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MFB- Red Sox Jimmy Fund Co-Captain David Ross

Aug 19, 2014|

Red Sox Catcher David Ross talks about his role as a Jimmy Fund Co-Captain and how he first got started volunteering for the Jimmy Fund

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Stay with -- here because David Ross is going to stick around for a couple minutes the catcher from the Boston Red Sox as. Little Christian get back on headset here I do wanna point out we are still continuing our quest as well to get donations from every single state in the union. And I think we're getting pretty close Cali when I don't know California Chile -- -- -- you can tell folks out there we should be crossing off Pennsylvania we have and are ready all right guys. That donation came from the Pennsylvania account back in the 152 what you're -- -- all the vacant W have a closed -- did you move there. I just never gonna close Christian but. Would leave only those orders spenders going back and it all that. We're here -- find a cure for cancer and trying to fight cancer. How we doing with planter -- the students. It's almost there we're almost there. Got up and don't have ideal candidate to run around -- might it snapped so it's it's it's better it's gone it's gone away for the most part so little bit. Lingering but I don't think speed was never mind part of part of -- part of my game to take up. -- they were Mike Scioscia was the early were dumb Baylor and social. Be -- outside -- and West Coast. Is it what I heard Jimmy Fund -- that the Boston Red Sox notices that. It's not just in Boston you might just think of it but outside -- everybody and hear those words you'd think Boston Red Sox associate with team. Did you get that before you -- their did you know that as a member of the Boston Red Sox something like this. What it meant to the organization of people. Yep for sure I realize how involved but you did you did associate the two together and when I got here and Vienna a co captain this year. You know one of the coolest things I've been alluded to explain their equivocal captain floor of four footage of your -- and yet you have -- -- -- Brooks asked somebody did to headed up and and whatever there's events or whatever we try one of us at least try to go and I remember earlier this year I was able to the head over and over there. To Dana Farber end and visit the hospital there's all the girls we -- -- chemistry training and a lot of good memories and I was going to a little rough patch where I was playing good and you know bitter at the world you know where news and and whatever and -- walk in there and those. Those girls and boys were so excited to see me it changed my day and and got to kind of turned my my eight year round for me is a much there's a lot of perspective that I had a much better attitude -- -- and even. Even -- who we're very fortunate to be able to even step out on this this deodorant and want to be healthy and at two healthy kids in and it really. It'll it'll do make you look at the mayor really fast. You'll insist David but I will I'm not covered you and other places and I know what your personalities like when it comes to public outreach remember that from Pittsburg. And I can only imagine it. It was just a volunteering being from the standpoint team may be coming to you and saying we help out I'm pretty sure he sought that out. Yet what -- I didn't know about the co captain. Deal. Last year and they came to meet the guys who were here last year were were gone and and -- enemies say hey we have this opportunity. Look for co captains for Dana -- I'm like yeah a man you know it's. It's one of those things especially in a backup catcher I have. I'm not an everyday players so. Do at some of the extracurricular things have always been fun for me give me some some things to do on days I'm not plan and when it comes to. What I saw my first when I first shot the Red Sox first thing we did I came up here for low care Grammy Jonny Gomes as the first place who went and how cool of a hospital and and and place that is. Birds such. Such a tough situation. You walk in there there's a lot of smiles and a lot of nurses that really care about. The person not just. Not just the patients but their their whole the whole family and it's it's a really neat stamp -- there as well as the the Red Sox have been here. There really preach family and it's kind of kind of fitting that the two. So tightly -- together. You want when you head over there do you ever get any justice little bit of anxiety. -- not knowing what you're gonna see in how badly you know kid might be and just maybe you won't have the right words is saying. My first time I think I I I I did but did the more I've been over event there. The better time I've had I mean. They look for it I see a lot of the same ones that we see is retain a lot of same patients. It's actually fine it's it's it's one of those things I I like to try to make them laugh I like to -- around a make for myself a lot anyways so. It is definitely tough situation. That did those kids are in but. I try to just bring a little bit of enjoyed their day to that day. We find out you're talking to a lot of the kids it's as you said he put things perspective when you go to see them but usually you leave here puts in perspective it's not that. You know you feel sorry for them look you elect -- lucky I think you're amazed at how strong. These kids talk in the positive attitude out and it makes you like oh my god make you play baseball but I'm look at the biggest kid. It's the way his mindset to a 100% a huge -- that around that you go there. And you feel I feel like I've gotten more out of the -- that they have every time I go in and and that's just a credit to the facility one but does the kids and their parents. I have a two kids and and see how strong the parents -- Ian. -- -- I can't imagine what they've been proven to see how -- they've got to plan this is where that this is where -- move forward that's. Barry purging. To me and to see him. To be edited makes me stronger that's is a divider David -- much as -- crush and I don't know when you think you wanna be back here today you're part of this for a solid there's no part there's no there's no doubt there's days. He's you know it it never quit he he's so big it's. Into it to his charity and and it just helping out in general especially Boston -- don't have much round here EE Hampshire he's missed today politics like for combined that he appreciates having on an affiliate of the donate let's go people thought I -- -- Dave Ross of the Boston Red Sox here on 937 WE ER 8777381234. Is the number to call light up that our ballots hope or or go to Jimmy Fund dot or. WEEI dot com slash Jimmy Fund. He WEI -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from Fenway Park continues presented by our -- insurance foundation.

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