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Aug 18, 2014|

You can find the complete show right here. Jim and Pete look at the Patriots performance against the Eagles, Johnny Manziel, reverse drafting and more!

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Three point seven FMW. It's time for the fantasy football hour in euros Jim Hackett. Stevens is in good -- brighter. -- you a chance to talk about everything that. Fantasy football related to your players you fourteen games on your source for the best fantasy football talk that WEE. No network now here's. -- -- Hi everybody welcome for the fantasy football our own Jim Hackett and joined by our fantasy football expert. Davidson -- Tennessee football writer. The -- move on dot com our broadcast today is brought to by our friends at draft gays they're the leading provider of daily Tennessee sports who draft these dot com. And by Clark Chrysler Jeep dodge brimming with the win. -- -- -- -- -- Now nobody nobody does. All right I want a job when a dive right right candidates in terms of what we saw on Friday night's action. With the patriots Eagles. There's a lot to glean it felt like I was watching the NBA all star game it was the Muslim -- defense being hidden game and that game. It's hard play defense and every time you try to play defense they Troy yellow thing yeah -- mean lot of flags on word. And not just in the and the patriots game but yeah I mean. It hopefully that is not something -- early on regular season. Yeah it it was reminiscent of being on top of the Empire State Building and looking down on the sea of yellow that was all over the field. It was like looking at taxi cabs from however many floors you are up there but -- senators Celtic and it's true well it was tough to watch but that the -- personally when I go without -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now this week as opposed to crop -- the story I guess all three quarterbacks story right. Yeah they all -- you looked yeah look like Brady picked up his fault. Yeah I did not sure we're gonna see. That young fellow who was the offensive lineman playing tight end and and breaking left when he should have broken right on out and how much more of future gonna have a them. And Brady's Richard -- -- run at the -- points -- elements yet you know I think I think the whole thing was was was fine at Berea was good overall. He did he mean it looks game one ready for sure. There were not a lot of patriots on offense -- who. Good. You know some guys were up and down voice obviously -- his good moments. I thought he looked at that reverse play an actual when he grabbed them and explain of course dumb penalties. It loses -- -- a touchdown which they -- get back I believe but yet to drop as well so -- a little up and down. But you know I thought that the -- office you saw a lot of what you wanted to see it. How could you know not to pat yourself on the back or myself right. Oh he has and he just he's so strong looking for a for a small guy he just looks. Like he's in charge you know of what he wants to do using control -- -- kind of dictate what he wants to do and that's not always easy when you're an undersized. Player in that league -- but he just seems in such control I'm doing this he's got phenomenal change of direction ability which program get enough credit for you -- on that punt return -- just a little play against goofy as a football player through and through as we said two years ago missed it stays healthy degree things Adam you know this year as opposed to being a guy who. Catch a ton of balls but the offer 67 -- to the defense is keying on them via you know weekend you know. Dobson healthiest if gronkowski can stay healthy all the certain elements going to be making big place yes and who's gonna be getting single coverage is not going to be getting the best of federal right and and things can change a lot and I think people. A lot of people I think wrongfully packed settlement as I just sort chips away at the defense that was his role in last year's patriot office correct and I think you deserve all corporate world for. You know being that guy. You know he'd never done before with defense keynote so I personally look for -- to be more of the big play threat this year. Because he's not going to be the folks that yet into an impact -- planner I think. Yet especially if you are formats you can -- for -- perception. Absolutely he's getting a lot of those. The other story you know there are multiple on on both sides of the ball but down. The other story I just that that really popped two mile watching the game was the running back rotation with the patriots and you know ice. I said before the pot on the podcast and I think we may have set for show and Patriot Act field obviously we like to feature backs -- Africa obvious that the death yet there's a ton of them end. Happened is a lot of ways that they can go in a lot of directions that they can take in its gonna make a direct impact on the field. Into your Tennessee opportunities that will not happen throughout the year. But what's interesting you have guys on this team Jim whose value goes up by being cut. Right now the yeah or they go well a guy like Boldin comes to mind you know he's not an easy guy absolutely he's a roster. Patriot he's made an impact. I think the only reason he's kind of you know stop where he is is is really injury but he's up. He's a guy who gets the ball he's got good burst your reminds me of Chris Ivory a little bit in the way and that kind of almost stand up Mike quick burst. Flash that you see with him but yeah I mean I don't think he's got ivories agility but yeah I I know what you mean for his size and -- got he he he he's got a really nicely cut. Which he he cut its. Our guys and it's effective. -- he's back east will look at and its you know the -- reverse article that I wrote yes we'll get into that later and you know he's done. He's one of our guys in that column he's featured -- Wimbledon and by the way of sort of chopped the problem. You know and I think I'm -- I'm -- -- and we mentioned in the article. You know he may have more value to get cut like like I said he could end up with the giants something like that. And that need it back if that's right now principle for the giants everybody else in the giants' backfield that worry -- this student video. Yes and so it's it's interesting at looking at it right now I sent a tweet out during the game passages you know like I'm seeing from the patriots not only in the run pass mix. Play action which you saw a drop below do very effectively sold it well. And then non my god that finale ML good you know he'd eat it as good as it think he can look in my opinion he -- the bested that I've seen look at the patriots so far yes. Say that that's ten that's good news if your a patriot banner got who works in the patriots. Front office does that mean. His value had to go a little bit off last night yeah you would -- guy that's etiquette and. He can throw he's a he's that he's. A high level NFL throw our view is that passer he definitely is getting all the other stuff the -- Yeah -- the what what what really stuck to me vs the the mix of run and pass. In the play action in the improved play of the crop of mallet. And the sustained. Was sustained play -- was the personnel mix him in the patriots are really. You know mixing people in and out and it made me think. And getting ready for the show about the patriots running back depth and in if you if if you don't mind I'd kind of like to give. My opinion of what they see so far and where they rank in how can shake out we can sort through that the first -- here -- America's. So I look at it Odyssey really is at the top of the chamber again. Not doing himself any favors putting the ball on the ground again last night so everything is and that's why wanna talk about this has everything is floating in Ridley is a high eight. Value target. When he's on the field but he keeps putting himself in a position where he isn't self. Instead it's weird I mean you know if you can talk about whether that. Fumble was technically a fumble and it was not. But the ball still came out right you know for -- the ball coming out at all -- downer on -- just yet and I feel bad saying it I mean it. You know and I it's somewhere in the rockets are talking about all -- he's really working hard this year. Maybe it's me -- he's never struck -- -- her network partner he got his heart out on a hard worker rights to me that's that that's the Wii's. Projected he's the place right now that if he's walking around the locker room and there's a napkin on the floor near him someone's gonna think he dropped it. Well look I mean that I think we spoke about the song wanna I -- -- podcasts. You know -- it's got the reputation so yeah you know even on plays -- maybe guys would normally be going for the ball. They're going to be go for the ball so yes that he has to be better hanging onto the football back because he's targets right into it and again we've talked about this and in our podcasts about labels in the NFL this is what you lock India you might not be you what you more than like Houdini would head is a third down back -- turns out in a 106 carries last year you know. Honor and a lot of receptions yeah. So so so getting back to the patriots running back fields so really again he's at the top of the team he keeps shooting itself in the foot. The second guys almost in his own category two before you get the next day to its -- -- -- release of the top of the change. That's great question I don't even though the changes with the patriots and assumption by bright and had a right yeah I mean my top -- -- Who went by no means what I'd bet my mortgage. You know it's it's that it ought they to have great job of subterfuge up there and out to some extent they deserve credit for but it's tough trying to figure out exactly what the patriots back it's going to be week one week to week basis I guess that's why they're going to yell it's funny and made the voice excuse that's okay. By its -- on the radio nobody had. Well -- FF. I I have I have the -- -- and I have you -- in the sub bullet because he's really his -- -- look at like the tiara players. You talk about it a lot in terms of you know the tears Rican draft people -- really is kind of on his own island. But so like I put him kind of separately. As a as an impact player across the field. Yet in the tickets interest in it in behind in the depth chart I've got. Up a camp battle with with James White the young rookie and Brandon Bolden in and that's rice -- Maybe one roster spot coming maybe Belichick's up the something maybe keeps both I don't know and then I see Roy finch who I think. Might find -- home because he's showing some value in special teams Jonas gray. Gonna put Tyler Gaffney aside is on IR and and let's not forget you know though James Devlin is really an H back and he's playing tight end as well. He's a running back is a fullbacks so that's our roster spot that and that's why I think maybe it could be a mix between James White embolden -- ago. Yeah I mean look there's no -- these guys make the team calm and guys like I mean. Just pulling back and looking at it I think grain -- the guys don't get it right. But they can both play achievements -- -- back. So you know kudos to the patience for having all these count the guys all around the same time their teams out there and -- a vote on running backs and the agents are picking these guys up for free Vietnam. Somebody's got to the job. Yeah not -- and that person doesn't work and knowing that the these these these seem to get these guys and it's funny in New England the fan base. Oftentimes you know during this fourteen year wonderful run the patriots have made. It's an annual joke around April made that -- not drafting well with the doing something right in terms of their player personnel because they're not big freeagent spenders I mean you know put put may be. Revis decide in and a couple others but. You know the get these guys who can all contribute -- kind of fit the suit as we like this -- you can we. -- -- -- and it -- genuine eleven plus games like every year. How bad can be -- you do it's obviously doing almost everything right right so yeah -- you know. -- -- pages about a couple shaky traps and that's -- set up but you know what most organizations don't have a great trapped every year that's just football job. Yeah I've always felt that. Ripping of the patriots straps a little bit a little bit strong new identity. Yet and you know the one thing nobody ever would give the pictures credit for you know they take a swipe at the one hand but they would never give credit for the fact that they -- the draft with draft picks. It looked at those draft picks that you acquired during a draft that you now have for the next year yeah. That's part of your hall and equity -- and you write and the people who would be that I've heard in the past ripping patriot truck performance very rarely. Remember to -- capital factoid it just so you know they would -- Yeah it is it they're always paid for paying it forward and that's why they were able to move up for some defensive guys a couple of years ago. Because they have assets to do it that's how they roll it's. You know -- in the jets had just started doing that same kind of thing and I think I I couldn't be happier that the fallen patriot model is at the Malaysia before it's the -- should fall into the 49ers Seattle you know they're good teams it's not a coincidence let's stay within. A wanna come into. After the break on talk a little bit more about this game and what we saw what we saw on the other side of the football the Eagles some interesting stuff Sports Radio WEEI welcome back to Tennessee football our Jim Hackett Pete Davidson chief writer of -- -- dot com. Talking fantasy football team in the first segment we broke down. Now what we saw from the patriot side of the ball. Offensively specifically with the running backs a little bit more to do there I think in terms of what we saw but also we need to get to the Eagles 'cause. There's a place -- player that I know wrote a -- really likes in Jordan Matthews that we need to talk about 'cause I saw some flashes last night for sure. Yeah I mean he's he's a player obviously he's getting a little bit more love with the Riley -- out -- -- Mac and -- men practice the other day. You gotta look Twitter right I mean I've set their for a twenty minutes readings tweets about how to -- -- is just hosting Revis all over the field. And that two seconds later act went out for the day yes. The united Elvis -- and people are gonna look easy all this guy's got to move above my board. And of people like this guy just can't stay healthy you know just you know well that got you got all of Twitter. The thing with Twitter is it's like who's gonna who wants to win the day that's kind of the feeling right it's like who wants to be first and most unique in most who's gonna. You know tweet whatever is people gonna talk about it's not like real. And reflect like high school. It reflects the silliness of pre season in general -- practiced reports where you know like there could be writers okay Chris price. Great one right -- it's great yeah he's on it. But I'm sorry. I don't trust every beat writer would be writer tells me that a guy I know is securities and getting it out of practice. I look at -- little skepticism over -- Actions do not mean giving stats from Cleveland seven on seven drills you know tough tough follow the -- -- Purses Hoyer thing to really care what their completion was seven on seven -- not good. Lord -- New England -- only look at stopgap. Continuing with his only need to look as far as Jimmie drop below who was dreadful in the seven on sevens and we could go to the Redskins they look great and that is the game against those same redskins' -- is clearly not dreadful. Yeah I can play and they can we get one more hatred -- your place for a jump jump vandals -- Japan have attempts. Yeah he's in he's an interesting guy examine that it is if the if the patriots -- there's a lot of receivers there but it's not like a dominant. Part of their of their depth chart now here's a guy that might -- you're concerned you were looking for a little more being. Town I want sighs yeah he's got but yeah any -- into the ball and he's got that as -- mentioned he's got that basketball mentality which you know is a good thing yeah. So yeah I mean look look after last week -- thank you and I are both well analysts see it again and you know you find out about the suspension that's going to be happening and that obviously takes a little. Little bit of the momentum away from him right but now he's done two weeks in a row I mean I -- think. He's at least in the Max he's in the mix and a patriot this year yet he's in the mix and I think gum and I think Cabral Tompkins is is -- fighting. I think he's -- he's -- rosters roster spot but I think he's in a fight for significance in the -- and -- the items is complicating things for him live that's that's well said and I think. -- -- -- of the -- the only thing to me that's gonna stop Kimbrel Tompkins and yeah as long as he catches the ball elect has going to be all right. And that was a nice little played -- last night that's not Brady yet. There's a nice play hitter right on the -- Lincoln's and it was Brady threw it right were needed to throw it up and top detected the work to come back to a little bit but that was by design. That's not yet it's funny they let the receiver swim off the DB. Likely it was no problem for him to put his hands on the DB there and it just himself around. They don't look at TV do that to others you've -- -- apparently right but bank you know what that's something to watch this year in the at a looks like they're gonna what these receivers. For a couple more I gotta say. I think it's a good thing and the rule is you got five yards to molest the guy -- and what's the receiver breaks five yards I think you know. You can you gotta protect -- you gotta run so I think it's good I don't like the way they let. Defensive backs push receivers when he urged outfield so if they're clean that up I think it's good -- -- you tomorrow early if you can look at gonna have to adjust and is what's hard is. They've been coached a certain way. All this time and now you have yet to make an adjustment at the highest and fastest level absolutely I mean their coach to get away with whatever they can get away with -- what. I mean he's my favorite player of the last twenty years Darrelle Revis. But this is something that's in his kitchen. So it's going to be interesting to see how Revis adjust to these new rules. And outside right now he's going to be one of the guys there will be flags and Darrell Revis -- -- there right now I'm -- coming -- we'll see flags on Darrelle Revis the first couple weeks. Because he is gonna find out where the lines. Because he needs to know because he's a very physical quarterback down the field he's very good at that subtle Tug on the senator others see pictures on the front side. He's outstanding. At Sloane guy down and -- subtle ways and it's connection to see how they you know. You know how they call on a guy like -- -- he's always been given a little bit extra by officials there and see how this plays with and you know obviously bring it up -- -- and Austin. You know I think Revis is going to be phenomenal but it is definitely one thing to look at -- particular defense is a factor in Tennessee football -- was -- wanted it more now that's absolutely and Revis definitely takes the the patriot defense up a notch and fantasy. Because now those guys who are almost at the quarterback might begin to. No doubt no doubt. Let's look at the other side of the football and -- look at on the other games in the Friday night action but to me a little bit about Jordan Matthews he's got that -- we've mentioned -- -- indeed -- scouted. Amongst all -- you know you're in depth scouting at the receiver position all the offensive positions in the offseason. But he showed last night pretty well -- you know he's a guy who had a lot of detractors for the draft that we we jumped in with both feet were real big believer in Jordan Matthews. You know that cousin Jerry -- so he's got some blunt like -- lines out six foot 3212. Pounds she's -- upper body strength that people to realize that people question to speak for the draft -- Weaver. You know we we we met Matthews at Columbine and you know he told us. Like around fast and he didn't he didn't flinch he looked straight -- you know like I sort of looked at coaching -- meal like. I think he's -- fast and sure enough you know four point 46. So pretty good. Yeah offer for a 63 guy to a twelve pounds is a lot of natural athletic ability to you'll run that fast yet you've got yourself a potential star. And another guy that I know you scouted and he said some devastating injuries but I I was when I was like looking for Chris Paul to carry the ball. There was young Henry Jozy. You know and New Jersey guy that we coach and I both -- like a lot. He's accused of Google back and you know the story with him and I think personally I think he's got a really good shot to make Eagles who I know that's probably. The most popular opinion I just I don't think it's coincidence coincidence the Chip Kelly likes this guy's good fundamental football players. He's got some real Jews. And he's not a guy four point 43 combined that's coming off of the injury you alluded to and we're talking about and that and you and I know knee injuries Seattle pat just curious knee injury we've both been through rehab. You know we're both. X mediocre athletes -- you can come sub mediocre at the attack attack. A -- copycat stuff yet it up our. You know ACL and CO patella and honestly that is Palestinian. And you know to run for fourth -- And it just right there the and he wasn't drafted we thought he would -- traffic -- that we are wrong on the island but you know you feel good when the guy picks them up is chipped in so. And Regis you definitely get back to watch and for fantasy footballers if if there are injuries -- back out Chris Polk shoulder doesn't come around. -- it obviously I think Henry -- becomes the names you know and. Darren Sproles moves are Oracle's well yes we've got time here but I wanted to tease that. For the next segment which is a guy like got Chris Paul we just mentioned. -- wrote an article this week it's it's an annual article called drafting in reverse and basically teaches you to look at the draft from the bottom up and seek the highest value targets there. Chris Paul is one of those in the first segment called the undrafted gonna get into the -- -- images to deceive Jozy might push him around a little bit. Yeah I mean if Paul doesn't get healthy quickly chose to become a factor I mean you know -- all the backs that actually could become bigger factors poked isn't it that. His act together and and yet in drafting reverses an article we've been doing I did it before wrote about it for the hold the phone fantasy cleanup site heroes. Ready for wrote Obama. And you know it's would we wanna do is you know it's like the dead poet's society like get up on the desk first sitting down the floor we went to the draft from different -- and we got to get Robert -- -- -- and that's the idea -- to really see the draft report from multiple angles. And and and and it and so far every year it's worked you know I mean look we've got certain things locked in his movement as we move into pre season right yeah I mean we know who we'd like we know why we like them. But their two primary things that happened in August. That we need to adaptive. And I want delivered to the details from pre season in camps changes on the ground if you will. You know which backs are winning in depth at depth chart battles training camp battles you know what injuries pop up we had one with Charles -- a rookie like we'll get into cents after the break. But to the other thing apart from just the stuff that's happening pre season that we need to monitor and make just sort draft board real drafting data is now becoming available. So we actually have retail prices on these players we can make adjustments and strategic goal. Decisions and create a draft plan can help people maximize value throughout the course of the draft and that's the point of the article. Yeah I think it's it's it's brilliant and in its it's a four segment article. You deserve it in the foot off the fifth in the alcohol on the world for sure you know by very very small there. You -- -- vote but it's important because you know as we see a lot. Your draft in the season his -- it's the second week of the pre season it's gonna change just a couple of days in and talk to you about that. We're gonna talk about that -- little bit more drafting reverse coming up after the break stay with us welcome back to Tennessee -- our Jim Hackett Pete Davidson from -- dot com. Talking fantasy football here in week two of the pre season in the first two segments we talked a lot about the patriots Eagles games in the game I should say in the fantasy football implication. And just want to play you know what they did practice against each other -- weeks on -- I went to federal the best -- -- promise -- to get yeah I was adult latter but. Let's play today. But you know Belichick -- you -- do that but there is I mean look at this 53 people on the roster numbers ninety's so is -- funny flares and anyway at the tablets would run out of battery that's right that's right. But in -- tablets -- and I know I saw them on TV it's just get over it already. But. I mean it's gonna happen like three years China it's crazy they like so a lot of action Friday night to cover and dumb and we also you know going -- last break we're talking about -- article drafting in reverse. And that whole perspective of how to look for the values in your draft -- gonna spend most of the time there. But I do wanna want just bounced back to Henry Jozy we talked about a running back on the Philadelphia Eagles last segment Pete. On because we've actually got some interesting content moving forward that one dude have you talk about a little bit it as a root for as it. Relates the patriots in the Eagles in the practicing they just did this past week. Yeah and you know -- obviously was particularly painful for me it -- touchdown pass from Mark Sanchez. You know who's been the Bane of my football for years and apparently he's gonna continue to make you happy. It was good to see him last night when he threw the pick on the guy remember that guy. Yet that that that's something Eagles before. But yeah next week we we are hoping to have mark frank was -- Eagles beat writer. On the show this week we couldn't get he's in a plane. So he couldn't join us but yet next week we'll have mark on the show and it's gonna be -- right to have because obviously you know -- has this thing covered. Which Christopher price. Great beat writers -- your new company that our perspective exactly but it'll I think -- be instinct to have more mark he's Marty to meet them on a long time. It would be it'll be itching to have a month as -- -- -- -- -- right perspective of that whole Chip Kelly ballot check -- practice thing I think that before -- -- let's go. Little bit more of the Friday action there a couple of games. Played last night and -- -- speak a little bit more loudly than others and what comes to mind right at the top. Is Seattle and San Diego because. I mean Seattle that the defending champions yes but. There's a lot -- Happening there and you know it's been. Very Wyatt who wildly and widely reported. About the camp battle between Crist and Michael and Robert turbine turban look good last -- And ignite. Yeah I mean. You know like I gonna have to disagree with you I don't think it has been reported -- camp battle I think you and I sort of see it as camp battle -- but is it this is the thing that's already been sort of like Christine Michael wins this thing by default. Now up. Jim you know there's not many bigger Christine Michael fans out there than yours truly you're you do when you're way ahead of it vulnerable on the show that mean we pre draft for years ever on Seattle -- this -- raising but he does have to -- ability concerns he said multiple major injuries. People tend to just sort of brushed that aside I don't think you can. And then the -- factor I mean let's face -- -- good back one -- one other thing to point out about Michael last night but the ball on the ground he did and and you know obviously that's not gonna help you. Yet full control of the job you know theoretically in the event of a Marshawn Lynch injuries and yet you know. As much as we think turbine is probably the -- to -- if you wanna you know get an insurance policy Marshawn Lynch. I don't know that he would be necessarily an RT one has some indicate right out of the gate and you can I think -- would have a sizable role. Fortunately it was out of the picture and I think you know assault while -- he's he's a big back with with multiple skills. Yes I mean you can't just brushed him aside like -- unison with BenJarvus green Ellis and these are very different players let you know you can't just. Russian -- good football player. Yeah is there and he will be involved in some way anyone's and done to do a lot of the things to clean -- from the Seattle and down video game last night how could Russell -- look brilliant. It's it's he just keeps getting better. I sort of got a super lowering -- him better in an average draft position that we remember what that was like right heck yeah winning Super Eagles the quarterback is still better yeah exactly it's a good feeling it is and you know in the thing with. Russell Wilson's league right now where he's ranked. -- you can get him as a great value in in a draft if you do it correctly. Now on a month or so ago we pointed out the Russell Wilson GDP which was like -- -- -- won twice was just ludicrous it's just pure lunacy. Are it is moving up and I think off of that last week it'll move couple more but he still going to be about Syria it's. Very strange the way he gets or traps -- -- -- and say look at you'll -- be the Smart ones sit back absolutely Foreman when you lead with him that you court packet to get the Smart strategy you sit back there you wait for everybody else take a quarterback and you're still going to be staring either Russell Wilson Tony -- Jay Cutler pretty content. These guys have yet to -- -- separate. -- -- some let's move to another game unless there's some in that some people that you want to. A highlight but you there was an action in the saints titans game to. And I just -- to sort out their TP you've been tooting the horn of one young Justin hunter for -- expecting his break out. -- -- and happened. It kicked right he broke up to dark suit my god yeah we've had for leagues I was looking to steal you and Justin to calm down a little -- -- but perhaps a little small ankle -- that'll keep you out one week he was huge last night. Yet caught a couple scores -- -- from locker caller from met burger -- pass. That left a paper trail oh hi. Not to steal it from Duchscherer but that was all sect members can throw a biscuit and -- -- now he had a couple bad moments of that game. Jake Locker. You better get your act together side because been -- can take your cookies and vote hole we mole I mean -- guys get candid and hunter. You know he -- is he flashed his red zone chops with its first touchdown which was four yarder and then he flaps his ability to. Use those wheels the -- got size speed jumping ability. He really was Johnny Bravo we -- kidding -- -- -- -- the suit he does that the student four catches a 111 yards and that just tells you. You -- fly. What -- what was on the big play but I mean it's a typical. So I had just an honor. No longer sleeper I think. But at least we are literally. There's a lot of stuff going on last night Shonn Greene tweaked his injury early -- that's obviously very significant fancy -- as it. It it takes bishops -- stock and obviously pushes it up a little bit if that's any kind of continuing thing. And even if green comes back healthy it's gonna give sinking more snaps more looks more action with the first team it'll it'll help speed -- progress along. Another thing I saw which which ties in the drafting in reverse. This guy -- move in to that undrafted but we want you to consider him column Jimmy Claussen. You know -- a guy that he's one of the guys we sort of missed on. If you will -- in the past week -- you know we were fairly high -- -- came out we yankees you know pretty good talent. And he's looking like he -- it back up in Chicago. And we also what mr. accounted. You know as the back up for the bears last year -- Cutler went out -- tragedy insulin or it Jimmy -- you know let's keep an eye on him if he wins that baca did you. And you played 1416. Team league yeah. And you know. -- senior bye week replacement for yours if you had Jay Cutler but perhaps the best way to back up Jay Cutler. For injury purposes could you know could end up being Jimmy Claussen who by the way will be -- you know large league you can get them. You know for nothing exactly you can get it at the draft -- necessarily you know if you know if you know once -- -- what's Jay -- by clears you take your medium QB to dump them for for closet because now you're locked into that their starter. And all the -- points that player puts up a weekly basis. Great point what else from Friday night -- anything that you wanna hit before Segway into drafting a reverse. Derek -- looks like he's better at a match job already yes and the raiders and -- -- bad news for shop good news for the raiders perhaps bad news for Clark is not a off I want him -- sixty games -- generator line this year but it it I don't know how long. You know they're going to be able to keep him out of the mix at this point you know. Does this guy they've got a lot of movies -- like him -- to get a lot of moving parts over the raiders you know and then it's at every position I mean running back. You've gained in India there's injuries sting all over that offensive particularly in the backfield with. Jones-Drew and attract -- -- need to go you know too deep there and it's a well known about that and the receiver position it feels like there's a hundred. Yeah at times and yet that's the thing they sort of have that situation the rams have where we don't hate any of the raiders receivers but and they're not gonna get enough of a -- the American workable rather than I can get that. That you know that that tight relationship with the quarterback that you get getting more snaps looks. And it goes for practices well. So yeah it's an issue in you know Derek -- I'm a big fan I think he's a guy should go to the first written. The NFL draft we think he's got incredible talent. We do you think it's gonna help him if he comes out of that spread offense and I hope their courses as long as possible because I think he's got a chance to be relieved quarterback. And the readers have that -- -- office that can set a quarterback. Back yet. But not moving on -- you know for anybody who wants -- wrote about Beckham goes to the wrote upon what you find in the top toolbar we got an extensive scouting report on their car. Fueling -- you know just to know him as player. Golden -- -- honestly it's sort of touched down yet as you I've spoken nine. He can break out he's he's been in front he's primed for breakout in the right offense he's got a quarterback who's going to look forum. He's got mega drawn on the other side like or you know just lining up on the field with him at that that smells of opportunity to me. -- difficulty stays healthy but. -- a better numbers than ever before on and you mentioned Jimmy Graham before yeah looks healthy looks great but Jamie. You know the rule about that can hardly -- he's addicted to the national -- was not happy now after the press like the first month. That's excellent news I'm happy that sets them that. Which -- Like 30000 dollars in fines here just to make some kind of point. You know in this economy. That flip the money you can afford it. -- the odd message so hopefully -- not the workers here at the regular season for -- The regular season. Sort -- Canadian right so hopefully that's hopefully that was one week protest as part document given his team fifteen penalties and kick offs. Scores. This could score twenty times so I like the number one died in cash and then speaking of botnets and Adam. Street behavior. Here -- Foster. Yeah have you seen he had some quotes and some he he's part football player part played out yet. That's wells that. I mean I. Obviously the guys now have to respect you or idiot guys -- to figure draft rights got the injury history and he's got. You know sort of cheeky back situation that your house to trust. You know crimes are more Alfred. -- -- -- Yeah and his his last two -- -- cuts are gone right Dennis Johnson and you know anti obviously isn't in Cleveland and there's an excellent. They -- country brown right it was like a running back bloodletting. Houston to O'Brien obviously not happy what's going on there so far. -- scheme getting our first team -- -- Things look a little -- in Houston that might just be they'll grind you know not all business get things done guy that. Yeah or it might -- head coach going what do we do these guys stay. So it after or you'll see how that plays out the Houston right now I think the situation watch from top to bottom. And Foster you know it's funny these quotes make me like him. You know I'd like to see players Smart who's thinking Vietnam. -- -- that's what I -- on Twitter. Zardari plus yet egos mandatory in my profession. And actually things -- like that. But he says he does -- -- in my profession but were never taught how to turn off prefer to lose -- doesn't say it's off now. I gave myself to me which means TU. That's who does it hurts the loss at. That's that's at a at a circular and -- and look for it frankly might bring it straight I don't know -- said I don't know if that helps of his average draft position and not well pitchers and that's what I'm wondering the other thing everybody's uncle foster's again everybody's guard yet empathy it's hard. This is a guy who's thinking. Deep thoughts yet but -- deep thought something we want from -- and it felt oh back to the pre season I want them focused you know yeah. Not to mention he's answering every single question from the media -- I just -- -- good team that's what you better teammate. I don't know that's going. Upstairs area of Foster he's either about to break out these things you've never seen. Or or it's like that Bill Parcells they -- certain veterans get to a point. With it certainly made a lot of money in the start CD game different and I'm wondering if if if Foster moved into that territory were real. Focused. There's a certain. Place it was certainly don't anymore they don't enjoy being treated like a piece of me anymore. I'm wondering if he's to that point as I say this gives me pause. And the story got it right. Quite frankly didn't do that is because some of our listeners might not understand why he's a big name with a big resonant. Yeah they'll look all due respect to various Foster as a great career but let's face it it's the guy who had epidural because his -- last year. You know shut down and play most of the year -- hamstring injuries. You know the back situations so you know -- had extremely. Absurd ridiculous seasons in terms. -- of Kerry's touches. This guy -- contacts so. I worry. About him being able to take the pounding plain and simple and now I worry a little bit of how much does this -- he's hurt. He started to straight music guy where you know what on. -- as you're talking you know who came into my mind is Ricky Williams. And I'm wondering about the the the commitments. Well will recuse -- speaks towards -- the mystery of exceptional commitment but yet yet -- -- that currently -- -- -- and and well he -- -- you know with the duke which -- tonight you know so in other Ricky was on all other. Although it was a philosophical planes I -- connection right but you know look fosters a guy who goes in the first round a lot of time. Just -- that there's no way cameras at first. We got a in the twenties and he really has to slip from you consider him. I would also have on the letting other people figured out yet actually he's not get such as he is effectively off my port yeah because I know market in the third fourth. So you know. I want someone else to take EMI drafted have to do going a direction that I don't like to draft and where I'm like receiver and quarterback and tight end -- Really early if you is there's a safety net maybe but. I don't think you will not going to be and so there's there's points so you know so we hit that topic one of the which talk about just so we forget. Charles Sams which earlier big injury yes you know I -- -- broken ankle and you know looking at a three month roughly. Recovery operation it was rookie year. He's definitely not somebody to draft after roughly 800% off draft -- meet -- Maybe he could come back towards the end of the year becoming guy wire on Tampa probably just. Decides to free up the roster space but that's that's actually I would think here in the second week of the -- -- your right so so what to do here for fantasy footballers were the dust off Bobby Iranian Mike James yeah. Right that's the thing and the good news it's just it's good for -- purposes it's good football players especially James. It's potentially they're strong power runner. Obviously poultry and James had injuries last year with the -- but you know so Tampa backfield. Now you have to obviously look at a Smart little morsel in the -- gets a bump I would think definitely it's above. Maybe even if he's not a -- I think now more willing to draft yeah you know maybe a key in the same spot might order up a spotter -- but -- -- take him -- hoping someone else takes that risk. -- we talked about that podcast he was one of the guys. Now I was a little hesitant about I'm not and right that's right yeah that's right yeah I mean he's obviously a Smart guy I. Really like as far as being out that your -- really -- and Doug Martin as a rookie. And Ohio and last year he got knocked out the -- Com. So yes it -- definitely is a guy now I think to. He's been slipping into the third round draft out of -- can see that anymore. I would agree -- let's get into on your article on drafting -- reverse which is available -- dot com right now. The first segment of rise so that it's the part one of four parts yours yet and part one is subtitled. The undrafted about what part she's going up today so. Great to get there it -- that dynamite so the undrafted these are players that. Aren't being drafted as deeply as 264. Players deep in leaks in my right Pete. -- basically what we did is in. In the past week we made the cut off. 240 -- and what that represents just so people understand is if your net a twelve team league roster twenty players which. For united sort of the standard for fantasy football currently you and I like to play yet on in leagues like that address 240 people so. Our old standards to forty anybody who had an ATP at 240 -- higher technically just isn't getting drafted. It mostly right. But because of NFL hands. And other bigger leagues and dynasty formats were -- -- -- eighteen now so we've actually moved it up to sixty force and now. If you meet people in the in in the column that report put up you either have -- DP. Right in arguing drafted at all or you have one that's -- 265 -- OK so hopefully that makes sense for people. Anderson talent here. That's the point of the article right that the fact that you've got guys who is this good who aren't getting taken. And look I'm sure that the next couple weeks some of these guys will be moving up. I think archer just office first victory archer yeah who is you know a favorite of -- -- publishers and a paper rookies. I think he's being largely disregarded that it's a mistake I think I know why though. -- He's a shrimp are. It's -- I mean. What what what are you saying you think are we to Ohio will not altitude Heineman just like I had some concerns -- mean you know right. Is not a big guy. So does that look I I see the talent and I've been devastated the cultured nurtured. Right I see the talent and I know your high on him and I like them too I'm just a little worry it's only to take the floor -- on while. You know. Obviously his size is what caused him to slip into the third round a case of I think. You know of this that the anti size fives whatever you call it's already baked into its third round. Draft position in the NFL draft I also think the fact that you know everybody was I think. It's sort of an overreaction in the other direction after what happen with him on Austin last year look at that happens to your theories don't say yeah I think I think if Austin wasn't. On some level busted in overall last year and he -- widgets or people yet. On the demeanor is not talented you just don't deliver expectations and it doesn't mean he's knocking over performed this year and a lot of it. Now called Austin dog I wouldn't go that far and -- a guy -- a sleeper. But you know I think. Orchard definitely has paid a little bit of a price for what went wrong with him on Austin. And quite honestly is -- football oh he has better instincts he plays the game a little bit more gusto in my opinion. And I you know I just think he's. The better football player and -- on Austin and you know we watched a ton of film on this -- he is extremely personal loans outstanding vision he's got speed. That is just off the chart at least half and you know he's he's got his hands are developing. So this guy is hybrid weapon. The highest order we don't see him as twenty carry running back so you know the -- concerns. Tell us relate to volumes about is is he a guy that you want talks a little when he comes and now -- -- don't know it's not. But he's also a guy if you get the ball. Six times. God she could go -- always on the right team to the Steelers have a history. Of not getting guys like this that are very personally can move around you Randle -- comes to mind the acquittal Stewart comes to mind. You know there's there's -- line that I brought up before. Happy days when rich is getting you know picked on by the local street -- and repeat it and you know missed you know mr. -- says rich you just walk away. And it's just like or what if they went to follow. The attack at at at at and it's just necessity to Connecticut who has followed but he -- -- -- -- the Connecticut to catch you have to pick a Catholic. You know as. I think you know. Tree -- is the kind of guy where. He's gonna catch you. Live with it -- ice he's not just get that's going to be a -- he he's the kind of guys gonna take the top off the defense he's the kind of guys gonna take the corner and take and go the distance. And you know -- and the Steelers -- the kind of of the kind of offense. They don't mess around and and you've already got your hands full play in the steelers' right yeah they've they've got small guys on the outside you can fly. With with brown and with weak and we got people don't realize yet -- how good he -- right so they've got their small on the outside but they've got a lot of atlantis' him. And other bringing these huge. Cannon ball running backs right here again Levy on bella the cut and they give him arrestor Italy Garrett blunt yeah. So it reached its blunt force trauma with the running game right nobody can -- rights of the Steelers are gonna. Hammer you up to -- the gonna challenge -- -- out -- the -- and still on the outside. And then they're gonna bring entry -- satellite player. Powered defense disposed to account for tree archer went before -- got their hands full. And again it now look at your quarterback. You're gonna quarterback that's hard to knock that -- have very athletic he's just tough as nails out right sure and so -- they've got the ability to keep plays alive. They've got the building out a mix their backfield up with guys who can knock you over and guys who you can't touch. So it's. I tell you what you know Todd Haley were not the biggest transit Todd -- is offensive coordinator right. You know tapers get a handle -- Allen and -- -- asked -- -- launcher right at it but look let's get let's give some credit where credit is due and we get a better job last year. That offense definitely. You know picked up some steam. -- archer keep it and -- you know if you go back and look at his -- he's tried some of these smaller players for yeah most recently with Dexter McCluster. Now he's had trouble making it work. You know I think archer might be the guy or works. Interest and rights of this couple we don't have a lot of time he's an exceptional athlete he is electric if if anybody was in that -- does this. That -- to show this this this show has not seen tree archer play go to roto -- Go to on the top toolbar are wrote about and read the scouting report. That's this guy's a special talent and -- and you're actually erection is small and -- his injury risk and that's why we're not telling needed to draft this guy. You know in the middle you're draft and then later late round value sure exactly this is -- whole point with us and again in this article is that -- -- -- -- at all. And there's no draft on the champions this year archery -- don't support the -- over the suspect that good to know. Few seconds left and -- just a -- some of the names that are on the undrafted article Cody your camera with the Broncos that's a big. Marlon Brown receiver Cody -- -- Cody -- should move up yet -- latter hours ago -- don't like code Latimer would love Cody labs is on the problems right and the fact that he's now Peyton Manning office. Cash. I mean if if you get one injury. Cody -- -- if there's an injury to any of the people ahead in the depth chart he will be a household name a couple weeks awesome in coming up at. Wrote -- -- is the second installment of drafting reversed look for that they'll be up later today. And that's a -- -- it's the Tennessee football hour here it features the conversation between you and I Pete Davidson the chief Tennessee football writer for Radovan dot com thanks so much.

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