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Red Sox Baseball - Justin Conroy, Moxie

Aug 19, 2014|

Justin Conroy, Regional Marketing Manager for Moxie, joined Joe & Dave in the booth during the telethon. Moxie is doing a matching donation this evening. Justin brought back Dave's childhood memories of Moxie on Pizza Night.

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And we welcome Justin Conroy from moxie and -- great sponsors. -- to the Jimmy Fund radio telethon today just to see regional marketing manager. And the pitching this wonderful father left out of play great to have you with -- -- -- glad to be here Joseph thanks for having us. You know with their second year being -- part of the radio telephone witness and unite them by our -- you've been great sponsor of ours for a few years now. Pockets Dave O'Brien had moxie is a kid he did grow and up in me. They did in in all through the years that the nine and moxie was always on pizza and we always have moxie pizza. As I shot the first graphite and happily spends around -- into the picture covering for the three the wanna be out. We mixed moxie and milk. Harold I would do boxing milk may moxie and ice -- little bit better make more on the float. But it's definitely. -- benefits of my folks always and now want regular down at the will have a time machine make it nice and yeah. Surround -- generation after generation. Marks a year courses are much Coke cola bottling of northern New England. And there were so happy to have you worked as a sponsor here of course it Ted Williams used to endorse your product. Here's the pitch it's lying down on that he'll have -- and had a file into the stands. Yet and in its deadly you know -- tent daughter earlier today running a dead body was here in you know what we're we're hoping that hoping to exit the back off. You know with -- You know which -- early. Memorabilia that I see you have up here in the Booth and my team right now. We all want pitches thrown away. These -- very happy with your association with the -- on behalf salute. You know it in for the first 5000 that you know we're happy to matched the first 5000 with donated in the first three innings of a tonight for our so you know hoping to. That's -- missing outside. I'm hoping that that hope might at the board a little bit more than -- report. You're the best that we can and hopefully on our strive to get two million before tonight's. Diesel. Here's the two wanted to write in bad catcher in the Rhode Island airlines went deep to left center this of getting hit up the track you want to compliment on they sign up there -- -- to -- And he used for all those over Pedroia said backed up by the pitcher would have been a double anyway for Ryan had a solid this one out to back to the left center. They realized Marcy was way back PTE 85. You know oldest continuous decrease soft drink in America. -- for right now it you know we're still just they're pretty much in New England -- strength you know we're looking on. A slow continued growth strategy but you know what -- proud to partner when Bruton and proud of our partnership with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to be fun. It's a tremendous association. Again if people contribute 5000 over the first three innings you will match absolutely. It should be very doable. Here's -- motivating -- cats when you have a strike when he took a three run homer away from home to the ball is definitely gone. -- playing right field that I would that be something if he returned with a fever. And then additionally throughout throughout from Memorial Day through to the end of August you know we didn't run. The player with the most moxie every Sunday we with the WEI on different -- radio broadcast with an additional 500 dollars going to be fun during that time period. -- one outside who has the most moxie that you've seen with the Red Sox over here. Career as a fan who obviously this year I think without doubt the clear. Clear that you brought cold you know kind of -- and no words surprised. You know growing up I was a big Mike Greenwald fan boards for the -- indicator. Than anything else it is green. Mean the rest of the time to time. Here's the 11 hand it's one kind of foul tip into the bit. Do you think it was a pretty true president that he actually wrestle an alligator. Maybe if the they had the tape around the drop us. Right now -- -- fruits and vegetables as -- they expanded. Southwest Florida there aren't yes and 31 and that too far from Fort Myers and how. Country. And various other enterprises. Wanted to -- Calhoun. And the delivery is inside and -- from Webster. Two had too much fitting moxie. Being. When the base. -- -- Hopes the Jimmy Fund which of course. Is the New England base for worldwide in its. Outreach. You know it it can really you know it it we're here primarily just hope recent funding and support it it really to grow the name. Due to his father the left out of play. For scrutiny throughout some of our our outlying territories and help support all of our production is done and Derry New Hampshire we're we're in a firmer. Happens to have a satellite facility so you really couldn't recent synergy there. You know whether the you know to some over 200 associates that are based one in -- really kind of drives and activity there. And really try to help spread moved Dana Farber and some the regions outside the strong cost you. To do is in society Jack thanks out of the way. Calhoun. Rookie is really had an outstanding season two and 95 average he struck out its first time. Got some power to thirteen homers. You -- hockey player and did you know we'll -- my sister and I we both -- And played Wesley united. Who Belichick school or if -- bill. 32 pitch and he high -- -- and make the seats. Right side of the plate as kids is a look. David Ross feeling much better like that you want to deal tomorrow. I got warmed up today a couple of pitch we did. The very nice wrote to thank you four days' rest so. Didn't go to -- ready to start stretching out with the political concession in between. I didn't they get to lose today I did the last week before the off speed pitch as I had a lot of pressure they're going next to Roger Clemens. Standing to my right -- -- they said they let me go first so my ball would reach about the same time bidders did. Like five seconds. -- -- -- -- -- -- After setting. And it is pitch Sweeney grounds out to the backstop. Tonight was a little more impressive but is one of your young friends crowding you a little bit. On the hill this little Julianna you had to make an adjustment to get -- -- a little Gionta. And still fired striking news we're all impressed of here. Those kids gave me a lot of extra strength. GM is. Cut the ribbon when we unveiled the Jimmy Fund the new Jimmy Fund gallery you a couple of months ago. Her favorite player is David Ross -- Jimmy Fund called captain. That's what these two days of really showing that the triumph of human -- -- you guys. 32 pitch he swung -- -- line in right center base can't they should -- they gave my heading it's very into the score stroke comes into the middle of the diamond were tied at one. Calhoun harming the Red Sox he takes a three run homer away from what ultimately I think he went and RBI single to right center. We're not I didn't want. -- the name Goodyear product comes into play so often and I think it's fitting given marquee player. Award because. You really appreciate those guys that haven't -- who. You know and and I think -- it's evident and it went easy on the radio there here on the radio and see on TV over these two days here. You know it they're really all inspirational for all of us -- really kind of put everything in perspective. You know. Any of the minor -- -- -- world view with you it really helps give a solid through your mind is that. As to what we're trying to do here and really find the cure for. Some -- strike to Mike Trout. What a routine grounder deep short -- almost beat it out in the first inning. We're tied at one. Helms RBI single file of the double by the Rhode islander Chris Iannetta. -- first -- guys back safely. We just we want to thank you win this thing has the moxie for everything you do for the Jimmy Fund. Of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute it. Also for your prominent their role sponsorship -- R&B -- Red Sox radio network thank you very much let -- be here. -- always here to help. Me to see.

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