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Red Sox Baseball - Steve Pashko, Walgreens

Aug 19, 2014|

Walgreens Market Pharmacy Director Steve Pashko joined Joe & Dave to talk about Walgreens' history with the Jimmy Fund. Steve talked about his long Sox fandom, and about the time he met Yaz when he was a kid.

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Oddity tough battle to visit Fenway sex trailing 321 and is delighted to be joined by Steve Nash go wal greens the market pharmacy director. For a long green to the top half of the fifth inning might meet Steve who grew up -- lifelong residents fit and across the street. He has all the way. Did you hear for -- LC is the clincher. Last season the American League Championship Series. Clinching game against the Detroit Tigers. It was an amazing experience watching them and and like Joseph and I you've been thinking about 2013 a lot this season. Yes they have I don't know I don't know for more surprised with this here wolf last year -- I know I believe me we know exactly would commute their Kelly Johnson taking over. At third base. After the injury will middle Brooks. Steve is a graduate of Massachusetts college of pharmacy in allied health sciences. Born and raised here in Boston multi generational Red Sox fan Bruce -- -- -- for a called strike one on Mike Trout. Who is tripling grounded on you your reps and experience which you have to admire a guy like trial. And everything he can doing before he it's absolutely amazing I can't believe how fast things. It's eye catcher and one pitch down into the dirt and watching -- tonight. And we're -- the same thing. -- lot of guys get a triple on that figures to reach third fastest micron and the almost been at a routine -- -- -- season right here. For our money the best player in the game. With -- all the tools he has in the toolbox of 1150 inside nearly -- among the Opel. One reason and a great sponsor here and WEEI Red Sox radio networks sponsoring. The hometown team hitting the ball off the left field wall and donating. To the Jimmy Fund whenever that happens and you guys have been just terrific in your involvement with -- Honored to have you been to one pitch. It's going in Iraq and pulled filed on the left field line is that makes into the seats. Yet this is -- second year doing what lawful program that's been very successful. I enjoyed as a Red Sox game especially watching our team that while. We keep diligent -- knew you guys to. This is delighted to make the donation to the Jimmy Fund. Because as a guy who grew up watching the Red Sox. Jimmy Fund and the Sox have gone hand in hand ever since she could remember it sure path. In 1953. Went through the wind in the Tutu on the winning and it's down in the way you get a cheers Steve to to meet a lot of the cancer. Treated victims right now the folks who were on the rebound make in new wave back were were fighting through this life changing event. Yeah I've actually had the opportunity to visit you know farmer in. Several times over the last couple years three to swung on the -- -- Broncos down Jackie thought it hits the dirt. It's going to be a strike down Webster -- him up one being gone. And being a pharmacist you must -- really appreciate. How important that researches. And dollars it won't help. Yet it's really something that's much needed to schools well beyond the here that -- -- you repeat -- Requires all the research all the time all the effort. So some of that requires a lot of money will belong to the time to fight to accuse. Who's ever -- -- two for two. And RBI single Red Sox put a three man shift on the left side he takes pitch into the dirt. For ball one and now we're getting to 75 with 23 homers. The angels on top here in the fifth inning three to one. And one last night. Taking game one this week teachers also on the homestand we'll see Seattle. Came in for three and living game homestand. 10 pitch swung on popped up file back out of -- the right. So when you in nine years old Red Sox with -- They did I came here in 1967. And April the first thing it did was walk up one of the ramps in the first -- first when we saw was the green monster and I just went wow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty good -- to walk up that ramp. 11 pitch fastball inside here on Albert that story. I hear more than any other story. About why fans become Sox fans. Happen to me when I was like five or six years old first time I ever walked up that ramp as well I have the same story. I swear we all came into the right field stands to swing and Allen who file a lot of -- so there's the monster right funny and it looks like it's five feet away. Yeah it was and it was just absolutely amazing then you come back and there was nobody here in the park maybe 67000. People. Come back later in the year in the place is going crazy it's just packed it's just amazing that was a Renaissance here was that last week and -- Something I'll never forget. We're greedy for nine years old and yeah as is doing what he's doing the 22 down into the dirt. Three balls in two strikes it as far as Red Sox players throughout your life as a Sox been given because you -- UV -- I actually didn't need telling its troops -- he would have a charity function that there was that I actually thought impromptu doubting us from him look at a time and it was unbelievable quantity -- tell -- Well into the millions -- Having -- pages that 32. And just a little bit low for ball four pools. Taking -- -- just misses down beneath the hollow with a -- he reaches base for the third time. Let's just like one of those stories. Even if you made it up it's a great story that it actually happened to -- didn't he give you batting listen. Hold your hands -- Like really high. Well pity your first experience of the wall that you have the wall ball promotion -- Walgreen. Yeah I never quite thought about it that we've but it's true. Is Josh Hamilton and he is -- to centered. And been hit -- pitch he swings of cops and a mile high in the last CC play for novelist. Daniel under and makes the cancer. And two men out Howie Kendrick full swing next in the fifth inning 321 the angels have the -- Thank you we also had Tony see you back prefer because of the time you and -- that terrific kid in the iTunes. Yesterday afternoon -- yesterday was the anniversary. I think you. That career beginning and he was able to come back. And still have some very successful years but it. Mean there was talk when Tony C started with the Red Sox it's going to ground ball right side Pedroia gobbles up throws on first that he might make a run at the all time home run record. If you remember very well Steve thanks so much for the visit thank you and everything you do Walgreens as well -- guys -- the best. We go to lashed -- of the -- 31 the angels have the leader of the Shaw's star market WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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