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D&H - Red Sox Second Baseman Dustin Pedroia

Aug 19, 2014|

Dustin Pedroia discusses his involvement with the Jimmy Fund and the current Red Sox season.

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But that's always a -- gonna ask for more and we always ask for more. And we're very happy to have join us right now a guy who probably spends as much time at the Dana Farber. As any athlete in this town he gets it. He understands the importance and what he means to the youngsters up there Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia it's great to see as the. I'm doing pretty well against say novice person you've probably heard is under god did not recognize. Yeah yeah I look a lot different like what is the what my wife she's she's like the beard so. It's kind of get out of neutral site stated so she dealt with -- last year hey you know World Series if that team thing you. Bearded Brothers but now I'm not gonna -- my kids it really recognize you so I think I got to grow back so yeah there -- rules that hey where's that yeah courses do you know you mentioned your wife and and truthfully. They may know Kelly as much Dana Farber is they note -- don't think. -- -- she when we for a first got here I mean she spent. First three or four years sponsored. There. You know 23 times a week and you know. Love it go group being there just to try to have an impact any which can't. Lisa sharper says as many nice things about Kelli Pedroia she says about anybody if you're at least as servers good list you're on the good list for life he had -- -- that. My in my wife's experts vessel wants puts up with me but. You know she sees you know she's the best. What do you do when you go there you go and hang out with the kids what do you find that they generally what I wanna do with you and I'm sure you do have what what is. Anything AME would you know I just ask them you know how how they're doing every act that uses their you know full of excitement. You know. You wanna play game or whatever you know you deceit just wanna to be there an end and give any. You know spring. Some positive. Anything you know play with some. To interact it's -- on. And just just try to see what they're going through and try to help them. You know get get try to get through in the toughest of times. -- executives say is still over the years we've seen. You know kids who who wanna see players in uniform their kids wanna play video games with them -- talk about you know. Who's the toughest pitcher you face but you remember a little guy we saw he out a Spiderman -- the outs of four years old three or four years old. And we brought him -- Dustin Pedroia Bobble head and the thing he wanted to do was. -- -- On idol bottom so much joy and I would -- it would be proud to be -- -- sorry I got. -- -- But you never know it. And when did you get the point. Where you realize. Even up a little something from you -- one of your teammates are professional athlete could inspire. These people. Young people. Coach coming up with a Red Sox -- introduces a mean right when I got here you know -- -- you interact with the kids you see him in and the bright when you start talking to on the joy that they have and and I mean just knowing what what they go through it. You know it it means a lot and and its responsibility. For us as players to. To reach out and and trotted to do anything we can't help. Because I mean they're there we look up to them. You know I and I know they they're excited to see Red Sox players stuff like that vote. But what they they go through and deal with you know -- who we wanna do anything we can't that's helped mount. One of the big events of the year every year for the for the Dana Farber is the trip to spring training. And they bring the teenagers down the Fort Myers and we -- showed footage -- -- a minute ago -- when will middle Brooks and a lot of your teammates. I get the sense you guys enjoy it as much or more as the kids to. Yeah it's it's it's fun to see him I mean you you know you wanna you wanna see him in and see how other Dylan and and try to. Try to try to bring some something good to that to that day. Puzzle nervous this year is that spring training have a net over the fence so there -- some home run balls being hit Alison it and I don't want anybody to get hit but. Thus assists fun CC and everybody and and and against -- all and they get to take. BP as we're looking out on -- and right now they get to hit on the same field you guys had it not that they look like they're just having a black candidate that they definitely have a great time. This season good for you we you know we're talking about it yesterday striking out cancer. Which are baseball player and Red Sox and it hasn't been season I mean people expect him how he dealt with it. It's been tough I mean you know after. You know after last year mean we've we've. The way we played the game the way we after ending the year before you know we got back to to where we wanted to be an -- and you cannot kind of got off to a tough start in and you know we haven't. We just haven't found that. Consistency -- offensively I mean our our pitching staff was that on the ball great all year and then we got the point where the deadline came in and you know a lot of a lot of trades are made so it's been a grind but you know you still. He still working with you know we have a lot of young guys you watch and help not the best they can't because there's a lot of ability and is having gone through ups and downs of of -- of a full season and it's and it's tough in the big leagues if if you have a hole in your game teams are gonna find it they're gonna attack it until you you prove them wrong so there's a cost an adjustment. You know but as players that we ethnic every day in and him were still trying to find -- -- to do that. It had to be hard maybe harder than any year and it since you've been here to say goodbye to friends. Mean you haven't had to go through what you had to go through this year the trade deadline yes tough -- it's it's been. You know some guys here and there I mean we came -- with -- on it and you know left and then Jacoby. You know obviously. Black you know men and that Lester. That those tough I mean mean mean John played together since. Basically I signed in I had him on as a creature matters of state. So he was supposed come areas of the Red Sox though. You know you don't you don't you're not just teammates and he built relationships with guys their families. You know my kids are. Best buddies with him with his so you're at a birthday party when you -- that is well you know story yeah -- well -- we knew. And then we went over how offers his son's birthday in. It's just tough you know I'd I could even adding you know to say don't economy -- game Huggins. So policies season hope you know so you know if it's tough for the job. -- that recruiting trip to Arizona State. You say come on Arizona -- -- -- second round pick of the red -- and I he was and then he wasn't you know yeah I got to the commit though the government can -- -- was coming and coming up though I had in my job for what you got from recruiting trip when how do what was -- what was your big selling point. I basically told Lewis -- listen man we're gonna score eleven runs a game lead us. If you can hold them down you know world -- won a lot of games this could hold it to -- yet to be good but he wanted to hit there in. You know it's he could hit high school who who couldn't you know. And now. Looking back and that's the bleaker offensively he's -- for forty with like thirty some striking this and I looked her up and -- actually all the it's no big hello I think the pitching things work out -- or. Have you thought about what it's going to be like to face him. I faced -- in -- turning a few times. Let's just say you were on Glenn -- that -- screen on problem. Just to save his life -- actually had a couple balls that it got a but it's evident on. Yeah already I don't know he'd -- he'd better hope -- -- because in my head on the street. At least -- it's gonna dog and intimidate him a little bet -- well you are one of the guys who have have understood the importance of the connection between the Red Sox in the Jimmy Fund. Since he got here. You mean so much to the the young people up there in the doctors and nurses. And we appreciate affect the come on here and tell people how important this is. And hopefully make those phones ring get people to donate even more absolutely thank you guys for I think it's a disgrace the Boston Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia in support cancer care and research. We want a race 75000 dollars by 6 PM 75000. Dollars in a life saving impact in the fight against cancer at the Dana Farber. Any -- no matter the amount makes a difference in the lives of our patients and families. Please call 8777381234. Or one line to Jimmy Fund dot org and help us reach our goal again that number is 8777381234. This is the WEEI -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from -- -- park presented by our -- insurance foundation.

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