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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Referee Worst of the Worst Edition - 8/18/14

Aug 18, 2014|

We tackle four topics, all about some of the worst calls by refs of all time.

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And Hollywood. Well then it -- and narratives. And so okay ROC it's. My parents. Make sure UC. Nice things you. -- it's an okay car. Metallic top that to be honest with yet for a four brought to you by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network. Can't catch us and she's what the song play for the whole segment. To go on. We are talking about that officiating and a boy have we got some examples for you and me. All right we'll start with the Jim Joyce the umpire he was pumping first base. Armando Galarraga was on the mound -- perfect game going and then Jim Joyce. People crowd. It's like to have Tim -- the Internet and I got this blog rumors that that. But I told the to mark -- -- -- up. To chew it up and I I missed that I missed it this isn't a call this isn't this is. This is the history call. And I kicked. And out of it. And there's nobody that feels worst that I do that. I take pride in his job and I kicked. And out of that and I took a perfect game -- connected over there worked his ass off all lights. I mean I guess the one that you can say is. The umpire was obviously quite despondent about it because -- technically out of it. But it was still one of the worst calls in the history of sports and and it and I remember -- house -- a simple question. Everyone on the plan. Including the umpire knows I've really really screwed this up that why can't be changed why can't they fix that. Everybody else. Including umpire who will look better -- at all my god what divides up any other team you know so what oftentimes it's perfect games are no hitters depend on what the score you know the six to nothing. That's one -- as opposed to a different even they. Would appreciate. That even they would understand. Especially with -- -- based arguments it was an outcome of the game it was -- -- hitter I don't mean after the last out of over. A very left without an umpire what you think man. Well he was contrite I mean this all got its policy with a little -- -- talk about it that that was not done been mixing and sound of I've made a mistake right they'll do better next so I wondered if James -- If you're an umpire and that Casey thinking as much as I want this kid to throw a perfect game I have to be objective I have to what's gone. -- I think it is double clutched at that child in you know those things can happen. Are only and no intent. Until all -- yes we are phantom Michael. And my. Number two is in 1998. Final game of the season between the jets and Seahawks on the last play of the game Vinny Testaverde dove for the end zone and came up short. The quote from the official after the game was we missed but his helmet. For the football. What say euphoria as far as. Lagos -- first -- -- they are using his head Agassi barometer as far as what he scored ever be just pissed off about that one because we had a really good team. And we -- like -- me like every year was there and finally get a chance to go the playoffs and because of that. Because of that play my coach got fired everybody got fired the Bryan Holmgren. We finally made the playoffs but in the end like Dennis Ericsson everybody laughed and it's just but the same if senator -- to drink in the locker room. Well everything went there was -- police whistle stop that. Women we missed ducked his helmet for the football. But again we can't change that right now Newt -- you know I don't know what we're not allowed even dividend in hindsight say. We believe clearly made -- mistake and in the interest of FairPlay. Think getting these calls right we wanna fix that. Now you know I'm I'm in the book though it. I -- Christians -- and I understand announcement should get a glimpse laughter we will longer look at what goes on Seattle right I can't do sort of those guys that got they they drive boats up to the stadium had been the focus of the training facility I don't are those horrible call. If they'll let that group still with the traditional at Columbia area of my closest -- after the rest up get aggressive just aggressive just all right Andy. -- -- It looked like not like -- to offer them. In this did what he. Out of the baseline try to. Obviously to. Now why didn't tank game but I think he was called out for going out of the baseline and he. You don't remember that that was the 1999. ALCS between the Red Sox and the Yankees and yet again. We have an umpire after the game admitting it was the wrong call. All right. And I and I thought we -- -- that we're doing something else that was my fault and not yours. Like it is one of those and then you can you can go forever. It plays like that that brought about instant replay in Major League Baseball which they are now in the process of screwing up as well completely. Now -- meeting he had the wrong call but calling the players a nickname not Chuck Knoblauch. I thought now -- out him. -- definitely an umpire is using the nickname for the player Red Sox fan loves that trying to. You know what else to you mention how it led to instant replay and then we have this is what he plays like that right absolutely and then remember the first instant replay of the year with both -- He used instant replay. -- -- challenge didn't have another challenge and then there was a -- -- later in the game that cost of the game because you don't have another challenge it was the wrong place. Right and it wasn't this it was a classic game and -- for the Sox were throw him out and challenged the name last -- -- that desolate neighborhood play and obviously they still have a habit neighborhood thing lives in the -- play it's. It's neighborhood to neighborhood like I live in Milford and acclaimed Boston had had apparently I wasn't close. Because of that state line and ask and answer you just called. I did I did not enough and it's it's if you and the opposite directions all right Andy. Fill up and. Time now for the AT&T. Bad call of the day well this one certainly questionable. It's my opinion opinion of almost everybody in the world but the play was a fumble. Should have been called a fumble that someone would reverse it. Without conclusive indisputable. Visual evidence is just unbelievable I know that the head of officials are still out there. Trying to spin it that we had a -- -- was really not a fumble. -- is ridiculous. I thought this whole segment was on bad call it's love all that all after all it was a good call. I mean you wouldn't get that answer and Oakland right now -- you've you've never Brady on this one right he can't keep a straight face when you ask him on all these seriously you know what's so why wouldn't put in the bad call is it was a good application of really bad -- I'd put it that there was a really bad -- be fair play -- gives a lot of us that were there an important thing sure there were some calls that we didn't yet there were atrocious as well. That made that one -- thoughts about I certainly to make and I thought as much you've got -- -- -- -- bubble make it all right and as I was a way -- -- I thought it was and thought you know I'd been read the rule ago with them -- Hayward and often. So funny to me yes I occupy the worst Oliver exactly the right call for literally double. And you know what that we had a hard time keeping its -- and it. -- call me. -- there's been many many bad calls that we have not put in today's Ford four and one of the worst ones ever not want. Possibly the worst. I don't know not now asking him. The worst ever. 1972. Summer Olympics. Now the Fox News every second. There is time for the Russians to go to their big man Alexander bell up they're going to cry. Okay. -- I've got to -- -- -- This is this is the place that it. Quite frankly when that day projecting again. We talked about this at -- o'clock this morning and at -- all I'm just had a headache from this that I mean of giving this you right before -- go to Google and I was twelve years old. Okay and I didn't see this live or anything in fact. There is no US film that shows this from start to finish what people don't realize is this wasn't the worst call ever then it was the authority. Worst calls -- That's how many chances the Russians were given to win this game for people don't remember Doug Collins at the two free throws them. -- you at least sure in the second free throw the buzzer goes off. What makes it and the buzzer goes off because the Russians claim they wanted to time now. In between the first and second free throw they didn't get it they counted the free -- always wonder what would have happened if -- -- with -- let him shoot it again doesn't matter. Get the ball three seconds of the assistant coaches running up some of the once seconds left. They stopped the clock to stop the game. But once second night back under again with three seconds -- -- it is the most agrees that and then they then they appeal I am very upset. They appeal it and ended it there isn't in that boat that goes 3 to 2 eastern bloc vs western civilization. They lose again. I'm telling you I candidate and you do know that to this very day. That none of them have picked up yourself that matters are still in a vault -- Hussein Switzerland while not one member of that Olympic team US with the team ever picked up there's still a matter of fact one of them. Davis Kenny Davis put in as well. That if anything changed after he died his wife and family any direct descendants Edwards and never no one ever pick up that -- Most people out. It in the history of sports. That was the biggest screw job and history of sports but that was because it was audit -- screwed up because it isn't can't look at that rent an art. It's then that protected enough and now you right. Canada Ottawa they're wrestling stuff no doubt about it because there was intent that's why it was so egregious because there was intent and a chance to fix it. And the intent prevailed because it was all political them. Awful phenomenal. That play and to this day it's like it's like for epic games. I don't you know just and it you know poured Doug Collins it just -- you just you can't talk to about it still after all these another interesting note on that team. 1972. Bill Walton. Having trouble with his -- they want a Bill -- -- the team but he was he was in a balky -- so he asked could they just put him on the team instead of going through rigorous trial. And they said no you need to try and -- -- on in the team's -- and I'll sit this 11. Little footnote four. The worst call ever notice the three worst -- salary at a how else.

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