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Larry Kohler, Burger King franchisee who supports the Jimmy Fund in his restaurants.

Aug 19, 2014|

Larry Kohler joined Mike Mutnansky on the Red Sox pregame show. Larry owns 45 Burger King franchises in New England, and runs a "Chance For Kids and Families" program in his restaurants. The program has raised over $11 million for the Jimmy Fund.

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Back here from Fenway Park Mike but if you if you courses that the Herb Chambers infinity pregame show Red Sox and angels second game. Of a four game series coming up going to be Al Webster against Jered Weaver -- an important night because the first of two nights. Other WEEI Nestor and Jimmy Fund radio tell while we ask you to donate you have not yet we thank you so much for doing so. At 8777381234. Can also text. Kate cancer -- 22 to two that makes a ten dollar donation plus -- that text you're automatically entered to win one of two dozen autographed baseballs. And the guys with me here now in studio. Is doing a lot to help fight cancer he's Larry -- a Burger King Larry thanks much taken a few minutes it's my pleasure the year that you all 45. Franchises you're doing it right from my Cape Cod to northern New Hampshire. That's amazing now what is the connection between Burger King Larry and the Jimmy Fund. Well about twelve years ago we were looking for some cause marketing promotions. And the Jimmie fondness. Huge awareness here in New England. In fact exceeds our competitors Ronald McDonald house so we thought it was a great tie hand and then secondly might my wife had colon cancer. Was treated at Dana Farber went through chemotherapy for a year so there's really kind of a soft spot in my heart. Particularly when you go to Dana Farber and you see kids being treated for cancer. There's just looked like something that we should really get involved. All you have gotten involved not just these next couple days Larry but if your a chance for kids -- them with talk about what you do during this year for Egypt for kids and families. Well we we sell us scratch. Stick it's in the restaurant and the idea that I kind of came up with -- and in the middle of the night one night and I looked at how many people were buying. Scratch tickets and trying to win the lottery and I said hey here's a way that we can raise money for kids fighting cancer. And in people not only can they participate by buying a scratch ticket for a dollar. But every tickets to winners so. They never lose they win food they went other prizes so it just seemed like a perfect way to raise a lot of money and so far we've raised -- little over eleven million dollar. And by the way every. Dollar 100% of these proceeds go to -- in a four. That's right a 100% there's no administrative costs no marketing everything goes you know now you that would working for fifty. Years that's a long time -- there was one business I thought you weren't gonna mention that I was going to mention it because you start what you were eight years old which is amazing knowing it's a start that early -- game he'd been there for fifty years. And that's -- fifteen years I started when I was in college and then after the service I would and a management and worked at the corporation for eighteen years and now I've been a franchisee here in New England since 1980. By malaria the cause for kids and families is a big event going on right now your -- here in spreading the word -- working with the Jimmy Fund radio telephonic we thank you so much what you -- you restaurants do for cancer research you're doing them for being part of this event not just these few days but with their cost for it to him well we're really happy to do I think the more we promoted the more successful it will be Larry thanks so much bigger media. My pleasure I'll Larry -- Burger King joining us we come back you'll hear from. They O'Brien who will sit down Red Sox manager John Ferrell all right here on the Herb Chambers infinity pregame show across the WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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