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MFB: Angels Manager Mike Scioscia and Hitting Coach Don Baylor

Aug 19, 2014|

Angels coaches Mike Scioscia and Don Baylor discuss their involvement with raising money for cancer research. Don Baylor then discusses his own battle with cancer. Baylor is a survivor of multiple myeloma, a cancer that attacks bone marrow. He was diagnosed with the cancer in 2003, and he is active in fundraising efforts to combat the disease.

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Joining us right now as we transition to while this is exactly what we're talking about here Mike Scioscia and Don Baylor from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim joining us here. Act Fenway Park before the game tonight. And as we get them hooked up all -- you know that you can still help us in this hour by calling 8777381234. Go online. To Jimmy Fund dot org to join Jimmy's team. And -- gift right now. All right so first things first. Might you remember losing money but I. -- you remember this is off the try to place of right now Weymouth I was -- -- with us until this -- blew up in writing a note if I remember that already at -- managers out there for spring training in about a month that in my ankle disappeared blew up but I don't see you later -- get them done for the year you know it to go to the bigger body was bad -- and I'll probably see you guys a couple years it was a it was bad but it no of course I you know Lou great player would have for a little while. I think you're doing Google decided to -- -- And finding you know what it's we we talked portal -- rush for two days here. It's all vote in the Jimmy Fund raising money to fight cancer and then and don't know you know spend some time you know what it's all about you that relationship and any other in the Red Sox in in what it means I think to this city and what these two days really mean. -- something that you really never. Think about when your players that you're going to be. Around cancer as much -- 2004. I was diagnosed with a multiple myeloma and no so you're just search and then you know. -- it helped me it was -- style markets hit the exact same thing and a it's a blood disorder. For Anemia and things enough. So. It all comes up full circle you know the Jimmy Fund back when Ted Williams who was players. Started is still lives on and you know. When they mentioned the Jimmy Fund to me is you know what time and where you know so it's always been something pretty special to a lot of baseball guys that come into. American League now than nationally when they see Jimmy Fund they know exactly what his. Support does is that unique you've played and managed coached. In a ton of places the relationship between the players the team and the Jimmy Fund to meet the places I've worked in. Seems to be so linked to what you said what time and where that mentality to me seems to be so pervasive. With all the players I was told the story earlier about you brought Ted Williams western Korean has even wanna be note noticed by anybody until there's a benefit for the Jimmy Fund. As that attitude existed from there moving on throughout time that you can remember. I think it has thank you players putting more aware of today -- maybe two or does. Younger players but I think given back to communities and help them out. Where he can I think that's more important. It associates -- Everybody's been affected right by cancer weather's been directly be yourself for the -- family members it's just it's something that we have to do our best to would have weakened relative -- improvement absolutely -- -- there's anybody it's -- -- and that it hasn't touched it and some four with a quick. Civil Lotto oh wait them. Something the starter rate is actually the Red Sox for so long. That everybody knows about baseball you guys might -- Strobl who might not get the feedback but if you -- Jimmy -- anybody based on exactly we talk about what connection is. With -- organization. And I think that's I think that speaks volumes -- people step up and help. So it's something organization -- very proud of we or baseball very problem because that represents all of us as exit them. I don't know anybody that I've met that cancer has affected them in some -- definitely. -- yes this is a perfect segue into getting all those north east and pursuers who were displaced from the state of California. After that the once they we haven't we we've we've we've not been really big oil -- California yelling at a -- California southern Cali -- the doesn't go out. It's just like -- After I stood and act like you know you guys you eat you. Well we've -- a professional athletes and you know -- we have all these kids coming and it really keeps it puts things in in that perspective as far as. You know what these guys are going through what some some professional players and all sports it's about complain about. You know is this that message you know at some point you can see yourself use and for some of the guys on the team. Well I think it's. Something that. Bill -- mom died of a colon cancer 59 so you know that's a shot himself you know so. She never got a chance -- a great grandkids I get a chance don't usually use in here. Talk about two granddaughters. So I. Like Mike says you know it affects. Your family members friends and things and don't think that you know that statement because you're not. You have taken it tonight when is that challenge playing a -- you know what doesn't go my way Scioscia. But it can't perspective but -- Tells me you're going to be still fired up I believe -- actually -- at the old buddy you -- you -- Major League players you know whether football whether it's baseball it's funny spring training. But god go through through through the -- line after work the spread ago. Well like -- -- this again threatened and I think it's a great reminder we use all kinds of examples NC realty. Really you know privilege or do this and even have anything you'd have to work go like this and it gives you perspective so. I think. The real world needs to be. I think brought to players' attention every so often and to be -- to -- to vote because this is Israel's again it's done you're renowned as one of baseball's great -- guys. Did you allow a moment for yourself to be scared enough about cancer. -- now because I. You know I have a deep belief and god and things. That could. Give me through a lot of things like this in Osama I was a guy that I reached out to. And he loses survivor -- what can you know so. Has some great. Team members that outwardly through woods. In New York. A Dana Farber. Ken Ken Anderson news good friend of mine. Stephen form and California is Syria hope -- also. Are you go to people that can help you through a lot of these sort of difficult times -- If you have a great family support behind -- so. Any chance. Have I can go help somebody else I'll try to do. Well it's great to have both you guys here in this and as they were trying to do something good I do want to ask both you guys been this game forever the medium and long time their entire lives. Guys get tired trying to describe how good a player Mike Trout is certainly that it hasn't. As you see the huge talent wise saved best all around player in the game and he's only 22 which blows your mind. They just turned 43 and it's it's amazing Arafat or receiving young player come up but I I think quite -- Seeking Griffey junior and what -- he first came up resumes of the league but. Our -- in young player do so much reach his potential so quickly as Mike has -- like a lot of guys are talented they grow into it. Mike came and it's just -- an incredible level. For three years she's that was it. Do you guys didn't do it I mean you're nervous about -- he's had such success so quickly you know that maybe. You know he made me take for -- it and you know find a different way of going about his business. Well nobody has crystal ball but I'd be really surprised. Mike's very grounded he hopes were great family. He understands his talent he understands how much he wants to achieve it. He doesn't play for numbers he pleas for wins and he has perspective and I think he won two world surgery. So I think all of his priorities are lined up. I think his goals are in line with what everybody Olson's team wants oh. I'd be very surprised Anderson. It's all about the coaching -- don't you done a great job with the added I mean really had -- assured he has in the water and put in a distill out. The -- it. Who would -- What does this whole thing was that means all I'll try to figure out. Don't you what -- we can't talk I say good job but Jackson let this little -- -- column of some code early -- I think it's like what the hell is so she's doing is. Not only one only going to be I think Manila this relentless and -- and yelling -- the good would it have been occupied and -- Thanks so much for stopping by really do appreciate -- thanks for making appreciate -- high school right I don't like that. That's right. Thanks -- outlets Tracy -- I think. Mike Scioscia and Don Baylor from the angels and you can listen to the game tonight between the angels and the Red Sox here on WEEI. As the radio telethon continues. You can make your donation at 8777381234. And like Don Baylor just said there's no reason to be scared. If people continue to contribute to places like the Jimmy Fund. Clinic and Dana Farber Cancer Institute this is the WEEI. -- and Jimmy Fund radio telethon live from Fenway Park. Presented by our dollar insurance foundation.

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