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Vince Wilfork with Dale and Holley

Aug 18, 2014|

We check in with Big Vince on a Patriots Monday as we approach week three of the NFL pre-season.

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Patriots have a wrapped up their final public training camp practice on the field right behind us here. At Gillette Stadium might I say final public because the whole team is gone in his signing autographs. Along the the fan rope line there witches that delaying a little bit Vince Wilfork visit with -- still trying to -- some time here in the next few minutes. Bill Belichick will join us at 515 his second weekly visit of the season and the first opportunity I've had -- to be part of via the Monday madness. Couple things from the patriots practice today they had some guys returned to practice which was nice Dominique Easley was in on eleven against eleven contact -- Which surprised me a little bit they're not easing him back in at all. Yeah that's that's who aren't right that was cool port the man's back as well so we talked about this earlier with the it will distort addition. This is -- you know this is kind of you need to giving -- because if you really wanna get that group looked future shall prepare for opening day. Which is launching -- to -- -- crock is still my who in the 1111 is at least I don't see him to opening yes but you still don't play opening -- that's I. It's off to regenerate themselves guys -- and have it I think that's something that's really tough to simulate so. I don't know that it's good season out there I mean I think he probably comes in especially we talked about this earlier with have been running so -- 34. Maybe you ease him in with the situation role you know you bring them on a clear passing downs and pass rushing a little bit different than. The hard -- run -- reflected doubles on their body piles and stuff like that. Maybe you can read -- agree with some pastor stuff which a penetrator -- it wasn't for these. He's a really good over the those -- it's getting in the backfield amicably communal I would like them and rosters so that's a cool slime and all the different transactions receive him or sit tight and didn't get him back in the believe this is a pretty good deal and a. Our lives and it's someone. -- -- I thought it -- -- sight on patriots nose tackle Vince -- joining us now on patriots Monday could see it. Some -- you know they're now we don't headphone and microphone -- -- I was just -- it's the last public practice of training camp. But it's not the last practice of training camp we'll known studios. The ways of going camps. Gotta keep -- on -- are you happy with how it's gone so far with the progression the team is making. I think yeah. Some things that we do win. Better in other things something is that we need more work on board the comic art direction we want a goal and on campus is all about edges. You know put stuff out there seeing what works. Seen the things that we -- -- -- all season in new accounts this is if that works out look last. And move from there so for the most part we basically have our own defense is so there's some things that we Hugh Morton looked. In others. -- just because that's what they gave me wanna do what. When I'm pretty happy were way it did his and we far from where we need to be -- -- in count right now where we have come a pretty. -- I just remember seeing you in the offseason last year after the surgery and you know there was a lot of uncertainty I don't think people realize how much is certainly how hard you've had to work to get back here. And I wonder now -- -- in camp and you're out there and you banging bodies in your feeling good when you look back at all and certainly how grateful are you. Pitchers you're here I don't think people realize how -- Grateful we got a -- -- ask congress for so. Com and home I'm truly list of BO and the places today and everyday epic about it. If there remind myself you know with without him from the captain in a none of us does not -- so. As first formal steps as want to announce -- -- at Waco. Not just things -- you know opium bag you know -- the know Leo his shoes and I just knock on wood at a stage that we're so. Snow regress from my hand on things happen for a reason and you know what -- football players in the damn football player. Images after the play with a group of guys and implement. Rights sold last year just during that time -- you know you guys all know when you're not playing -- out. They're not part of it right I can't it has to be that way doesn't. And I wonder if you have a new appreciation now for guys who are hurt because now you you'd really never been seriously seriously hurt given new appreciation now how hard it is when your -- That our men out of sight out of mind right note that was a first and I was the first -- on the new -- -- some Mitchell -- for so long and on the you really reflects you start thinking about all the wind sprints bitch and complain about. All -- two days all of heating in two and a half -- to see you start making a dollar it. And you know you like give everything and have been back at that moment you know all of which you know when known until it is gone and you know it was going from before as soon. It was so ways and time is is you know refocused me work harder. You know my Garcia told as my training camp started in March when I was clear to north start jogging endorsement carted stuff. And I've been on the ground their assistance so. I'm just happy to the -- that's you know -- does everything and in house on last year. Quarter for the first time on that wanna go through it again Margaret. Viswanathan's jumped out to me from last week's game was the play where. Darren Sproles is treacherous snake through line I remember this just as a teammate just the the awareness stuff on view line in the role she'll play in plain screens and those kind of -- thing for the team last year. And you know I'm a lot of people watching you and try to figure out from you know take on double teams all the tears though what do you back. I saw you get there -- Saudi knock them off assaults -- play I know that that was something that was missile -- that was -- events but here and there is back and this is different can fit you know so. Now we have a situation where today news was out the -- expect -- Beasley is is now from the field. So how do you assume that you're the mentor you've been that role for for several years now now you got a new guy on your -- how would come and explain their relationship and teach them these little things like. Can a -- for the field are you aware screens most of its. Well I mean it comes with the territory. You know being here. For many years and NORAD does and I came here taught in the rules on you know Richard Seymour arms and Taiwan. With the mcginnis. All right here's. And all those guys it's kind of teach me the game in and deal in Rome Hewitt same terms so. Have a guy like coming -- system you know the good thing -- -- plea. Assume this system and so on -- on plea in college and I really liked the way he plays so. It was also for us to hear him and he's a football so is -- going to be is going to take reps in Georgia's. Starting a family he's not he's on the powerful while and by any means but resist. The little things that we do different way we approach certain situations. -- down that this does -- want tendencies and stuff like day. In -- how much can you clear that did not make an elevated game in normal for it and no way he's been ever -- and in all these guys did they come in at work or. You know they don't they dashed -- questions they don't -- they've ignored all of the messages and so. It won't change some -- -- you know it's a -- and a question on its you know if if from -- feel and our film -- situation come along components a I'm related told -- atrocity is someone -- you know and just allows communication always have to stay open as a defense and I think that's what made our defense special where. We can communicate communicate well we will be reduced. I I want to thank you for coming in and it's nice to be able to visit with you again on Monday after a couple of years now this Sunday and it Belichick who's coming at Enron I think the taste of fort. My goodness it Baghdad several -- well for joining us Sarah Sports Radio WB yeah.

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