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Barry Nelson, 61, lung cancer, Boston

Aug 19, 2014|

Barry Nelson joins Mikey Adams and Joe Castiglione. Barry was diagnosed with Stage 3b lung cancer in 2012. His treatment included: chemo, radiation (initially did chemo, then radiation, then back to chemo, other standard lung cancer drugs) and now he is on a clinical trial and he is currently receiving treatment. At Barry's most recent appointment, he had the opportunity to meet Dr. Gordon Freeman, a researcher at Dana-Farber, who's work helped start the field of immunotherapy - a very hot topic in cancer treatment right now. Barry was so touched to meet the man whose work led to the creation of the treatment he is currently on.

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We are alive and -- they don't want a better which are about a place a world to be that senator -- -- first night. Of these annual spread WEEI. -- and Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Yes indeed Jokester -- studio and I want Oregon number once again stymied act friends we got forty minutes till midnight. Re close it down that night we don't get back -- to success tomorrow morning. So call 8777381234. That's 877738. 1234. Or text -- answered to 20222. To donate ten bucks brought Cuba AT&T will be automatically entered a two and two dozen autographed baseballs. You can also Jimmy Fund out or. You go to. WEEI dot com slash Jimmy Fund as well we in the light up the our soap -- which is right now at war. -- -- channel 4000 yet it's -- one point 00. Now we're at just over a million we did that we got there now let's push on get those one point one's going out and. Are holding a 141000 dollars we just have forty minutes after the Roger Clemens auction you know Roger donating nearly. He and pitching batting practice at Fenway park at ten people what they care -- your coworkers your neighbors. He will pitch batting practice right here Fenway Park in September. Lunch included did private -- different way. And this is unbelievable operative. He has one of the greatest pitchers of all time yeah the only one month 354. Game and I just don't crowd the place. Don't don't take yet he can still throw close and I -- told us today. When he gets loose but he promised he wouldn't do that that's nice -- and donated should minimize disease that he might -- one. Guys you have one of the monster seats off him he's gonna just out of pride alone dust you off make you sit down a little bit urge you don't Wear my armor and speaking to dig it and we have a gentleman who is right now who has effectively done again. Against lung cancer it is very Nelson whose 61 years old and looking pretty good I'll tell you what. But he's been quite. I've been through quite a bit and very it's great to see you here it's great to have you here and we wanna know what you've been through what you can tell us about your battle. Well thank you good to be here and I was diagnosed -- cancer. Advancement cancers. About two years ago going into my third year and hear -- parties. -- And wonder where so much has been done it still leading. Cause can't among men and women it's certainly you know. We associate with smoking it's OK. It's. Knows. What causes that at times but there's still a lot of work to be done in your great story what the clinical trials -- do. New research thank you know what is what is different about this then from the other treatments that you went through. Four lung cancer I might I lost my sister -- -- location 2008. As she never smoked did you smoke ever I do -- vote and that at at what point did you in your smoking career did you speak to stop and it just becomes something you were aware of. Yeah I did just looking -- I wasn't aware that I had cancer yup. Like after about two years ago a little more than two years ago I will report warning it. My. Neck was swallowing I went to the doctor doctor says you know let's let's take a look at this this monitor this for a week is to be gone. A week later it was gone but the day after day has swollen. And it went back to the doctor and of the begin to run the number of tennis and after -- week running the various tasks they tell me -- cancer. So. You know that's heavy. It is -- -- That news veteran and you have daughters and it and it must've been just on an awful. Obviously an awful to traumatic situation for you and what did you do. To keep your hope together because that's it that's as Joseph said that's one of the more difficult. You know cancers to deal with. So. You know when I was told I had like cancer. I really didn't feel anything. Your right -- -- they were very concerned that they were very. Hurt. It frighten you know what the outcome could be. But personally. You know I just felt like god told me I want to have a testimony. -- seven I'd go for treatment and they come back is that she does not working the -- when asked people what are you feeling now visibly you know what I wanted to have -- So that's what I have right now I have held just went ahead and that is you know the people have helped you so much Dana Farber. Because they'd give me so much help with understanding that. Whatever treatment throughout the year they continue to fight for me as much as I'd like for myself. That's the hope that I've gotten in this. You know they're good fight for people aren't they there -- -- right for people and does not doctored up. Barry gets its beautiful voice yet you really aren't saying if he's -- in church I do this or do. And what church I go to union united Methodist in the south. And in our. Reunion choir in the first and third shortly these amounts -- pleased about that's. That's awesome with the that we don't need to -- about for years and years but it. They tell us about doctor rough treatment because he's one of the guys that you've been involved with a he's a researcher Dana Farber and -- tell us what he's done we view. So. You know couple months ago one of the research -- She was slower press that I read my bike to get my treatment. And -- that you know. The researchers never get an opportunity to see the results of their where would you be willing to meet one of them that's it sure. So about two weeks ago almost yeah two weeks ago. I admit doctor Freeman and it was. To me a very spiritual experience it was almost like meeting guy. Because this is the -- and the guys showed how to create an indication that saved my life and in many others. And yeah I got that this person not just interrupt you but many others so many others so I'm passionate rate. And that's -- it was it was a wonderful experience. The very humbled me in very sincere man. You know and he said after meeting me talking with me and just him getting understanding of you know what my side effects of -- -- how my treatment is going. This is you know what I'm rejuvenated. And we dedicating my self to might work because you and people like you. Were responding to this medication -- encouraged me to do so much more. -- guys like you the reason he does what he does. And guys like him one of the reasons you're -- silly -- -- 159000. Deaths related to lung cancer expected and 2014. And we're all -- you're not to be one of I think you got that fight it -- and whatever you're doing and you know that would ever they got -- -- here we wish you the very very. Best of that period -- -- -- man strong -- actually attitude he has -- toward dealing with this. And you seemed so relaxed and so assured that the things are going to be fine for you believe that I really do. Now how much your family they are they buoyed by the fact that. This most recent stuff is working out better fewer than the earlier treatments you were having. Yes they are extremely happy. You know my father is 82 year though my father you know when this first happened he was -- -- -- just knew that I was gonna be gone. But it's helped him to. Step out of you know what he understood the Buccaneers received it in today's environment that there's so many treatments and helping so many people for his help. And to see that you know he can let go some of those. Stories. And an instance. Of other people's lives. And have hope for not only me but for the many others. Yes funny because in the it. You know you hear all this guy this person has cancer use us to that. But when somebody close to use somebody you know someone whose face you looked into some -- to -- -- it's a whole different heavier thing. And this over different kinds of cancer. We don't know what you're -- is what is probably the scariest of all because. That's been like that that is the toughest -- for a lot of cancers are just getting that one in particular but things are happening now the numbers are going up for the survival rate. And that's just immediate if they get -- -- what they've made a lot of progress breast cancer its own so what but. If they can get that one it's almost like that gives everybody with any kind of form of cancer hope because that's been a tough right I believe they will. I do I believe. We indicate that voice going. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've Barrett -- and I'm still here and I'm gonna be here prologue time you know it -- me.

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