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MFB - Shannon Curley and her mom, Carol

Aug 20, 2014|

Shannon was admitted on December 26 and discharged on April 16, 2013. Because of the rarity and nature of her leukemia, doctors recommended an aggressive treatment for her. She underwent 3 rounds of chemo, and radiation to prepare for a bone marrow transplant and a transplant in March 2013 from an anonymous donor in Germany. After the transplant, she spent 1 year on isolation as her body healed and her immune system built back up. During this time, Shannon was treated out-patient at the Jimmy Fund Clinic. She returned to school in March last year and has been easing back into the world since then.

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I so we're here at Fenway Park if you've been watching NASA and you just saw video of last night's ceremonies on the field as the Jimmy Fund radio telephone continues and we are pleased to welcome with those -- Michael joins us -- curly. Shannon and her mom Carol are here she and it was admitted to the Dana Farber cancer institute on December the 26. Back in week thirteen or 2012 accurate when he -- -- Christmas. And you had a cute by lineal leukemia. Basketball player -- at high school and college basketball to. -- that -- so much it is not just the pros and Europe basketball player and you needed a bone marrow transplant right. And from what I understand. The bone marrow transplant that you had. Actually came from Germany is that correct can you tell us a little bit about that. And. Oh yeah. The donor was with the don't want to go in ramadi can step in New -- Is basketball part of it is an assist yes. Yes it. Yet that the donor was from Germany she had them -- -- two other children and night it was a match for Shannon so. We -- the -- match registry and she found it. Donor from Germany so. Blood -- was blown over and -- had a transplant iron twelfth birthday right yeah twelfth. So what was fast became a a year of isolation treatment. Now explain that to because I'm -- that is an immunity you guys in a room by yourself as -- because of all how does that work. Well. After I got out of the hospital -- April the month after McCain's plan. I had to go in isolation. Yeah. Yeah and it just I couldn't go light in I can only say in my house I couldn't I can go outside but I couldn't go to like. Any stories friends' houses is just outsider my house and going to come in my house so my family and one other person should not. So I can go to school you there. I had to -- But so is it because of infection. And -- say they suppress the kid's immune system when after strains like this you don't want to. Reject the the marrow so. During that suppression Kate she's so susceptible so she luckily it was summertime and she was it to see friends -- we did that a lot. Lot of outdoor things but yet you know keeping him thirteen year old in every year is concerned about daunting this. If I mean you look back now and it's and it feel like it almost never happened but it. -- And the day before -- twelve birthdays when you left the hospital. That is that the last day of the hospital after shot after shot every tool for know she had a transplant on her birthday on your birthday almost like the I'm looking at some quotes here that gonna blow me away you you wrote this in the last in the hospital. That's gonna read just a few words here just to kind of every realize kind of individual we are dealing with here. But I feel so bad whopper of a poor girl people would say I don't look at like that -- makes me sound week. I think people almost think that having kids it changes you. On this very same person that I was a better stronger. My illness does not define me I wouldn't change anything it's happened to meet may need personally and today I've met so many amazing people learn some important things. I look at is an experience. It was always it wasn't always easy not gonna say it was like learned in life you should take risks so when you wake up when your old. You have. Yeah you have to no regrets in -- happy about life. You look at this experience. That you had. This something that it almost sounds like he you feel like you're lucky to go through to these villages so much stronger. Well you have like. It's kinda like most people like we'll look at it like. -- like if you put in that hospital even -- only it's not always like. I wanna know everyday -- hang out with ignorance isn't socially. And down a friend I was. He run through treatments in time is me me being hung out like every day so it wasn't like. I was in my hospital room all day like I was had like it was un American -- in this wearing. Green. I found only people into eighteen mean. And detained so. It was just really down. -- -- experience. Not all of it but it. How would you address the other. Of the patients are younger patients who just seemed that the perspective that you had you to seemed to be somebody that would take some of the younger going through and help them there were as well. Yeah well. Well lot. I just an -- on the floor because a lot of people -- -- -- can't come out isolation means. But there where I do have a few friends. We and she's differences seen and you guys know him right. Gene that I don't know prevail we met -- Oregon Virginia and sounds like he's the guy we need to know though yes yeah. He's pretty popular but we're on the outside looking in on the it's got that nickname easily seen in Indiana many I know that -- -- -- that it that it. Just do not highlight exactly what people. Well when people donate to the department noted that Jimmy Fund where their money is going from what I've been told. The deal wolf firsthand. -- people overseas. To get. The matches and bring them back exactly your case we had to have a goal in Germany to find a match. And the way it's been described to me use. Because this is such an important thing. Volunteers will come to the Jimmy Fund -- all fly over all get it all bring it back to make sure it gets here are safe and sound. As opposed to shipping it. And people take that responsibility. And oftentimes. The volunteers we'll just pay the ticket themselves pay for the stale -- whatever their costing build systems orbit on the wrong. But the gain also raises mine Jimmy Fund raises money. To supplement those that need to go over to get the transplant in materials. And just to show exactly where your cash is going when you call 877731234. -- to get what you need to stay alive physically get it. That's had a when he goes and I just think it's important point out that. They're very obvious tangible things that come from people's donations. Either that phone number or by going to Jimmy Fund dot org. But most importantly but jump shot this incident. Position always -- air guard filing forward okay. CC you banging down the poster down then you know you're playing some defense you run on the floor bright. What's your favorite like what's your goal to move which your shot you have like it a special move their time -- and damn you go to. That's hooks us how do you curry -- right right fidelity let alone being back on the court or. Yeah -- I want to -- -- campus. And and doing ill. Good. And kind of which again. You know the Celtics senator real nice donation force -- Jimmy Fund and we park yesterday you know favored Celtics player. Kind of don't think Kevin Love is the -- He's not coming to -- One can hope Chris I don't know it is it Jimmy Fund radio telethon don't crush the girl's dream and OK it -- one. -- Good at the report -- -- -- -- I was wherever here's my favorite one ever. Biggest reason on the Celtics and today that we want to thank you for common and being so -- joining us and congratulations on your recovery so far keep it up for some okay.

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