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Three For All: Lou narrowly avoids death, 8-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

Lou was on The Baseball Show and a light came crashing down on the set. Christian talks about a punk-kid from England who was picking on mourners in a cemetery. Also, Brittney Griner got married.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate boss didn't Renaissance man -- -- -- at least three or wrong. Number 30 yeah -- kind of three threes overall picture. It's three overall dvds with MF. Big day for them at Baylor Maloney Christian -- team events. Here at Foxboro at Gillette Stadium is patriots Monday thanks in that Julian Edelman and Chandler Jones for joining us this interview is available on demand WEEI. Dot com. The -- spell it instruction. You need a new roof -- delicate structures where you go and what we throw a lot of things at the root for the -- -- -- everyday sometimes fortunately it sometimes it isn't. I'm just happy you lose here today Christian because we almost lost him let's start there for anybody who. Witness the baseball show you know what I'm talking about last night on Comcast but if you didn't Lou which care recap. As opposed to brush with death like Madonna Jerry Remy Austin it was some. It's almost -- and a true we're doing our show -- a all of a sudden. Mid sentence I think -- Bob new wireless speaking we had this we get the lights up next go until 8 o'clock. And all the sudden it just fell right in the sense and it just felt right in front of my -- mid just swallowed TV live TV -- -- opposite. I really obviously here -- read about how I saw growth and second video of it. This -- like pictures came smashing boundary in front of right at me they know me and Steve Buckley to nowhere to go with that. But I was was kind of repeat the show went on you know we just didn't skip a beat we just kept talking like it didn't happen. Now -- when you're when you're obviously you had that spider sense of yours -- -- -- it didn't didn't didn't yes yes yes and no Soviet while -- you're not able to you. Used that spices to say hi Patrick didn't crack at podcast. And his top -- going to you -- -- a new one. Odd and on social and I thought that the president -- cracked the top corner my iPad came down pretty good then the worst part about it was not like I'm just gonna mess -- it as a team. That he didn't like the fiberglass stuff kind of stuff off a little bit of but no I was it's always -- always always fun. It's never dull moment on the baseball show about a theoretical cash like sweet to nobody else smashes right in front of me right right -- might -- -- in -- WEEI you can see it there now Christian if -- had expired. When the light almost fell on his head. I know this feed into your obsession lately for ghostly way I want evidence such as you go -- second or third time not run it all the time. I don't remember this brought up evidence session with though it's the second time you brought up ghosts for the three -- -- -- yes I I I got useful and you're I don't believe in ghosts what you're on the road you brought up as a free for all discussion from our -- I'll give the minutes of the -- so. Gravity could someone give me some -- music and goes down gives the go sound -- us. Well we you -- already on up on. The public this knuckle and this is flat out knucklehead. Though there's this this -- -- -- 2.4 year old guy's name at least -- so British it is though he what he was doing was. Hammered polluted. -- -- out playing soccer which is like kicking -- ball back and forth the case for all those football he called what is really soccer. So as this family was mourning mourning the death of of off of a loved one this guy. Acts like the scene from bills you know with Patrick Swayze yeah it -- when he died like you'd get like that the school to come out of the shadows and it would pull you away in the darkness. -- -- -- -- And as he was doing it he was making this about -- I would have read this so throwing himself backwards waving his arms about it going who. And they were laughed me. -- -- -- -- -- Got to plot because it's not yeah if that's not our love what we're used basically mocking the mortars and here's what happened so he gets arrested. And they -- him 58 dollars. 58 dollars bought it I guess yeah do something right I mean you can't let go to slap on the wrist and here's what his attorney said he he says. He has accepted that his behavior if -- had been outside of a cemetery would not have been inappropriate no crap. Are you kidding me you got released a statement that well. We do all voted no big deal out what you're doing it as they're mourning for their mother -- there others -- -- bother others -- -- and local. -- -- -- I mean really that's that's I would love to publish the public when the raced home and all. Our line is sports related today and it comes to us from this and I believe this groundbreaking material our first WNBA reference. Yeah and I laughs yes we got talking about college football back we are not talking about WNBA. I'm on the line at WNBA. Is ahead of college football I mean does not know they can't -- -- WNBA players are getting engaged and they play on opposing teams you see this. President honor pretty all right and the unfortunately named glory Johnson. Are getting engaged on an out of it and go to college or just one of those missed. I wish -- formed over the season's not over the self glory play. I don't know glory plays but I can only imagine she's -- -- Brittany griner because pretty writers like seven feet yeah it's cheap it's probably you brittney griner. If you really -- woman's. That makes. It's hot -- forever and right now I'm a lesson it's Annika there. These when these things -- it good for them. Right I mean -- the schedule going to be like -- don't look at all aren't an issue not -- -- -- -- of Ramallah gay marriage I'm just I'm thinking of it from the standpoint of played against your spouse. Play against your significant other is one place for Tulsa the other one place for Phoenix that was edited that. I don't care about the gender sexuality aspect of whatsoever just can you imagine an athletic competition where you have to. Foul your spouse try to strip the ball block the ball. I don't know drive the -- and go out your spouse -- Johnson is gonna have to do. Whatever -- -- -- conflict of interest here isn't there that's not as bad as they would view that the that your wife. Of them was on this -- -- issue. That's speakers use those road trips is like you don't you catch them breath we watched the movie I want I want to the program may. I may leg -- you don't want them a note to doing a -- One of our article. Implies -- -- the -- to close nearly I know that. She's really struggling with their confidence right now Greta I really don't want to urge him -- -- -- that's happened so -- so I'm not gonna slot this thing into the fourth row and embarrass or because I know she's found. It. And it what do you do with that that you are playing it each other and it's one of those if the big time game that means a lot. If you know she's sick are you know maybe she's stifled the information that's a little babies got a hip pointer right or maybe she rolled ankle now you being on that other team. Don't you feel like you need to share that information. With -- you with your teammates listen I know I'm not guarding -- but you. Them you know -- governor Arnold are left to get killed or left the tactic. I mean the goals to win right but -- you -- do week dash layup for -- rotate over eggs water and the thirty sect rose again because it's your spouse. So -- about this isn't that you got at this you really the bigger a quick decision like to meet you wanna you know be happy when you go home. Or do you really want to actually somebody's gotta gotta gotta gotta be taken out of some. Is it like two Brothers kind of you know -- added you have competition in in -- -- -- -- rather misses. You know about the supreme about fighting very acknowledge your right not early it's that it is it can be a delicate situation. If -- if -- you know it might be a lot of apologies but -- -- who knows what else. Put reps -- get what it would be district and make it would be plentiful water is not one person Trinidad. Went over big meetings. I'm all over the cores and -- alleges that next thing you know you idiots ever Brothers played against each -- not the same thing it's not -- -- -- close is really different I had ever slept in the same bed with a sibling. Is that it's not what your spouse and I did hear that Barbara. Until it was the fifth grade so I don't view I don't think they do -- able. About what you did I could've -- that there -- -- are categorized as a cue from aren't there right now. We come back maybe tall order for commissioner would have been a good idea after all we'll talk about that next 37 WEEI.

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