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MFB: Dr. George Demetri, director, Center for Sarcoma and Bone Oncology and Senior VP for Experimental Therapeutics, Dana-Farber

Aug 19, 2014|

Dr. Demetri is a physician and researcher at Dana-Farber. His patients include people who have sarcomas - which are tumors of the soft tissue and bone. Dr. Demetri works extensively in drug development - bringing new therapies to clinical trials and to cancer patients. He was involved with some breakthrough work with Gleevac, a drug that revolutionized the treatment and improved the survival of patients with GIST.

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Pleased to be joined right now by while quite frankly a rock star in this injury because the -- industry. Because I know when he is on college do you think rock stars dressed. Doctor George -- a guy who was credited with helping to develop the -- of the year and time magazine. Now one point. Doctor Dmitry thanks much for joining us here on an FB stage or the WT -- NASA Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Talked to lessen my dad who. -- coming up the later on Christie's -- when looking for this interview to like get embarrassed grilled. It's been I think that's the pact are gonna go down that we need to start -- should be -- -- early -- Golf because I heard early childhood it's really get nothing going on with it Dana Farber if electric dirt -- you all this but by my dad SE they're saying and I'm not gonna give him total credit for the student and ripped off from my grandfather but it's amazing what people can accomplish when -- work towards a goal and no one cares who gets the credit absolutely and I think that's probably applicable in New York case specifically -- how you came up with that truck and some accomplishment that you've had a long way. At the FC -- can you speak to that a little bit and how. These monies speaking of people come and get these moneys help to. Context it's used in -- doubly -- in sports broadcast system you guys know how important -- -- to work as a team. And it Dana Farber we know that for sure the Jimmy Fund and the scientists and the doctors all worked together. To make things happen we couldn't do it without the basic scientists to deal with the cells in the dish. And the mice and all that sort of stuff we couldn't do it -- the nurses and the doctors to take care of the patient. We couldn't do without the generous patients like that young kid who's just on with the lung cancer is being treated with a -- He volunteered to take part in the clinical trial that changed the treatment of that disease and now helped lead to the FDA approval of that truck. And we do that more and more and more at Dana Farber coming up from something a laboratory and then immediately translating it to something that will make treatment better for people. Now when you -- -- beguiling but just he's taken this experimental pill for lung cancer now do you. Decide okay. It is. Because I guess there's got to be some sort of I mean culpability I guess when you're giving acted as an experimental drug will you kind of think you know what's gonna do -- really not sure I mean how. Word are you about that when he's taken this drugs. We always worry about that but we always offered that to the patients that you could do this he could do something standard. And there's a reason why we're offering something news that science behind it we know the standard is good enough -- that's another part of this. None of us sleep that night will work all the time because we don't like witness stand it is right now. And that's why the public -- supports Dana -- because they expect. There were going to make things different we're really gonna make good use of the money that the telethon raises actually turn that into new treatments. And that's a lot of what keeps -- going day in and day out because we've seen it happen there's living proof that they're just -- good example. Take the pill a day the cancers in -- control. You saw that young -- earlier with the leukemia on the show. And that that's the other example we can now curing 85% at least to the childhood leukemia is used to kill kids in the 1960s. This is the field. That is gone through such revolution. And just now all the science is really starting to pan out we're able to understand what makes cancer -- How to match it up with something that shuts off the short circuit the cell. And then that leads to better drugs that people can live with -- is increasing cure rates the music the breakthrough director of the year last year. Was actually the ability to turn on immune system to fight cancer and actually cure patients with melanoma it's this malignant skin disease. That was even ten years ago untreatable the idea that we can educate the immune system to go after cancer is no longer a -- it. And it's actually through people at Dana Farber. A scientist at Dana Farber whose name people are just starting to now he found that switch about ten years ago and now it's turning into -- -- -- You know -- and my biggest fear -- a lot of parents you know is your child you know something happening to your child. Because it's up that was ever happen I would come to someone like you are though their doctor -- to -- what is there what can help Mike's outlook and get him through this. Is that when it kind of is that we're kinda like goes off for you when you when he could walk up to a parent say we've got a drug this will help will now he knows. The recent side effects but -- in seen the look and the parents to know that okay there is something that can help him is that is that kind of the pay off. Absolutely it's nothing like that the world and absolutely being able to see people from all over the world is what gives Dana Farber it's. It's an option to special place to work -- you really feel like you're part of that team. It's making a difference for the people of Boston for the people in England. And frankly for people all over the world to travel to Boston to get the kind of care Boston's famous for. And and we pride ourselves on that we're humble about it because we couldn't do it without the public we couldn't do it without the terrific colleagues we have here. In the system couldn't do without that their time. Welcome doctor Dimitri I can't thank enough for joining us and saying that and thanks for inning you've done and you're just her with a doctor said -- heard what Justin said before him. If you've given the last five years if you've given one in the last ten years you've saved the life. So do it again. 8777381234. Or donate -- cancer by texting 20222. Courtesy of AT&T.

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