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D&H - Kate Franklin with her mom Emily and Dr. Loren Walensky

Aug 19, 2014|

Kate Franklin was 3½ the night in August 2000 that her mother brought her to the emergency room, Dr. Walensky had just started his fellowship in pediatric hematology/oncology in July, and that night Kate became one of the first patients he diagnosed with cancer.This summer Kate is working in Dr. Walensky’s lab, which is exploring the promise of chemically-modified fragments of proteins called “stapled peptides” to treat drug-resistant cancers.

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-- Pretty unusual Michael that I guess are such a big deal they name the town they live in after them. Kate Franklin has joined us haven't -- and Franklin what a coincidence. I'm Kate is seventeen years old doctor Loren Woolen -- is here as well. And at least here as well who snuck over to the other side of the table didn't think I'd noticed she was over there allocate our you know I'm very well thank you student at bishop -- Senior year. How exciting is that. I have a senior in high school at home too so I know what this is like how to to senior photo shoot go. -- -- not too happy pictures how many poses how many outfits to -- -- lot a lot of -- I've been through this now I know what this is like so. And and how it would all things yet to choose from are -- not happy with what you ended up and I don't know I think it's lists. Architecture and I got a feeling Michaels doesn't take too many bad pictures now. And that -- and you also have them only to help out your mom your mom can help you with the pictures and say yea or made that happen -- -- -- Wonderful but. -- -- -- And it. Kate you're an athlete as well right. Know what what sports you know I rent cross country in the offseason spring. I don't know which sport you like one better than the other. And very different. -- When you first met doctor Wilensky. Ironically you were just sort of starting here as well you guys sort got to know each other at the beginning of your practice and and when she needed that's right I had just finished. I've -- residence training hospital. And and I had begun -- Europe and -- policy fellowship training camp -- and I met. Katherine -- -- she's four and that we just as a little kid I just think they're calling her -- now she's all grown up. I had just started my training and choose my first. Tell me exactly how you ended up seeing doctor Wilensky what what led you there. I don't remember too much of that I know from my parents stories that I had an ear infection wouldn't go away with ten different antibiotics. I also had. My throat was hurting me a -- and headache. I would dinner at the beach Monday. If that's right I'm yelling at the beach and and it's with the talent and also we contacted my pediatrician I guess and then. He told us to -- to children's. It. And then and Emily no where did this story picked up from there remained just tell us about. The journey and in the process. Well. We -- and on different and it is the last weekend on us. And I hadn't I can when your -- home now it's hard and them. And they said you know we we think. Something isn't rightly -- discipline work into flagler and -- and that's from Lehman aren't. And your thought at that time was there or are you kidding me I did I I. I understanding here very brilliant man but you have to be wrong. And it was a -- Doctor Wilensky tell me what -- tell our audience irony no. When Emily told you. After you told her about the diagnosis I remember I remember the counters though. Well so vividly for many reasons especially because there was one earlier ones I just come back from laboratory that her blood cells microscope and seen it with my eyes. And I remember coming in and telling apparently telling him early. Diagnosis and the early with. -- saying you know -- -- pediatric. Leukemia. She reached out grabbed my shoulders. And and looked at me straight in the options that I will see you at her wedding. Current and by the way Kate we're not in any hurry. I think you know I didn't mean you can put -- off for a little while. No rush here anything. I am curious about well so many things that go on in the life of a seventeen year old senior in high school have you figured out we wanna go to college yet. I don't know and a long list. A list that needs to narrow down a lot. But you. Yeah I have a lot of -- that I think elegant to ultimately do you know which one study I think it the study some kind of biology. Maybe Spanish. And definitely now. Smart kid was arrogant and yeah I. You know -- -- that story I think about your mom know grabbing the doctor. Send us your your wedding. Does it surprise you when you're restaurant surprise surmounted that. I don't like to be like that the right. I I guess she's nice and I'm not I'm on such a compassionate person and to here say that. To my doctor about means just as well. She's always been some resentment on. It just as hit what was your summer job this summer this summer I worked at this summer intern and doctor he's -- that Dana Farber. And I have my own project -- able to really explore. Basically the peptides that the company is basically able to do to screen mom for their properties -- -- -- I just had kind of like oh. A wide range of things that I can do. Is just really exploring something -- an expert. We're we're got you interested in in biology com. I mentioned Emerson middle school I've always been interested in science and -- AP biology it's just loved it just hit. AP classes to -- yet. I know bishop for Ian and I know how good a school it is and I know what a wonderful community it is. Everybody. Bear knew what you had gone through and what you had done before I'll I know my friends now I -- now. I mean some people do I mean they know now they didn't have enough. And you don't mind that it now. Doctor Lansky is this the perfect patient. She's with a perfect outcome of that radio station in the perfect outcome and we want that outcome everyone. This is what we aspire to achieve this is why we do everything we do this every kid that we see is so incredibly important in their futures are so. Important and when you think about all the things that she has now. You know rising senior high school this is what we -- -- -- paste it here. Doctor -- told us earlier today that the success rate for this when you're dealing with younger people like Kate was. Pretty darn good and I mean it's over 90%. So when Emily grabbed her by the shoulders she knew what she was talking about I -- Yes but I think that you know on the other hand one of the things that -- Allen. Taught me is -- much on equipment worth during my fellowship training. He said when people ask you. What are my chances -- the real answer is zero -- 100% and so even though it's 90% or more than 90% there's still that. -- -- 10% are single digit percent and there's no way to really know on the if that one if that single digit percent comes up behind you. The 90% statistic doesn't make you feel that much better so. I think that's it's really that 10%. That 8% 9% those of the patients that we have focus on so much to try to make them part. Of the full cure because our feeling is you know until 200% we still have serious work to do. Kate it's great to meet these very nice to see -- doctor Wilensky thank you -- nice to see you as well you're right which told them I mean we're still a few years later you are right. I'm will see emit the how many years away Emily how many years if it was up tightening at least fifteen. -- got married -- and I think fifty. I don't like speaking -- -- out of high school -- -- since you don't have -- authority to do Paula it's great to visit with all you guys thank you all very much great to see it. I help us reach our goal of 75000 dollars by 6 PM. Your gift of 25 dollars to help fund patient and family programs offering support and resources to those battling cancer at Dana Farber. Please call 8777381234. Or go online to Jimmy Fund dot org and make -- which -- through all the different ways that you can donate we tried it. As we said make it as simple as we can you can call 877738123.

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