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Bill Belichick: Every pre-season play is an opportunity for a player to show what they can do

Aug 18, 2014|

We sit down with the head coach on a Patriots Monday and discuss training camp progression, the officials, and much more with Bill Belichick.

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Our conversation with a coach is brought to you as always by SP allied with Tedy Bruschi did. Get affordable dependable life insurance from SP ally the company that has protected over one million families. Since 1907 not 1907. Visit SP allied dot com today coach Bill Belichick could -- coach. They don't they don't have done very well thank you and your. -- at the risk of starting on a negative remnant -- get this off my chest and and I don't have talk about it -- yeah. Officials are screwing up my enjoyment of football right now we decided it's it we are not calling it a flag NATO. As opposed to little laundry tsunami which is what I was gonna call it do you understand what they're looking for other -- I don't. Well there and there are estimated -- and a lot of tight calls. Don't we just have to. Control we can control and and understand the league is being called and try to split within those -- net framework so well when you're showing film to your players. Are you saying okay this is why they throw the flag or there are times when you're saying. I just don't know. Well I think that it's there there's a lot of close ones but if that they're called on the and we -- to -- or Dylan and we had the official in here last week John Perry. Was here chill movement they had four from here we went through a lot of follow a lot of calls or sudden watch film with a home and then there's some close ones as there always are also. You know we just have to do better job of not -- and violations at all. So what there's there's there's -- thing is consistency of the call but then there's also the uniformity. Of the call. It seems to me the uniformity of the call is the part that seems to be a little model here. Mount. A little bit of that from him again immunity can we play the same. Pretty much the same way every week in games is seventeen penalties and elegance and have no penalties so. But regardless we have understand how against ankles in it it's called tight and we've. And we got a plan accordingly and that's that the players than. We can play accordingly so. To salute the gamesmanship thing. Figured out on so change course -- a little bit -- we've talked at length about how important the the inner squad practices and the Washington and Philly. Trying to explain his -- below what now changes a little bit with the with the valuation and the third pre season game this tortured bankrupt almost feels a little bit like well over the game planning there's a little bit of sort of we -- game exposure. What is getting to do this sort of thing now provide your team that your your into the third big pre season game and trying to do as a race for the resources. -- home -- -- -- transition period for our team we have to. Prepare for the team already play over not practicing against somewhere we couldn't. You know lineup -- tonight -- and get familiar with their snap count their. Formations and alignment and so forth you know we've got to study off filming get our own players to simulate that for. And of those side of the ball so. That's that's an important part of that mean we also. Have to work on things -- Carolina but there's lot of things that we need to work on just as a football teams that don't -- Carolina. Specifically they pertain -- things organ needs tutor in season so it's a combination of four you know we need to work on. Prepare for Carolina -- it meant not totally into regular season mode. Started to transition into that where were. And on Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday kind of weak that's where we are today Monday through Friday and said Wednesday through Sunday so. Trying to get players to get players to understand but what we're gonna cover on Wednesday were recovered on Thursday where they need beyond those days in terms of their. Weekly preparation and then you know get their lifting done in practice saying in film study and so forth so this is scum of a week to transition and to that book. We have a long way to go and and it's a star but will you know will need to refine that for several weeks Hampshire. -- we talked a little bit about this in regards to. -- obviously not be on the your schedule this year but there's punk stuff beyond just evaluate your own team to some exposure to things that they do that might. Might resurface later -- they're gonna question to tell them what offense you you face a Detroit later you faced Cincinnati some of the teams that don't like to use twelve personnel went back to tight end. What with Carolina another famous on -- later schedule but there are other teams down the road that might. Some elements of what they do made may have resurfaced continued you do you have -- -- -- What's the first thing uses deal with the -- quarterback -- whether it's. -- Norway or whoever it is but. On deal with the moving quarterback in the and that type of offense that they run which is -- combination of conventional have a lot of you know conventional type plays. They do have some some dive and option plays and and and they have some place where. Whatever players it breaks down a new and scrambles and and we have -- plays or scramble that plays so. We'll have to be ready for all those and certainly that'll that'll serve us well now on I think that it. You know Carolina has -- a good power running game they do a lot of double teams are blocks. Obviously real good backs of tackling will be challenge in those guys. And so you know I think this is a physical Caroline's a physical team their their fiscal on all three phase of the game particularly. On defense but they had their -- on the ball their tough physical running team with good back so I think the the physical aspect of this game will be. You know probably as good as we're gonna see only Europe are close to -- I would think so that's something and that he unity can talk about -- -- on film vote. Playing against them. Good experience force with the changes in the collective bargaining agreement what you can do and number practices padded practices all of that got changed. I get the sense that that you almost from an evaluation standpoint get more out of those. Joint practices that you've had the last couple of weeks then you do out of pre season games could you get somebody more plays so many more situations that you get to run -- But they are there are important there's no question that they are important. That the thing obviously get an game that you don't get in practices -- to finish of the play. As you watch us practice out there in week. We get to a certain point the play depends there's not the finish that there isn't in the game that tackled in the quarter. -- a couple walks the you know finish Enron's whatever happens to be you know even guys gone for balls and -- informers. You know a certain sense of you know -- a ball but don't you know don't play like he played in the game so. And I think that's a good way to practice and and certainly we have through the Philadelphia weekly great competition great work against them without you -- -- -- -- the turning himself. That's good but police in the game is those the finish -- those plays liked. The on the run the Jonas gray had -- started to the left and broken can score called back on the penalty you know we attention is on where he. Kind of same thing started that left broken second. -- emboldens Ron where he you know went off -- little left bounce it outside and practice model like that would have -- of no gain or maybe you're too Lawson. In an eternity in to a seventeen yard run and then the same thing for us in and we -- console like we have almond. And we did and so those of that that's the game part of it that's really valuable thing you just don't get them practice and practice sometimes you. You think -- okay -- Paula day or hour and and then maybe our maybe aren't. That's on out finishes. Take you back a second here we had. The situation my Greece does the play count stuff we saw some stuff from this last week's game Jordan DeVries a young guy world -- -- a little more about played. I believe 91 of nine snaps and threatened and it made me think -- back to my bunker with a US my my first training camp here. -- you called -- game at two -- Brian Cox in. And Brian was. As a captain was up in front of sort of the stretch lines and from the deal and Phil Collins was planned it was in the year tonight and Brian was leaving him tired as the game gets into -- And rarest hotter than -- -- La Honda and Tampa. It was one of those games though -- pre season a lot of young guys played and I played wired guar NFL's good -- It -- just -- just jump in in my adolescent Jordan given nine won't turn anyone I mean and I know I saw some positive plays and reviewing the film obviously I'm not. All the great -- them -- -- great guys but Q talk a little bit what you've seen I would not just Jordan but some of these young guys are getting really high numbers in 91 -- game is is a serious game due to recover from. Right well let me first of all it's we have no way of knowing that we're gonna have -- -- -- put our offense and that's one week before we've we've barely -- six the against the Redskins so. -- that's just not in your control. You know we total then feel -- an interception for touchdown throw doubled on the field. Kickoff fumble in the first place or out there for like 24 plays though one that they ran whatever was. So. He's just never know how those sequences are gonna go but. Again -- to me every time those players give a play it's an opportunity for them some opportunity for them to. You know show shall they can do that's like competitions -- Jordan's a lot of them on autos and -- And and they you know I think we're better. We'll see -- we can keep getting better when we start the level I think that's kind of the key with. Pre season games and training camp -- -- the training camp here in the first pre season game NC. How much the players improve from game one game to an end game to injury or organ it is -- law from the news. And you realize that this is assessment about the high watermark of what it's going to be. And then that were pretty much forced to make decisions. That you know -- a lot of snaps cancel on snouts. Josh Klein's no laws now Epson and you know we've -- of the players like Wendy and -- need low man. Mark is Sebastien as well football for -- knots and it needs some reps but that need. As many in and we need this field I'd like those pristine areas mode that just go off the Olsen. Apparently it was fifty snaps. So. Sometimes shoot you know you need and those opportunities and currently active in the players'. Indeed in the chance to improve in game conditions in the mine. You pass plays -- always talked to me about how intricate your schemes are made a little more involved than others in and I just wonder how much weight you put on these young guys coming in. Their ability to grasp or maybe there and inability to grasp the complexity of schemes and how important that is TU. I think the important thing -- that they improve and they continue to improve we we know that they're gonna have troll some things in -- gonna get looks that they. Haven't seen before but when those Kamal then -- we correct on the when they come up again. The players able to make that adjustment the second time in and show that he's. You know got the ability to transition to. Not make the same mistake again to anticipate what's gonna happen then. I think that you can we have the confidence as a staff that in time once he gets disclosed everything. He'll -- -- right but certainly we know that they're behind the veteran players that's -- advantage of bitterness. -- his experiences in not only know in our system but also just. The league and how to play the game and -- all those kind of things and then -- of that question is when all that evens out on the young player gets experience than. You know how all the players. How how would be and I waited. You know veteran has a lot of experience and that that can certainly make him look a lot better than the younger player until that experience evens out. In area in a perfect coaching world you'd have Jim Brown in your backfield for your quarterback in football -- and be happy coach the rest your life. I think there's only been one of those and there'll only be one of those. Do you put -- higher premium on explosiveness from a running back -- ball security what's more important. Well I've been -- important. You know certainly the most important thing in in football is is that turnover ratio that correlates to winning and losing more than any other. Any other number so. You know you you always wanna be on the plus side of that doesn't guarantee it but it it. It is it's -- the more turn out Jim that the stronger and favored you know your chances are when it. So it was just like the Philadelphia game Austrian turnovers and and that's that was 95% win last year in the NFL. At plus three so all security's important. But you know we understand that turnovers are part of the game -- both teams are gonna go through -- the league season turn over freeze so. You know I think gluten look they're gonna happen I understand that we all understand that. It's a careless ones that's the once a can be prevented those of the ones that you need to eliminate. So what's gonna happen in football that's football book. In the careless turnovers that careless penalties the bad mistakes the blown coverages to a drop passes. Missed tackles the you know those those are hard to overcome and the fifth two million in practice I think winners so it's it's not okay yeah. By any means. I've added as we wrap things up I will say this. Turnovers as you point out there are the things you can't live with but at that same token as a fan I just as a Nazi Tom Brady chasing the defensive act. -- -- 73 yards of that turnover I was thinking man -- man he is competitiveness may mean even a pre season game he's trying to chase down Cary Williams knocked down. Right well I never -- itself there is as competitive in when he walked on the field that I think if you're not competitive than. You probably end up getting taken off the field he's you know it's disease you can't play the game. You know that cautiously just got to be aggressive open and book their place so. They -- look when players got to make plays gimmick play ten minutes let's football coach we appreciate time we'll see you next week arts sounds good -- -- much Jacki thank you coach. Coach bill ballot tech and our conversation with coach brought to you as always by ESP allied with Tedy Bruschi did. Get affordable dependable life insurance from SP ally of the company that's protected over one million families since 1907 visit SB allied dot com today. Welcome back just a couple of minutes this -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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