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MFB - Katherine Helming with infusion nurse Mary Delaney

Aug 19, 2014|

Katherine was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia 4 years ago and was treated with radiation and chemotherapy. She is now out of treatment. She now works at Dana-Farber in a research lab. Mary started workign at Dana-Farber in 1982 when it was "Sidney Farber" Mary cared for Katherine Helming through some very difficult days and was thrilled to recently share her happiness at her wedding in Maine to her husband Ryan.

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Providence here we go three Katherine. Katherine -- is an acute. -- when both plastic with leukemia like cancer patient and survivor Mary Delaney is an. And that definitely strikes close to my heart America's might that was on earlier from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute my mom was in Paris and Nicky. For many many many years ago. At a deep respect for everything that you guys do as well as all the doctors that we've heard from here throughout the course of the day. The nurses deserve way more than just the tip the cap and how have you helped Catherine along the way. Well I guess it's how she helped me think nick. It's been a pleasure to -- -- infer. Let's think it was two different tiers but I was actually earners were over a year after of governors have laughed and just watching her. Deal with what she had to go through. But such a disruption in July -- attack important part of pro life I mean she was just. In grad school and ready to take often find new cures which he still gonna do. But I'm with research but hey it was just to see the maturity that she could deal with this and handle it and -- -- pretty rough days there was some tough ones. But. They were all taking care of with her wonderful resolution in -- remission and to see her get married couple weeks ago. Missouri probably want more athletic and I ended yes I -- my husband I was lucky enough to him and -- may have a for the weekend and we patty preparing her pants and celebrated it was a wonderful occasion as rewind it seems the bachelorette party. Now -- know exactly -- -- love bill currently what happens is Wednesday's rob yes. Yes whatever exactly I want to get to that because in mentioned you know fellow -- you graduated Providence called continuing to grad school and it was in grad school. When you were diagnosed yesterday I mean -- -- we don't kill a few brain cells that you can affect it in college but take me through that moment you're grad school where was that. So I was a graduate student isolate a graduate student at Harvard Medical School and not -- biological biomedical sciences Ph.D. program. And I just finished my first year being grad school I just doing my research lab and I was really. Get ready to go and in September of 2010 I was tightness of leukemia. Had to take a year out of school because the treatments are very intense and then I went back to school part time. While I was on that last year. These mine there there -- you working on completing a Ph.D. in cancer biology yes was that. Always cancer biology always do something since you've been diagnosed it was always cancer biology I was always. Really interested in cancer but coming back after my experience I really having you -- Passion and purpose and might work and I am more are convinced that I than ever that this is really what I wanna deal in real important mean. Now obviously you know the relation between you guys -- strongly -- that. Was created out of the misfortune of view being diagnosed with cancer. Analogous you guys are going to be lifelong friends forever so I mean how does that tell me how does that work to me because obviously. You know he repression or nurse and you have to care for groups coming in is that you get close to everyone is they're as are strongly ship with everyone or. -- as she. Special. She's actually sped us up to definitely special but yes he do form a relationship I always say that probably have one of the best jobs in the world. There's not too many jobs even go to and become such an integral part of somebody's life and their family mean. Her family knows about mine I know about fairness and as with many my patients. Do you view do you do you get nervous sometimes -- getting too close to people or is that just the rules are. -- close so many people as you can is it how does that work you know. I think that's part of that's part of the job. Be if you don't care and then you know Camille to do that job well and get there -- nights that you know he'd drive home and go. But you have to you can filter in and and it you'll learn how to deal with it but I think we've come -- -- treatment that. Being an oncology -- is not what used to be when -- a lot of really good stories as you can -- captains on an and I need to say something for the -- -- You went to Providence there's -- to DC and we stuck on really. -- want to give you a safety school I don't know. Lastly and most -- Portland area we didn't ask the most pressing questions that's the bouquet. Did I can't -- -- -- very -- tickets and they now they're pretty happy as I. Possibly trying to say there tonight. Ladies thank you so much for -- anonymous -- on our first unit we're back here tomorrow and -- hopefully goes as well as it did today were already at last check it was 429000. Dollars of alcohol either waiting up for what they're trying to wanted to explore what's -- big old daughter by 10 o'clock tomorrow morning NC a huge number we Eric they don't -- -- Eric. And -- the Bruins when he was on -- -- and he made a nice donation as well to grass was here earlier from the Bruins we've had so many connections with all the -- of course the Red Sox along with that Celtics came by earlier today. And Christian -- the patriots connection on numerous occasions. As well at least things were closed not our first day's broadcast -- holly -- way to just show as the WG EI nests -- Jimmy Fund radio to refinery a telephone continues from Fenway Park presented by our -- insurance foundation with Dustin Pedroia. Royal coming up 937 W -- -- stick around.

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