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Aug 19, 2014|

Meghan is a communications consultant and is married to Patrick. She has 3 boys: JP (6), Connor (4), and Gavin (2). Meghan was first diagnosed on May 23, 2012, age 30, with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer), when she was 7 months pregnant with her 3rd son, Gavin. She found a lump in her breast. Her doctor thought it was hormones from the pregnancy, but eventually had it biopsied and she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. On July 15, 2014, she had just turned 33 and was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer (stage 4), the same breast cancer she was treated for, and it had returned to her lymph nodes and in her bones. It is not in any major organs at this point, which is promising. At this point, she will be on treatment for the rest of her life, but she and her doctors are hopeful that this treatment plan will be effective and she will live a very long happy life.

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Are able appeared in the fourth inning angels leading 321 and we welcome in mark and from Needham. Who had -- been diagnosed with the metastatic breast cancer. And come back a second time. Make in the married you pat. Has three boys GPU's six it was for -- used to we've met them all but -- that you are Satterfield studio before the evening right. Here's Erica -- bar. And the first pitch he swung on line did Pedroia had a nice happy -- off the -- to -- for the out on one -- one man down. Make it great to see you in the north little long battle for you starting you know. When you were -- pregnant with that what your third child that. You had -- -- to treatment. I had about nine months of treatment and then he went into about a year and half of -- and send it. And just recently -- titans. Here's the first pitch coming to freeze news. Wrapped up a home run by cats and a ball that pokey -- over the bullpen role to grab -- striking didn't leave his treatment with a big bodies that been here. Always one the count. Do the right -- batting third baseman. And pitches swung and missed that must have been very very. That was dating knows when he got word that it returned. Area and and that was right around your 33 birthday that. Are you back in treatment. Hand and started a clinical trial about three weeks. The 02 pitch. And it's filed. So many strides it made me does that give you a lot of encouragement. A lot of encouragement and I hope I wouldn't be honest with its island and and her. All the -- indeed for government doctors all the money that -- -- -- directly benefiting from this incredible work. It's just one line in the center field -- he got a late break comes on diet -- I am brawls all the way to the warning track. Crazy its activities on his way to third. And it broke -- in the Bogart's. -- bases for free when I was a case of an inexperienced center fielder dive for a ball that. He really should have played on one hop. You know -- it would Joseph Morgan the hall of Famer talking about them once he says the dive looks great. It looks great for the 37000 people since people on television. But when you miss it. It's a horrible flood. It looks great like you make you great effort but it's not a Smart play and he just played a base hit into three business. It completely you. Expose an embarrassment that happened so -- scorer at. Wash the batter grounded out three to one proud to be triple all the way since he did leave his feet. It should have been singled and feel comes in. And pitches well here's a throw to third they always pick tomorrow for oil that's has almost got a bit of what's taking the throw but he dies. Back with a hand tag -- and it's definitely one viewers can. Ethnic wearing girl and adorable there's that they'll that the. And they're aware that you know mom is being treated. The -- he had they don't really interesting cancer and that you know -- -- Husband had this year great support this. Which part of the Kremer productions family at the end. So that well in these swing and prompted the that this. Have they helped support my grandchildren. And my daughter worked there with. In your dad is that. Now the CEO unions that along with all the -- on the -- and yes -- Martin the. Founder and owner of the Boston College Hockey hall of Famer that -- and -- aptly. You BC to I'm not I'm paddling really Japan and that's -- with the only -- Patrick and I started the night. Is the -- two and it's wrong I grounded out to the backstop. And seats here tonight. The faceted program that that's the background on the third -- for a couple of rows behind the -- -- a half ago and -- mean even now Walter exactly the voice in -- Katzman and. That brought that love to come back pretty fast can. Runner at third apparently triple all the way -- freeze. And he goes to coming to bosh the infield in. Outside. Now when you're pregnant Gavin you had chemotherapy and this this had to be. Miraculously it here and hope he didn't. It really was he where some nervous but did delivered him bad and the -- that I had mistreated them for a few fans and done. I felt reinsert. I had I was -- and you know 12 pitch. Here it is it's checked swing he. He did not go to two and two. I used to working given your communications consultant. I AM on an -- he had taken a couple weeks they started this and clinical trial but I didn't tolerating -- -- -- be back. -- So you're able to function noon about too many problems normally so far so then again now it's it's a -- and taking every dad. Citizens I can play better than going to you know. As the -- to pitch from the slow working Webster. The left out of quite normally complain the pitchers were so -- -- with a frank and I can read your stories so apparently -- gives us a lot of time talent and. The doctors have been encouraging that this group. And who seek -- work yes they're very health club. It's been very effective proven effective. In other women going for him. Ability to count too -- bosh. -- ready he delivers. It's incited most of the count has gone full. Understand the five years at. Relative survival rate. Team members get to patients gone from 63%. In the early 1960s is 90% today he had doctor Weiner was saying earlier today. To the needs and I'll be thrilled to have -- -- -- happening -- Let's give you a lot of hope and does. -- -- -- There's 32 pitch from Webster. And he swings -- this is leak out of my changeup which again has been his best pitch. That is the second out and brings up Iannetta who doubled to deep left -- first time -- Imagine making anyone who has cancer has the first thought of wind need. For you it's it's the second battle even more so. Absolutely yeah I just feel like you know. Where that feeling and we have a lot of seat and I do question every once in awhile but I didn't think that there as a reason for everything. And we may not be able to fear -- now but we're teaching our children a lot of great. Small strike to Ryan had ever certainly in the tough way to learn those lessons from the the treatment -- to be successful. -- playing a lot of credit to them. To great attitude you don't want is outside. You know they give you looked at. -- asked people. To make their pledges now. Absolutely there's so many ways you can don't -- and I just don't think everyone who has already and encourage people. To continue donating. And -- can call 1807. On -- 187773234. The backstop or the text where you can text -- cancer to 20222. To donate ten dollars. -- do it in honor of Megan Martin who was. And fighting a courageous battle. Since may 23 2012. What she was diagnosed for the first time. -- months pregnant at that time. Want to pitch Jack swinging and a little bit -- -- to die and had a 74 pitches already for Webster over three and two thirds. Think the Red Sox to rally for you tonight I hope would be great to see them win. Reduced to two. And a little bit high this with a slider. Maybe you know all of our prayers and thoughts and ain't heard your story you have. Couple of months ago. Very heartfelt story. Hole. -- continuous. To progress. This new treatment. You looked terrific thank you for months thank you guys for doing it for being so involved and how that's possible legal immigrant from your attitude grade and your attitude as soon. This marvelous. Think exemplary. And you know. And it takes won't inside ball war. May have mark thank you so much for joining us thank you for having -- yeah it's alternate again thank you guys okay well we wish you. The best to your inner thoughts and prayers once again they -- marked -- either.

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