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Aug 19, 2014|

Debbie, who was part of the Radio-Telethon last year, was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer 3 years ago. She had been winning her battle against this aggressive cancer due to constant chemotherapy treatments and surgeries. Over the past few months, she’s been having a difficult time fighting back from several setbacks, mainly new cancer growth in her liver, lungs and ovaries and the loss of more than 30 pounds due to hospitalization for infections. Debbie has incredible strength and determination to stay healthy, mainly because she is a wife to Mark and mother of 4 boys, 18 years old and younger. She reached one goal – seeing her oldest son graduate high school this spring.

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Old friends and that's the case today. -- Whitmore is -- from Marlboro it's great to see again and Oreo. Pretty you've got to cruel behind you look little ball. This is in my family friends relatives support. And a lot of support these last few months do you think -- think we can barely fit them all in the room for -- and. I got a day I got to say that I've been I've been bragging about you. For the last year. Have been telling people who you are one of the most amazing people I've ever met I think when you when you were here last year you talked about. You know hockey talk with your family and how he prepares them for things and gave your husband. Permission to think you know beyond. You know next year or five years not ten years from now. I was just blown away by your perspective and despise. Your your entire demeanor so. I think I am glad to see you here this year -- -- You know last year it sounded like. You were saying goodbye and now I'm glad you're here and you can use. That a bad thing that I've. Our radio outlived my prognosis. I have of colon cancer that metastasized to my liver. When I was just first diagnosed had over twenty liver tumors but. -- huge amounts and I'm a nurse management as a teaching cancer research so we knew what we were battling -- was. But I did so well the first. Two years it'll be three years November. November 16 it'll be three years -- I was diagnosed that would have a particular mutation. That usually has a ten month prognosis. And and the average common cancer patients. You know is about -- about 2324 months so -- RD outlived it thank you to Dana Farber. And I have had a cup no rough three months after stake my last year is I didn't even know if I'd lived to see my son graduate from high school. And ironically got to -- June 1 to see his high school graduation which is great he's not here it stays working. But it's that same day after we left Asus has and I think you need to go to emergency round. And I had a complication in an ovary was twisting from the -- -- -- -- my -- So I was in the hospital for us all in June so tough summer months to wade and down. Cancer has spread. So you know things like that are harder and I. You know physically -- -- short of breath I have now from cancer and plural fluid between along and cavity. So sometimes you know I sat in the chair waiting to things we've got out you know have our little bit you know harder. But through -- harboring and I'm still living which is amazing and I even was able duke clinical trial. Which was wonderful and done now I'm back on regular chemotherapy that I hadn't tried -- And I had three treatments that that's. But you know. That I wanted to ask that you know it is it has -- toughening him what to say about it don't cry. But I'm you know some days you do wanna give up some days it's really hard and you think. You know people say can I -- -- my picture one day and hinting at arbor as so many of researchers. And that money donated to Dana Farber -- -- you know. Hire more researchers thing -- last year and get the equipment and and to really work on finding a cure including cancer is the second leading. Cancer death. In the nation so you know we need help with colon cancer. And so let you know for some days they wanna give up I have to be honest and think -- my -- you know -- sounds like it would be you know. Good -- the other days I wake up like yesterday and today had a hard six days and now the last two days. And woke up I -- -- did -- you know summoned to me to a story yesterday. So and then at the thing that does make me tell my friends that's -- Steffi she says her she lost her father and she said. You know I would give anything any amount of money just have one more hug Myanmar I love you -- my moments and I think it fat and I think. I gotta keep pushing you know I can't give up I can't give him and I feel. Like -- want -- let's hope you know that's on this part of it. And it's and that's why you know people can say maybe insecure like I had that. The armed studies says it is I was the first patient to Dana Farber to get a -- Iraq study. So I was so grateful for that and I know that there's no more drugs coming down the pike and I -- to mention you know there's something new that's coming down so people are doing research and and I don't aging. You know maybe can keep me alive longer and just keep having goals and right now my next goal like -- FaceBook is Christmas Pemmaraju might actually done anything much further than. And my brother said you have to wait for my little nine your leaders circle should be his graduation from high school. So I have to working on bigger gulf. You know so so good days and bad days I think just I was doing well until June and then housing that. That illness. And down and now I have some tunes in my abdomen that I had to have placed. That tumors in the liver are closing. Like obstructing the -- systems so I had turned jaundice in July. But the team to put in open to and now you know I'm not on this in the levels are normal again. So you know that they just keep helping me in working with me and giving me hope. -- oncologist wonderful and he even says -- are you ready do you like you working mostly you know gives -- the choice for -- if you think I'm gonna keep going. And you know and get me hoping to set -- iron concluded if I had you know. Los waive immunity you know the two speakers from getting stronger and so you know we love Dana Farber I mean I have my hoodie sweatshirt Dana Farber anything like I should be their spokesperson I appreciate them. Chippy there's a perfect by the way you aren't really sure -- it -- such -- Debbie we know people who don't have colon cancer -- don't have your attitude a candidate -- it they're not as. As positive as you are and you're saying is you're saying these things. Very. It does matter of factly you're saying some of them with its violent face. How is it impossible. Isn't the support system I think it is. Is to support this and I feel so safe. With my colleges and save fifteen of our that I can describe it for very safe. Can -- you know I have my wonderful support system. If I didn't have -- anti it's Hardin and I can't you really laundry and -- at the kids and they're fighting for the summer's been rocked the -- arm differently. -- pitch you just have to accept it and then just fight it -- said there's days registered a half cup and I did us. When he feels about how to my husband just reminds me it's gonna get batter and then it got. So I'll remember you know the next two weeks cycle and acumen that you might be -- the six days but and you know it's -- gets easier after that. And you know nice to get out I can't drive -- -- on pain medication twice today. And then -- medication if I need in between which I haven't needed that I've done well. Just you want to welcome you get back pain. So that's also knew I had to hadn't had seen before but it's it's you know all controlled and they even have like -- palliative care. Per -- Dana Farber that everything. Anything that you need support they have. I'll Michael's been bragging on you for awhile now he under sold. He really did. If it is such an honor to meet you and get a chance to sit here and talk to you listen to the it. Thank you so much for taking the time -- of Angeles -- who you are an inspiration absolutely in charge of laundry. Now -- in actually. All true -- for the local provider of laundry yeah. That's great C nineteen -- so -- -- -- more about what more colon cancer survivor from Marlboro. And it's so great to have her join us most early stage researches not eligible for federal funding. Please call 8777381234. Or go online to Jimmy Fund dot org and -- gift of 100 dollars to help fuel the innovative science at Dana Farber that leads to tomorrow's cures. Please make the fault lines -- 877.

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