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MFB- Maddie Dube, 11, Gardner with her mom, Merissa

Aug 19, 2014|

Maddie was diagnosed in November when she was treated for an unrelated injury on her leg from cheer leading or playing. A pediatric bone specialist happened to see her tumor in the MRI. Merissa chose to bring Maddie to Dana-Farber. Maddie goes to the Jimmy Fund Clinic for chemotherapy every 2 weeks or so. She is hoping to be finished with active treatment in September. Also joined by special guest Red Sox Jimmy Fund Co-Captain David Ross.

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Right out cancer. Tim -- slimmer -- Christian Fauria at night 37 WEE I thanks a lot for tuning in to the Jimmy Fund radio telethon from Fenway Park presented by our -- insurance thanks a lot to Don Baylor and to Mike -- for coming in David Ross coming up next. In between as the glamour portion of the program. With -- do over in her mom Marisa Matty is an eleven year old Ewing's sarcoma patients and she's been kind enough to join us before big game tonight it's going to be a for batting practice understand you really excited about that right. Good try to guess I need David Ortiz right is this but we got a lineup you don't fight the special nails -- the notice and right now you're all. Clammed up we -- the camera's on you right now if you're pretty sure of that beautiful smile. She's there on that beautiful smile and -- -- -- mean mom right Demi and Monaco's guys go to the nails done and mom doesn't host and play that is this. And there's no was similarities between -- not like at. Genetics are strong that's for sure coalition we were talking a lot earlier about the connection between the Red Sox baseball and the Dana Farber cancer institute and Jimmy Fund. And you being such big Red Sox fan -- what does it mean to use the Red Sox as a team and the players have. Taken time out their schedules to come visit the kids. At the Jimmy Fund clinic number one number two the Red Sox team has given so much back to the hospital. And. And. Yes. A lot of frank TM. It's base that's out to -- and you know. It's tests. They're not stopped they get flash. No mom take me through rhetoric -- in November. Over -- Here it goes through your head so now we like but in November. What have -- cheerleader mentality cheerleader. And they'll just eat you got injured interest in great that much of that in the next thing you know you've -- -- the diagnosis. I maybe even -- them Grasso running how teenage -- and didn't. And down next day after Halloween and it's not a lot of pain in my -- It's at me. Ellington school that day and then at the garden and a tank game. -- -- -- they hired me because I had a lot of me. Snow we get axed may even see any pain they say everything's good I think. They told banks to go to -- a split mentioned -- gangs. Silly game. And he ordered that and I. He had seven pain below it that and I -- glad having a -- EC. He's sentenced to up what -- got dead. Game he put it up now and Iraq and then. Asked me Dyson gains and I feel like 88 I have seen. OK so that's of them left a lot of a lot of different steps are taken to -- finally get the answer. When you finally realize what's going on -- -- did when it finally presented itself and how to make you feel and you know in the house on the strength that you got to kind of keep going through it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- building here -- second. -- -- It's yes. It was very high by asking what happened after you. Ill. I don't know me I asked if that sun. I think hasn't yet Stanley bank net past and it seemed. -- -- -- it. -- And -- is revered yeah I've really skiing and a few months. I was terrified because their bike that we had just -- that with a close family friend in. Unfortunately he and make his battle -- did you survive that -- it was really really Taft says. Take that and actually here and let it sink in and no matter early south. We've heard a lot from a lot of different kids that come by -- about finding strength for either Brothers and sisters or for their parents. Because of the circumstances that you just talked about having a friend that went through this did you feel the need to. Tough it out as much as you could -- mom didn't have to go through that again. Sun. Thanks. Chad cafe and a ally and -- -- -- -- Meaning -- keen not fit him anyway. Still won't do her nails -- dealing with the benefit. What's the prognosis when you get to -- again. The weeks and hopefully amp. -- had ice age and I'll. Atlas and they can't. Say -- me. A lot of things that they did before I like skiing and guns here. And -- saying jumping running and that may be out they deal unchanged -- locking. OK I have sent you fit well. In my. Freddie what's it like when you go to in the eye of the Jimmy Fund clinic. You know we go there and you visit there because there -- a lot of people talk about that experience what's it like for you. And it's. Well -- think that's a pretty -- at Kennedy played I yelled at here. At Maine thinks. Gave a lot to -- it and and. Think you mind offered some no go there and just try to have fun. What about the I think that the beat program on the -- I beat program determine. That. Analog. And had to end -- face. -- -- -- -- All -- humidity and immunity new friends. And it's okay. And she is yet. Okay. And I went crazy you're gonna go to. And six and a six -- console I was doing a book report before we begin our radio telephone about the history the Jimmy Fund. The story goes and they built the building. They built -- -- that the doctors looked out over the walkway to see all the patients walk up the stairs and they can be inspired to work as hard as they could to get the patients healthy. Do you get the feeling that when you go to the doctors are being inspired by your presence to get better yes. -- -- And have -- I think. -- he is himself. Keep. That plot to -- us. Yes they're very encouraging very patient. Explain everything to you when you don't understand something. You know but explain to her and returns what it means. And the doctors are just amazing these really sit there and spend time with you you don't ever feel rushed sometimes when you go into the darkness apathy feel rushed. Never ever do we. You know when it's you know when those times you really hard. You're searching for something to say. You know deserve. There's no script for that right announcers always from the heart absolutely. Yup what we're gonna do will hold on effective. All gone. And that's a big poppy we've got David -- it. I give hugs and yeah. -- -- harder for I don't know that he took the I you look beautiful and another boy year old. There yeah I love -- the audience -- The evidence in the -- that indices that known -- Joseph that's nice. Deep delicious perjured Eva. They're. You look beautiful. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That this guy goes -- -- ahead of me and I got on earth. I got a little connections a lot of crap that Noah about -- Make sure no little girl ever has to stop cheering because of Ewing sarcoma call 8777381234. Ladies thank you so much for joining that you and I and both of you.

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