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It Is What It Is Cast: Brandon LaFell, Darrelle Revis and end of training camp

Aug 19, 2014|

WEEI.com's Chris Price and Mike Petraglia discuss the performances of Brandon LaFell and Darrelle Revis, among others, as Patriots training camp comes to a close.

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Hello everybody welcome back once again inside Gillette Stadium mom Mike -- -- had joined as always by patriots expert writer for WEEI dot com. Christopher price all right Chris. Go -- check opened up Tuesday's press conference by saying it's good to be back home -- back home he means the media work room as the patriots preparations now shift. From training camp to really more of a gain prep. Type of atmosphere what does that all about. It was really interesting the last day camp yesterday we saw some of the scout team guys are not officially scout team guys yet. But guys like Brian -- starting to put on Jersey's. That represent the Carolina Panthers offensive skill position players the -- guys -- replicate the work of Kelvin Benjamin Greg Olsen. To try to give the regular defense a little bit of a look. Seven to prepare for for Friday that's one of -- many aspects there were -- -- over the next few days as this team moved from training camp mode into something resembling a regular season -- start the game when -- start -- -- -- Carolina -- and think about Cam -- in the best ways to attack that painter's team do you sense -- change in focus as well like the intensity picks up a -- yeah -- there really -- I think a lot of guys have talked about this in the past we've we've we've -- -- -- -- locker. The intensity level does step up a little bit for a lot of reasons not the least of which -- three. Is really pretty much the exclusive domain of the starters at least for the first three quarters -- so. -- you also frankly have twos and threes and fours playing for jobs in so there is a definite feeling of intensity -- the regular season energy. But there's still a feeling of but the days ago in short we gotta get down to business. Talking to cure all -- inside the locker room today. He said there is competition there's competition going on it's a different type of feel because the last couple weeks Chris of course they've been practicing against the Redskins. And the Philadelphia Eagles leading up to their respective pre season games this is different your practicing against one another like you were at the beginning of training camp. And there's a lot more intensity certainly -- trying to beat if you're Darrelle Revis beat the offensive. Team in front of viewing the the wide receiver or in this case Tom Brady because that Tom Brady competition. According to derail Revis today has been a very significant factor in terms of his development his picking up things here and doing what. It really has been when you're talking about a world class quarterback like Revis you know there are certain things that are immediately translate a -- if that's even a word you know. Did did did move from one team to another the still sit with one team to another very quickly. But when it comes to finding a place in that defense when it comes to getting acclimated. To the way a certain team plays defense he spoke on a little bit tonight he's played mostly left corner. Since he's been here you know talk of a -- left corner right corner in all the differences that that entail. It takes time to get used to it and if they were gonna seed we're gonna need more snap from him obviously he's under and we quarrels route. Organ and you seem more -- from him or the course the pre season I know you talked him also about something I find really fascinating. The defensive backs need more time this pre -- least in my opinion to get used to these new rules and emphasis. Yeah and -- Darrelle Revis I asked them. You know just that factor given the fact that he didn't see any attention. Last week from the Philadelphia Eagles -- polls really didn't even look in his direction once how many snaps does he need to feel ready for the regular season his answer. Was classic this is how you know. His New England pre season moment if you will the fact that he gets that his answer was. Bill -- check we'll tell me yet when camera and you know couple of people noticed last week in the practices against the the Eagles that Darrelle Revis was doing everything that he needed to do. He was taking some plays off. Not plays off but I don't think the focus was there as much and I think the message was clear let's not get him hurt. Let's not waste the bullets in pre season let's make sure he's reading the interesting thing. -- Revis was -- when I was part of a group for reporters who spoke with him. After he gave up courier what appeared to be -- long bomb to -- From -- falls to -- in practice and people asked about any kind of giving given that sideways look at -- Libya have been at this for a long time -- know exactly what I'm doing it's all about it -- it's all by getting up to speed so I don't have to worry -- necessarily running running an extra twenty yards herself. You know in in in -- in August practice to try and break a -- I know what they need do to get ready for the Orioles -- we draw a lot of parallels. Between Darrelle Revis in Randy Moss in 2007 we -- that two thousand seventies. That's another when their when you look at guys who knew what their hall of famers they know exactly what being need to do to get ready for the season Revis is that way. Other side of the ball somebody who knows Carolina Panthers this Friday's opponent. Here inside Gillette Stadium very well would be one wide receiver Brandon -- fell he spoke glowingly of course about Cam Newton but there and I thought very interesting. Chris that he spoke so highly of Tom Brady everybody knows Tom Brady's hall of fame quarterback that's not what he was talking about. He was talking about the fact that Tom Brady has certain expectations. That you learn very quickly when -- new player in New England that is you don't run a route one yard too deep. One yard too short it better be precise because as we saw last weekend. When tight -- Steve and Mary said he ran a route two yards deep and it was turned for six points by Carrie Mo Williams. Tom Brady's gonna throw that ball where he expects you to be and that's something for Angela fell said he's been working on with Brady and Brady has been helping him. -- -- the finger really jumped out for me was look felt that looked. The guy you got to take care but not -- -- Tom Brady you know their their nor the coaches out there -- Bill Belichick has not out there the offensive coordinator your position it is not their practice practice is different when it's the game Brady has -- -- on the -- exactly that's the one guy the you have to take care of when -- on the field and you have to be exactly where you need to be. When he wants you there -- you're gonna get a football on the back of aid you're you're gonna get a miscommunication in its gonna be on your notes which the quarterback. All right I continuing to look ahead to this Friday in the -- How much playing time for Brady the starters how important is that. This week usually -- three is that telltale sign of how much playing time. Is required to be really be ready for week one. Did a -- on WEI dot com now about that specifically looking at how many steps he's played over the last ten years when you're looking at the third preceding game. He has averaged -- take five or six Napster to average about forty steps which should in theory take you. Maybe two plus quarters so I think if if history holds you're gonna see Brady plea to close quarters against you Ryan -- -- he Jimmy droplet got to mop up. What you wanna do what you wanna see is that offense clicking you wanna be able to did to get the kind of performance you got mostly out of the running game. Against the Eagles you know you're gonna wanna see more for more work out of guys like Amendola an entitlement I don't think Gradkowski is gonna play that's a whole other story but you're gonna see as many guys as possible. Get as mutt muted many snaps as possible in an attempt to get up to speed once the regular -- Rolls around are you got a sneak peek at practice outside the stadium there up on the grass fields speaking of Rob Gronkowski warrior takeaways on Monday. Big moment the big stepping. Status stepping stone moment for Rob Gronkowski as he tries to get himself. Ready for week one in Miami says he's gonna play all sixteen games he'll be ready what do you expect from -- in practice. Going forward in the next couple weeks to look. -- my theories he looked very good -- they'll say that you look good -- -- he was running he was -- all the continued to make he was making the -- is he needed to make he looked crisp. For a guy at that stage of the recount process. There are no coincidence is around Gillette Stadium however I end up as you said off exactly not to get too conspiratorial here but I don't think it was a surprise that we saw him make the show that he made yesterday. The last day of practice where media is available where where media table what bowl practice for fans are out there are so defensive coordinator from Orchard Park to Miami Gardens stood. So it's all the over the NFL map now have to start to think about the possibility of -- comes -- playing we want. I don't think he's gonna play this pre season but if he continues to hit the same guide posts along this rehab route. I think he's going to be ready for -- quite I don't know what sort of impact he's gonna have having -- could take a couple of weeks from to maybe build up like we saw last year but I think he's going to be out there for week one. Alright press the patriots will look to improve upon their one and one pre season mark against Cam Newton. And the Carolina camp there's going to be Friday night here at Gillette Stadium will have full coverage. Afterwards on WEEI. Dot com here is Christopher price Mike but try it inside Gillette Stadium. WEEI dot com.

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