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D&H - Former Mayor of Boston Tom Menino

Aug 19, 2014|

Mayor Menino talks about his history with the Jimmy Fund and life as a citizen.

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We're very proud and happy to welcome in an old friend. Mr. mayor the mayor of the city of Boston -- -- candidacy at Richard you know I -- I'm a great private citizen wonderful if you just let it was a wonderful welcome the president and the telephone -- -- -- -- -- -- some my friends like -- associated with. But nothing but good enough I don't final -- universally run a program this year fronts of these work with various multiple country in the world really is trying to help them out. There would make sure they have a government that works at home also serve the people cities are broke the world than them. A majority incidental different atmosphere there we made every decision every deployments. In academia while you know Americans were even if. And that -- attack whatever you want to tell you still are then you're huge sports and we know that. That your your follow on the Red Sox even though this has been a pretty miserable season for them nationalism would. Give me give me another word for it. Atrocious. Terrible. It's been frustrating. You know it's it's -- the good guys have it just does not quickened over -- last year we had a guy's great career he is and it starts. The very special you last year but there. -- I think this team come back from his young guys out there are. We'll play hard and out there and I'm not given up that's what you know sometimes these teams just give up and go from emotional. -- game in the future -- emotions right now. It's about the way. I don't have to tell you mr. mayor you know better than anybody about the medical community in the city of Boston in the wonderful care that people get. You yourself have been going through some things of your own here I sure haven't you know injury -- data fabric while. Quite replaced doc does the nurses the whole team over there. First class -- so lucky we live in this Boston area because we have the best kid we never happened now I mean fuel that was over the today in this. I'm -- given hope to that there had -- before and a welcome let's save their lives to with the treatment they get over that. I just in adjustment that was the Jimmy Rankin elementary when I was young man. Young -- really her father Ted Williams who was he at -- did you refine. And knowledge is my kid who's on the other folks to stay with the jury find the Red Sox stay within the -- the race tonight. We go along way to help from the trying to cure for cancer they just I know it as (%expletive) storm over the a jury finding -- club while it's amazing things. Well let let me let me ask you about you and how you're doing and and what was it like when you found out you got your diagnosis. You know what what were your thoughts. Well with us really with the you know. Okay dark we don't -- if Lewis. You know I was down. -- and I'm -- -- a -- this one too and I'm pundits sort. Go to shark you don't expect to because obviously I was -- which have been doing blood test from -- is there -- shored up. And all of -- -- short of the end of the -- says. -- -- you have cancer as well. Okay what do we do next and we get through this thing and those clubs you'll worst that I am an unlucky. I -- on the don't have a couple problems that put them. Now I'm so walk around still dormant drivers to talk of people everyday and but you know folks out there one of whom have been exposed to goes on over. That. Think a vote I can tell you this guy and there was over them before. That oxygen special -- in the nurses'. Every specialty. We can also pediatrics section. While they give to help those kids. Mr. and the they've -- that produces today and to refine. Please do we need the help we need the resources. Because coverage or used to -- really going to be secure what people. You know women I think that the funds were raised today -- due to a great -- getting to that result but we can't cure for cancer. I always wanted to ask you this question because I was felt you could be the mayor of Boston until you didn't wanna be the mayor of Boston anymore. Why did you wanna do it as long as you did and work as hard as you do it for all those years I just thought I love the job by the the people of the kids. Some of the city and -- of -- forty years and done. -- -- the North -- huge amount of work with him major commitment to you have to do the work we can't just say -- the good times and good times article of the bad times and myself despair hydrant and a lot of bad times -- good times but I think Imus is motion kids. Either of those kids in those kids my kids and them. -- we started camp our view on Long Island the kids of this. My playground house now for special special kids I mean why -- things that happens -- -- I missed a missed a lot but or so from a it was there -- no way it was for Gary and registered people. We know the old -- in Boston you know either there's sports and politics there's revenge to put. But polished U we told us that you're following sports. What politics. Are you are you are you still following the ins and outs very closely. As closely -- you play in the paper talk to people watch the polls all the stuff I watched them. I'm analyze that they made my own decisions and -- involved is. Part of the business. No amount could be the guy Leo. Mayor who's a shadow over than when it's not me. I made a decision right tumor extremely I told -- my staff on the market with a shadow government. Punishment do much -- Boston University. Try to help these other cities around the world. And that's right here in -- mostly weren't -- made price argument writes from Marco Rubio can be a spokesperson. Can be pricked him -- Boston -- recently. Is very difficult job than have somebody diverse people listening in to the needs -- all the folks open schools apologists that. Health care in that now. Just a difficult job but it does say that because we have the best business community in the country right here in Boston. And I'm really proud of that but you know -- it was better health care and we do. Having an open that you -- homeless and so we have time passed for toward she would they do for young people people like myself. Think to a spectacular job and I can't say enough good things around because they've give me a lot of encouragement that you read here. No -- when -- even -- you call him fish then therefore and the nurses. I can't say enough I just love the. Please mr. mayor I would guess just the guess here that one of the darkest hours of of your ten year. Was the Boston Marathon bombings and yet at the same time it almost gave me the most pride that I've ever had in the city the -- this city responded in the way it came back. I took revision until I mean the people of Washington's response so tremendously in the the other one fund Hayman res 61 million dollars a matter of weeks but just how -- called coalesced. -- people in the business -- done for us history but not just people Boston the people around the world how they all coalitions that we -- help those strokes and and I helped get help them get back on their feet just are so proud of this -- that -- Those two weeks immediately after it would continue orcas. No they have these -- groups a meal this ball and so often survivors. In this state together in just say. There's a great city in this of people. The people make this city. That's what's so more people bought some of the greatest people there lived. That culminated you know it's not about last year and -- pride -- -- culminates in October. With the World Series championship it's almost like kitten didn't write it better at that point oh it's wonderful. Three championships in my twenty years of bad I know -- stupid -- -- -- the tour. I wanted to ask you to have ever had a debate I think there's a little tongue in cheek a little weak sometimes from Mayor Menino with. Very -- splitting up right and things like that I think your. Did you do that on purpose of times it you know he's you settle a -- for me. I -- much. It's elemental legal in Massachusetts. Probably Las Vegas -- -- it is a step back. Mayor recreational purposes -- as -- -- Mayor Tom Menino it's always a pleasure to visit with the it's so good to see and do the Republicans have yet. Thank you -- for doing this means so much. The work -- -- As -- your refund every day and a the folks out there please help while 12 set the record this year and raised so so pointless it's in those adults there's. Every special place. I'm gonna I'm gonna pick this up for the mayor has felt Donald floor but I can tell you it. That's the coolest -- I have ever seen you gotta have the only Louisville slugger came that actually is engraved with the Mayor Tom Menino World Series champs. 200420072013. That's the coolest name ever since signatures on and some signatures on it as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nobody's got one of those develop beta was my friend great to see -- thanks guys thank you very much issue that is Mayor Tom Menino.

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