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Patriots DE Chandler Jones sits down with MFB, 8-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

Chandler Jones talks with the midday guys and AGAIN he's asked about his brother, Jon, right off the bat. He played 18 snaps against the Eagles and talks about the adjustments players will have to make with some of the new rules. He was also asked about when fights break out among teammates during practices.

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Chandler Jones -- -- are brought to you by Verizon never miss patriots game this season. With a combined power NFL mobile and files quantum TV and Internet exclusively from Verizon Chandler Jones on four with a right now in the chair. That Julian has vacated -- wide receivers meaning well. We'll get put on second church announced it the most important stuff. You know in -- weird way this might actually turn out to be a good thing and benefit you because now the postponement. Of the fight for your brother Jon bones Jones. It is January the sixth. So do you guys take care of this this year and win the division I get up by. All go out to Vegas right you're charter in the play and we're going out there are big team meeting typically imparting the biggest thing is -- can sit in the back half. That's all I hate you know. Schedule our day and injured or owners of the biggest thing -- and just to get healthy but it does don't quote I saw that it was January 6 at -- the stairs hit it it is bottom he broke as much if you vote yes yes oh so it's not doctor may not start. He's I hope is that though -- -- and it would -- training he was sure it was kicking it was so. Tom -- very important markers it was rumba in February heart you Cormier gonna. Regenerate cells that can happen -- people start up this hype again after it reached its fever pitch before him have the -- next -- Man oh blow it for that'll be some sort of -- excuse for a Little League -- -- purpose of this man call can be initiated -- you guys obviously deepens and agree this first time out there this week you know -- proxy against the Redskins and against -- Eagles which guys they are all of your performance of the starters. -- the better. President elect as dollars and improvement you know. Perfect for what team and is undefeated teams in. You know that there's -- teams have been muted but a perfect football team you know there's those areas were well we can give better and its rivals that are. -- eighteen snaps for you -- me I think everybody looked out there and posted -- first. Defense I think played very well the oil favored that long to make the office of the ball the whole time but eighteen snaps civil right which he thought going in or is it more of just wanted to take me -- good. It's never taking -- gas would be you know you know Clinton years it's very far and you know a lot of times you know people -- Obama promised -- have during the regular season. And and that's all the credit to whatever course Belichick says you know I'm going to again not enough on the nose -- -- play and never you know Bill Belichick hasn't done. I'm done. No surprises from seeing those guys in there and we can practice to get any kind -- Rick Honeycutt different. You know protection packages or anything on the dollar was pretty much -- -- as pretty much those sailors Switzerland some got to practice that we dig in the game. Note that a lot of surprises and I'm I'm not personally -- I didn't -- Jimmy Johns for us are patriots Monday amid days with MF be. One area that might be a focal point going into the third pre season game for the defense anyways to cover the tight end to a better job against items. Are you know that's we we'd we'd try to find every week you know we got which terrifying you know certain. Strong points or certain weaknesses and our defense and try to do better athlete that's every. Good defense you don't want any witnesses at all. So -- you know you know my it's my job personally sometimes a cover of time then I would do better government that. It looked like it. And on a number of occasions Philadelphia's do whatever -- and they're known for this to try to create mismatches with exotic looks like having wide receivers in the back field and things like that it tough to use them as a template to build off of for the next week because they do so many different things. When it comes trying to create those mismatches we look at film. -- -- -- And we have to prepare for the gas -- you know Mike McKee says the -- receivers in mind though. In the bag -- -- combat pilots is a solid that was foreign to us I mean they they didn't practice so -- -- some you have to prepare for in in. And get ready for general what's the deal with the handsome face -- illegal contact with a chance to face now. I know sometimes it just happens right and he's your your hands -- -- you're trying to get across is trying to rip do whatever you're accidentally going to. You hit somebody's face mask so. How much does that affect your game worried about okay I can't actually do what I wanted to because I don't wanna get a penalty but at same time inspection -- pass rush ability. That's a very very tough one you know. In the pass -- in this league you don't you don't around the -- thing about a moment ago in my hand in this guy's face at that system to the last thing. It's should be in your mind you know first you're signing your mind meaning to the -- and in doing your job. -- those little assignment. But -- you as oppressors -- you just wanna go out there and do whatever you can to get -- sentences to get the -- So already off the ball thing about that -- I thought about it too much. Because lab animals are a lot of cardinals on an early start slapping guys -- sprinkles from both sides of the ball so. No I know I know you don't leaders don't hand there's no head slapping and more but it seems like. They're so quick to throw those penalties on the offensive lineman with Peterson hit somebody in the chest your hand the kind of slips up it just happens. Mean they've been at they've been trying to what are they trying to do to guesstimate you guys more aware of it. Well we're just -- to start your points lower you know on your off. Misalignment I feel like you simply slower. Because I mean there's there's been a few times this offs uses pre season where there's been -- that that car has been called a few times and access look at it's a little advantageous to have for the defense in -- and I and I mean you know who. Some technical hockey player on. Your head. And it's like Canadians like Casablanca that. Get a solid player solid loan. Will -- view acting class. That -- And obviously on that side of as far as the flags that are being thrown left and right I mean it's just we're talking before flag football NFL rules with like for you defensive -- is it just. Is that difficult to see that ruined. But the pace of the game for you. You know there's less. Aaron you saw all the flags and -- -- and begin again -- says. -- across all this is -- for a long time. You know the first quarter. But. It does taste of pace of the game I feel like you know I think there's a thing you can do about it you know I'm not going to consider anything -- -- -- ruling -- -- Listing rules. Blood I don't know I think it's his pace of the game you know some sometimes they're -- -- -- -- dollars in penalties and now a third down again and you know cutting theory that you -- happening. Kind of cool down in the that you warmed up against what's gonna happen them look I enjoy. It is cool Joseph Johns for us what does bill say to a player gets an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and what did he say do you guys if anything after he is on the sidelines and you have to do as I say not as they do I. -- we we have we haven't talked about that book. Of course that that usually when a player gets you know personal file. My -- and a player to the personal file. I felt -- of those levels are are things that can be controlled you know I think there are careless mistakes or something and some things are on call for. I know sometimes you get you know in the heat of the game or you know some -- as we get a little emotionally too anxious and personal that's on the US it control you know. You know mr. depth. Two while going you know try to get together and explain in a positive way you know to commit a planned event for Obama. You have a careless mistake or or play aware you know it's just -- necessary roughness hit -- -- proposal that things that you can't and room. Do you think this week given the last two weeks you've gone up against a Redskins guard against the Eagles have practiced. Is that at -- do you like doing that how different this week will be -- just you guys. -- you know it I kind of -- -- -- increases in games that it's like that you know we get a chance to practice against the guys before you to play him you know Vera for their practice. What about how to get to in the groove you know on the first two weeks at a pre season you've got to get the guy before you get the extra play get them under the right. And amnesty or a week you know united practicing -- anymore in golf -- play against Carolina. Pass it felt like it gives you more you know ready for the season you know during the season you know -- that we wanted to play my name on the president's mind so. You know you have to do based in what you see is what they've done thus far always hinges on the -- and said. Were you surprised of the war like a fight so it is so if there was any -- the past two weeks -- look at what's going on out to California with the Oakland raiders of the Dallas Cowboys fans don't begin to get in on the arm on the fight. I mean is it. Is it something that you guys just that coaches like. -- your headless and be respectful if you feel like you're getting irritated with somebody just pulled back step away from the the situation or is it just as more brother lost situation out there. Take care which as pros know that we are teammates you know Mike Walker it's part of the sport might do happen. -- well we're we're out of them. Over here to pay to condone -- -- and -- to somebody the rest of the Eagles are guy. Was their guy on either one of those teams it was a it was starting to donors as somebody's standard equipment that it -- you know. Control the situation I was hoping that fortunately never that was received and who would have to regulate that would you be the regulator that's it's I don't know the and I am down most of bros -- expected. -- -- I think our -- yeah one guy I don't wanna mess you know I will say I would -- you know this is my third year now. Gordon is -- -- -- third season in Iowa State drama whole football career. I've never been tried to the number try to fight in office because of that reason would terrible -- Actually there's no night there's some some moves on see that's like. Oh yeah this could keep it. Below so that -- Arthur and his. We'll tell him to get healthy look at I would do -- you stale and things come dollars extra I Janet Jones for a patriots Monday as always hear from Gillette Stadium.

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