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Patriots QB's look sharp in pre-season win over Philly, 8-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

All 3 Patriot QB's looked good on Friday night in pre-season action. With Tom Brady's spot secure on the depth chart, MFB take a look Mallett and Garoppolo and wonder if it's worth keeping 3 QB's on the roster.

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In Foxboro at Gillette Stadium for patriots Monday it's it -- Christian Fauria -- Maloney middays with -- being. Was elected -- studious rub in the clear and agreements up in the bathroom. Sadly no country actors still empty cell phone number Social Security number I don't. Rub cream -- I've -- was -- you wanna do that man. You give it back. But don't go -- older man. Do like to help somebody else. Smells like locks on there it is true. Because chaos. All went off. Clean but it smelt. Horrible. I don't know locked in at the -- worker came in dropped producer Matt yeah and that's that no more than. Smell outside -- sewage -- From the team and could have been that was about -- Room it was worse than last week's gonna walk in CNET. Outlets -- agencies with that you'll know -- know that was chaos last week it was fun. It was literally holding the republic but as Brian all of in the side joined -- went down I don't think you want to call trump card whenever we needed will hold it. Holds on that slows the national comes on an old listeners are waiting for that would bated breath you need to have him on it in like you discuss his role you know it would split itself. I don't know I could find inspiration a couple of tickets when he comes back nobody and that's all in the war front row VIP. So in between opportunities to try to one up the guy from Atlanta. With the Robin Williams references. What did you take away from the game the other night Christian. Other than my references yeah other -- I don't know anybody and hurt all I got a couple of happy feet inhaled include air was better about it that much. So all of -- Is that it's all about your hair was almost used somber racist. It there is that there is a huge effort on my part to make sure that that -- was not able to play the sole glow reference from coming to America. That was my main priority I spoke to my Barbara says listen don't make it look too -- this time it's like dripping down -- it's like I'm sweating. The case that we need to fix this Purcell and cut it down okay and we need to lighten it up and give it more dry look so I think they make -- -- to his opinion on Brady to the year yes during that game -- -- -- that real populist it will go well god. Jim Brady the -- of a fifteen years and keeps getting better. -- -- in bush get better every year and a lot of people back there that here distinct from tended to with Fauria. You're wearing green with Cuba today. It is Belgrade and I think it all the -- let's look all the guys that backed up we forgot about the guys that really matters. On braiding. -- that pick act to Carrie Williams a ball. In which I did look at it that I mean I'm sorry for offensive linemen doesn't know the route I. Black arts it was kind of place. I thought accident I ridiculous. That's room. I'd go to the ballot it would have been well he should have the wherewithal to know the scenario. That -- not true at all -- -- I. He's on Sunday and -- on Sunday. I mean even practiced in the active duty. I saw you as a blocking. The -- So. We had this discussion. Whose fault is it -- fault or not in the coach's fault or. In the first place. I'm all for assuming that he knows what to do in this -- step. -- Williams but that's -- monopoly very -- yet you really wanted to make nice dropped interception for. Apologize right it's outwardly I've respected -- coats. Actor checked your great on no hard feeling an all out -- all this stuff happened at all. But really I -- all. So hard during that telecast saw him the. Elderly guy anybody I know anybody but he's. But really aside from that interception. Every other pass but one was caught he was eight of nine side that take 81 yards. The quarterback operating in 94 for Tom one touchdown Google along with interception iced roads. To -- into the back shoulder mallet seven of 1192 yards with a pick and no interceptions he also ran for a score -- us. -- dropped -- six of 1272. Yards two touchdowns no interceptions. We are speaking before the show started today guys and I walked away with the pain that -- -- a lot better -- below actually in my opinion a little bit better in game one. In game two I thought he got away with that touchdown pass which could have been picked up in the end zone may be roles in a different story about the fate. -- Ryan mallet but at the point now -- keeping three quarterbacks. Is the best decision because of your ability. To have depth at that position as opposed to making a move to cut now or trade ballot. Just the -- give. Creating a fifty their roster spot for an extra tight end or an extra wide receiver or DB that otherwise wouldn't be on the team. Hope there is -- and all that trouble. Me a minute now knows bought from now I don't. Wow. He had -- harsh. But that's kind of obvious. It's obvious it is based on. A stick -- out second round. Outperforming. The former starter. Who was in front. -- I would assume. Based on my performance just forget about it. It's three years but a lot of -- in in meaningless games. So so far Rob Lowe has now Lleyton now. And I don't think it's close I mean if you're judging it as like me -- ever judged boxing and a yours and all of all the sports your I've been to boxing -- -- cure all US -- -- -- school or USC like how would you scored. Just on to the first round music even close we'll -- I think game two is a lot more would draw the but it won't get around on the. Well I don't know but anyway I think -- looked good in in week two I thought he played well. But I from I don't feel this is anything to do with -- I really don't. -- gigs although Jimmy drop gloves in effort of these CNET first week in every sense it's it's if if you start having confidence in Jimmy drop below can handle it. There is no need no matter how well Ryan -- place. The one guys is going to be here for a few years one that we know always gonna be gone this offseason do you know that. So it it's it's if -- to rappel up those guys are tied -- -- win problem played better doesn't even matter. If grappled shows he can handle it he comes in second which I think says a lot -- once against better competition. But the numbers what six for twelve -- that's not great. But I thought he still showed well -- those exact same guy. Maybe made a mistake -- that Palestinians want the Bill Belichick I think in the sidelines talk to a -- today let's. That's a risky throw up it's not there don't try to force in the original take three points and move on try to do -- next time. But I still thought he looked good. And if he does. And there's no need to have Ryan now -- -- you look at some of the other positions but just want to battle yeah avid -- only. I understand. They execute down at their quarterback is -- the patriots. As a matter I mean if it immediately -- -- you can do and he needs so a lot. There -- matters little if Brady goes down you screwed. It matters a little bit more number two and two they are pretty close. Nightly if it Tom Brady goes down -- with Mallard or upload your -- and elegant all the forty Mort you're kind of looking closer the -- the -- as good as we keep saying it is. Maybe you're looking indicted seven and try to get in the playoffs the pads when he goes down right or how many games he's going to be out. My point is if you've got three quarterbacks that work well in your system. Does it not the -- of due to hold onto all three if radiation go down because that you can turn to somebody in a real -- and not be totally screwed. If we're saying that should make -- Rob Lowe has already advanced the level that he didn't pass Ryan -- on the depth chart. The what's the harm of keeping three guys that know what they're doing at a very important position. In the name of cutting one of them otherwise for guys need to be a defensive back. But that's the thing it's not between mallet and in drop off and drop looking Joey can hit it's it's now between mallet I'll the last team that -- the last -- well. How do you expect to be Malcolm Butler. How she looked. Mean it could be -- mean you want to look at the roster is that look at around it could be a difference of of James Devlin. Now -- don't have four weeks basically he's got Bryant James -- -- mix of people who showed well again in the -- honorable those guys coming back. And then you have to make too big box guys have been with you for four weeks. I got this and that the extra offensive lineman. That the difference for Iran and went -- Macon team of people not turning guys on this guy but the -- he's been playing the first two weeks or should he win he's been playing the first couple weeks. I think that roster spot is valuable if you -- one guy you conference in the can do it as well as Ryan mallet now that is any need to keep their quarterback. I only -- is I was nervous about the whole problem being the only back it was just because of -- wasn't sure he could handle it out I could sure if it is -- did happen he was the only person. Could they hide his youth is an experience and I think they -- with the with the with the receivers that they have that backs that they have. -- and it did it last year with the lack of receive a ticket to a this year if they needed it what that but at the court defense is going to be strong. They're going to be able to bail out of a bunch of bad situations if that situation does come up. -- -- Rob Lowe who could may or may not be a starter. Could screw up but at times although they don't want to learn on the run and be able to overcome it just based back that the defense can get commodity. What is he shown you Christian it is that you you both feel that way right -- hasn't. Is that gonna show enough you gonna be nervousness Jack come and incomes in eastern Illinois -- two weeks now you're you're well on to say OK I like what I see what what have you -- to make you change humor on that. The learning curve is not a speaks about -- I thought it was going to be a while for this guy just to conduct hand dole. All the progression now you saw a little bit it last week I mean on Friday just based on they were they -- the couple times he was able to handle it in get out of it. That's the stuff but he he'll handle the chaos but yes they're gonna roll him on third down the -- the other gonna beat him into different situation just because. We can't handle it. But he senior not -- but he hasn't seen it in real time which I think is a huge difference so. I don't cornerback who's gonna see ghost and it makes big budget stupid mistakes just because. He has been he doesn't know what the ball -- to hold off the ball a little bit more and he'll take sacks apiece helping careless just because he doesn't -- Have a -- which usually makes them have a the bad place. I think -- -- to hold those guys in handed -- locate whoever take a risk -- There if it's ever take a risk on -- stick around and get him all the reps in practice all the scout. Out team practices you know make you sit there with Brady all the time but it takes some reps of during the week later in the season. And he can give me attitude and he can't I think that's what I believe I'm a more comfortable with him being second string quarterback alone. With no third string guy no older guy like they do in the past that I was last week I've. Pacers fans what do you think I think keeping three quarterbacks is worth it when we Christian don't seem to -- take your thought 61777979837. The reason I guess I'm as adamant about this as I am is that there had to be a scenario in their mind. Where they thought themselves that by the time or double for pre season games it is possible that Ryan mallet is still going to be better than Jimmy drop. Right yeah OK so going into the pre season they had to think to themselves it is more likely than not. That we're gonna go in with three quarterbacks. Now should they change their course because drop below is more advanced that perhaps predicted going into the games. What are they giving up on Ryan mallet for is it a trade for a seventh rounder. If they can't get it -- just gonna flat out caught him. And if so who stays so that Ryan now it goes and what happens then if Tom Brady gets hurt early. That's why I'm in favor of keeping the three like princess is look at tight ends are right. What tight end that otherwise really shouldn't make this team is going to make it because they decide to let go like that's. Just a bad media picking a tentative starter right now I mean you look at -- know nobody does nobody tied imposition. But what if what about you said. Again like us that some of these other guys are both Devlin. We will welcome Butler you know brown comes back. Oh what about a defensive lineman would only look at some of those guys they have. The guy they just traded for. I mean you give that the 53 man you crap all over I don't as much. I look at it and say that is a guy that can help you. Winning game that can be in a rotation. During the game somebody goes down maybe it's Bryant -- when he comes back. -- who knows -- some injuries that can happen but there are guys there are question marks. Well that final week when we come down -- gonna be. Three spots and it's going to be five names on there it is gonna be those last that last -- is a guy that you might want on your team that you're not gonna keep. Because you need three quarterbacks when your second round pick has shown he can be the backed up. I mean this is in -- value -- the quarterback in the first second third round. If they don't start for you there at the backed up. Maybe not third string quarterbacks. Did did they might not start because they're young or the guy in front -- a guy like Tom Brady sitting behind Tom Brady is the backup. Is good for Jimmy -- need to -- third string quarterback where US golfers put off by the notion of them sacrifice in the 53 islands and drop below was taken back in April. May not exist side and beat her I. -- -- why you draft the guy's gonna -- for a law. But when I look at it now and see the way the kids play in. I just don't see the -- or an agreement that Ryan mallet -- released by the patriots is gonna have a job 24 hours right. So someone's gonna take him it was a decision that O'Brien order. Our season good position now right now fit for a while all of -- it oils and. If you are being cut now -- some quarterback is gonna go out there and get hurt pre season is gonna have a job. I think at some point between now -- the end of the pre season some backup quarterbacks some words can underperformed the point of Ryan mallet is available you'll be signed. And signed quick Indio let that there's an Edwards Obama can't take that two spot and then if Tom Brady gets hurt. Early in the season and grow -- -- -- pastor starts. You're not gonna have the luxury necessarily being able to pick up the phone to get Ryan -- back here to back up Jimmy grapple. I'm saying I value the assurance and insurance of having those two capable guys to Tom Brady. More so than I do -- -- the last tight end. He backed -- -- linemen linebacker is to make -- yes yes or seventy wide receiver is gonna keeps later anyway and specialty. Seattle I I don't know I'm not I turned the corner on this I'm good with not Cecil got two more games on but I just my mom was kind of made up. On -- anyways. We'll see back the last season that is I do not agree with me I don't I don't agree with -- is still think he has. And when I -- hasn't it. There's a lot of things nickel nickel and that it's not just your playing ability the way you carry yourself with the way you yours yours your teammates. You know I guess just look at juiced -- the leader I think that's important the way you dress the way you talk to the CEO. Of the organization if your starting -- in backup quarterbacks in the right now it's great putt because his sloppy dress I'm not -- but but listen this is money ball. My girlfriend to go. Apple -- you know but I tell from that. Jim Furyk makes fun of Ryan -- ugly girlfriend but I haven't seen by the way but it's important you act like it is but it is. OK so but beyond that. Convinced last year that he was a capable starting quarterback thus we need -- new backup quarterback because this guy is not so we can keep for the future it beat it into the house to play. I'm nervous. I'm nervous I guess he played good he played good okay he played third quarter. Fourth quarter he should succeed it should be really easy for him. He's a starter -- -- you're gonna see him starting game again so if he was healthy enough to play. Friday while the -- what was the second man in. But what wasn't it that's my spot why you why you giving him the second string quarterback role I'm healthy. And obviously he could run scored a touchdown with his legs though. Well like he was impeded by by anything other than just this guy may be a little better or maybe wanna get Bryant drop in sooner you. Surprise you said rebel -- second. And I think it does -- And I -- we get more reps out of remorse priced out of practice it put amend it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hide behind affected you know roll right now is practice all week with political things while he giggle and -- any did you play well like you said -- for the touchdown wasn't the knee. I think -- drop below in the it was obvious he was trying to. See him against better competition -- -- Steve Burton was a little bit shocked to see him in the early halftime. Well let's surprise drop below what -- those soon. What didn't and don't notice or Italy. Sean had a car plunged -- near I 93 sending guides shot. Mary. Writes on our I don't know. I. Eight. The golden dollars and. -- you're around. Our nation about Iraq in part on whether or not. They should have the rear view. I think it chipped it up as if I'm ready to put down. It's a bad -- to begin with. So. Why not have it be dropped or OP candidates that actually look you'd get the heat stroke when Brady not there any way. Experience. -- it's gonna be gone at the end of this year anyway but I don't think it's about experience abilities but winning games. You know so it's. If he thinks maladies that much better than drop all the fun you keep right now but I think that the gap is closing. If not sloppy field problems 00 -- -- that last week which was was good -- for -- again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If top pretty gets hurt in week three and he's out for a couple weeks don't -- want. The luxury of even if you go to Jimmy -- -- being able to turn to mallet if grapple bombs. In game one and shows he's not ready for regular season football against. Starters. Having a guy's been in the system for awhile but knows what to do they can immediately go in and I think Brian -- provide that assurance that insurance more so in a scrub off. Straddled me so I don't think that -- he would describe that you're calling the 53 guy. Is a backup not screw off the street I meant for summit idea I describe -- to talk about that last spot. That's my spot as a backup. He's an offensive lineman and he's a backup offensive -- all you know whatever may -- figures its wing guys I think that's more valuable than a third string quarterback. I value the third string quarterback more than six point 777979837. When we come back for as good as the quarterbacks looked. In New England against Philadelphia the other night at Foxboro here or we are doing a pitcher's -- paper's go to the quarterback's work. The -- looked even better -- and then man they saw and called everything. What they also. We'll talk about that -- back night resentment of media.

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