund radio telethon Michael thanks so much.

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