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D&C: Joseph "Joey" Lauzon and his mom, Katelyn Silva

Aug 19, 2014|

Joey is 7 months old and has neuroblastoma, a cancer of the nervous system. He joins the program with his mom. Joey was diagnosed when he was just 6 days old. Katelyn went to school for nursing and finished just before Joey, her first child, was born. Dad is a professional fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since 2006, and owns an MMA gym in Easton, Ma. Joey has undergone 3 months of chemotherapy and didn't need any further surgeries or radiation. His last scan on July 1st showed "no evidence of disease." Doctors are continuing to monitor Joey closely to see if it comes back. He gets MRI's every 4th months or so now, and other scans in the future. He will be monitored closely like this for years. But, with Joey's type of cancer, the outlook and prognosis is very good.

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This is eight mumbled. Joey lays on and his mom treatments they'll very nice to people that you do. -- -- Throwing gently over you hate so much to look at areas is particularly on TV now and -- Judge was diagnosed you pick canceled its -- seven months I'm sorry sentinel was going to be -- be canceled. On the twelfth and next month of September AF neural blast on that stage find out last almanac how to cut it all of this come to your attention. -- -- I was. You need some help. I we -- anything is Ron until he was pointing he had down major trouble breathing and -- he wouldn't separating without help since he was. Boring and put bringing it to you to make it Figueroa is drowning and and likely. When he is Floyd is old and they sent to vaccine to children and children's side and I think they knew right away they're looking at some kind of cancer plan. Law and to say treatment in the sixties -- while -- and fear as a team out. Like the chance you never now and he's angry now is Joey your first he's expressed -- Can you talk about it if you can be the -- is in this termed the roller coaster ride of the joy. Of of what happened and then six days later you're told there's something wrong here to -- take us through that that. Yeah a lot of emotions. Jack I can tank I think I Kenny knew something was really -- right -- -- so it wasn't a happy stay effort when he was buoyant. And factor actually happy -- pretty happy the -- that he got you know. Because we -- your on the road. Right there they're being really aggressive this treatment are happy that they're treating you right away. And then July ferried around he was to clean it. No evidence of any -- east really really that was the congratulations that's awesome -- an -- it really Montana got really sick and a few complications from in the -- that you really would never know looking at him now and we really love the Jimmy Fund. Mean -- any deal. What it what do you love about it what is it what is the Jimmy Fund clinic to for a pro baby six days till I never earned. If I may only treatment that young. Make Angela typical big family there and where it really happy to be apart of it he just takes such good care of an ambulance always so happy and you know we always felt he is in the hospital for a long time in the neat deal and -- really skinny having a baby that was that sick but we always felt better. After oncology came -- talked to us inside jelly we just. We knew that he was in good hands. You know now in the we talk to kids and adults. And you know about the emotional. And trauma that it does on these -- happy -- so it was just mom and dad who I guess there with. Yep yep and but we don't really we didn't like that it was really tough in the beginning -- You know it's it is what it is and we're so lucky compared to. A lot of other stories that we hear a lot of patients have had a much longer -- and jelly. And he has he had a really favorable outcome -- and so we just you know we have every reason in the well to be happy and I he deaf and hearing last spent in the therapy so he has a little hearing aids and that's a whole another cabinet Sony has said. Pulled an outing eat and all the time but he really. You talk about a long journey you you had to make sure you that he was in the NICU for a while -- from Bridgewater 22 Boston. That was every day. Yet every day for about five weeks. And eat it they stayed there overnight no. -- we would sell it early in the lining and see there all day until midnight is keen tactical -- send -- Go home and -- make up and hunting in the night and interestingly tickled promises typical of all but it was yes all of it well yes if you -- And attention can you figure out where little joy and happiness and announcements that upbeat personality that much I sure can't. I'll use is he as he always happy as just and ham it up for the camera he's an -- panicking and he's always happy. Except when I -- me is that there is no reason this. To an attendance and -- obviously you ask how this happened and what happened. -- -- even had a chance to ask. You know it's just my thought they sent this isn't your fault this is just bad luck is that if you have another baby. And I can have this it's just bad luck. Well I'm glad things are going so well and thinking of thanks for commitment -- -- they get -- me out of the handsome young men and thinks yeah he looks like his dad. Joey lay's son is his name -- seven months old he'll be eight in September on September 12. Mom Caitlin so thanks very much for the time good to see. 877738123. Or is the number where 148000. 128. Dollar. You know what gift of fifty goals could provide patients with personalized consultation services such as wheat pit exit that you never thought -- Help us reach our goal of 750 donors by 10 AM today call 8777381234. Or go online -- Jimmy Fund dot. Oregon Jerry you know what today is. Today is beyond Hearst Jimmy -- radio -- August 9 and he on the fact that it's August -- -- today Red Sox were mathematically eliminated no no it's no -- it's still one day of the year that we are nice to Larry and Larry it's nice to us that's today. Well we did one nice thing -- McGovern amendment and that's true he appreciates that Larry Lucchino join us next.

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