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Cassidy Harrington with her parents Gary and Jacqueline

Aug 19, 2014|

Cassidy was 3 when she was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis, a rare blood disorder that begins in the cells that stimulate the immune system. Cassidy’s particular mutation only affects her bones, fortunately not any other organs. In July 2012, Cassidy had surgery to remove a lesion from her femur. The disease came back twice, first to her cranium and most recently, in her back. Cassidy started a year long chemotherapy regimen in May of 2012

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-- we've had a lot of folks visit with us today yes we have we have not had one until now dressed up like princess. If she's dressed up like a princess story issue princes. Maybe -- just differences -- -- -- Cassidy Arrington has joined us she does ever Jimmy Fund T shirt over her princess outfit so she sort of in disguise. But I could tell she was a princess when she arrived -- how you don't there. All whoa too shy. Present -- don't talk to ox. Well -- -- -- mom -- if you're in yet to tell me Jacqui and adhered to. Is she shy intensely shy or keep -- -- she's very shy do you -- Here Jacqui tell us -- -- whole family beautiful family by the way guys you know. -- you -- -- and Michael over thank you can that the studio for others. He'll muscle showing right now but you bench press and now about 200 pounds 210 pound. Not yet not yet Jackie tell us what Cassidy has been fighting in what she's been going through sending an -- that he -- I'll check that -- right here. So Cassidy has a condition called LCH it's blood disorder. That. His particular style and her body I can do this justice that it's called Langerhans cell. That tricks white blood cells into going after -- And so. First time. It went to her femur bones. We had that removed. And then it -- back about a year later in the back of her Cranium. It's a lesion that. -- lately it's a benign tumor. And we. Which Dana Farber and went through treatment for six months and it completely went away and then after. They port was removed in a few months went by. -- back was bothering her. And we came back to Dana Farber and sure enough they come back to back. And we put the -- back him. -- go through a year or treatment. And Cassidy is a million bucks. Tax -- fava. Cast your your favorite people at the Dana Farber and I just I I was told this by by some of your people. -- and Kathleen -- them among your favorite people at the Dana Farber. The -- I got a nod from now like I got a princess not about parenting Kathleen. And and that's it it's the universal thing here everybody tells us. It is a family feeling there it's it's not just touches you know. That the patient it's the siblings at the parent that everybody. Is involved. We actually went to a different Boston hospital prior to coming -- -- which was a fantastic hospital. But coming from there are going to -- -- The comfort. At the hospital gives you is second to none have never been a facility like it in my life and it is amazing. I'm a sales manager and I go to work after I'm gone the clinic with capacity. And I share my experiences that I have with the nurses in the ballets. And that doctors. And I say if we can only have the same attitude. And same perception. Enthusiasm. Every day and we'll be so successful. And it's just an amazing facility. We have another special person there name is Alan Paterson and -- she -- the psychiatric unit. Social workers and she has helped us tremendously. Through the whole process to just be comfortable realize. That in a short period of time. We won't have to come. For treatment anymore and what is along with dollars. You know you a lot of people upset that today about Dana Farber how amazing it is. And and and it is what I think it takes something from you guys to me stuff like here. Doing it in a vacuum you guys are given something guys are giving them positively the and I hope as well how's it been worth your family what I was changed. Your family you know going through this together. Oh it's. It completely changes your perspective on life you realize. All of us on -- not about money. It's not about material. Things -- would like to have. I toys -- fun things to do but it's changed -- respectively which are so grateful we know we're blessed. Because these could be worse and that's how it's changed us forever as we know that things could be worse. And we feel for the people did -- to have it worse than us and we do see them. Done which is grateful that we are we are and Boston and we have the most amazing facility. Probably in the world not to go to. Make us feel better. How. Michael good as soon as the brother going through this. He has really really been a great. Supportive brother for his sister he has come to so many. Visits with us for a therapy. And he enjoys being here. If not war I think Cassidy. It's big people in the life. Group that it takes care of the kids and make sure there having fun and they're preoccupied. They're accomplishing things while -- hours and hours. -- are they playing good team shows. Act iPad I said. Arts and crafts. I come home with a backpack full of arts and crafts every time -- leave clinic and they have so much fun. It's beautiful family it's nice to see all you guys and Cassidy where that princess dress in -- visit us anytime you want anytime you are right it's nice to see it. We're not gonna get word -- and that's. She is too shy haven't. Cassidy and Jackie in Gary Michael thank you guys very much frank thanks for coming -- it's great to visit with all of you thank you thank you guys some guy's great great to see all of it. Paid double your impact.

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