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Patriots WR Julian Edelman joins MFB, 8-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

On a Patriots Monday, Julian Edelman sat down talk about Friday night's game vs. the Eagles. He talked about all the flags that were thrown and how the team has to adjust. He also compares his comfort level with Tom Brady right now, to where he was heading into camp LAST season.

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-- element here on 937 WB EI. Your name of -- site to keep track I mean we at a local team from Cumberland Rhode Island right down the road it's in their so. Gotta keep your you tabs on your money Davis -- like the rest of the country. You know -- a fantasy team -- we -- And they start you're out okay can talk about Little League fantasy just can't talk about NFL fantasy right -- let's do that anymore and I had the -- the girl pitcher. It broke -- -- donate to us but on strikes we did they did it make. -- -- announcement you couldn't play as a football. Is that part of as a part of the mandate from just leave quiet -- is that just -- you know I don't think you're allowed play in leagues that have money. Involved in the pool or some like that media. So merger after I could you could. I guess stacked the deck a team fought inside information you have my rookie year I've played and out. Of course it was day. Money free. Cool course you know in a different. I had you know a lot of our guys and if you knew the game and you need to start so yes that's until these guys are playing Carolina. I have my own team so whatever Steve Smith. One of the week of practice I knew he was gonna catch ten balls for a 182 -- that he was starting PP our yeah semi easy let's go. So listen so what happened on that one play in the first quarter yes speaking of stats in Tennessee football my pre season and Salinas group because you gave credit for a cash. You know I don't know they. We got the penalty yet down there -- You know going in trouble by says but you made the catch. So I think what was the thought process double what was bill waiting for Oregon so I catch you 67 yards on the cult -- the catch yeah. I think coaches is trying to. You know see what with the results of what if they called to catch it in called catch. I think you're just trying to clarification. Partners I really don't know but. You know I -- yeah. It was really all acts too obvious he did it seem like UN that Gil -- walk in here and those are so yellow all night long right -- flags and I got the White -- and analysts here as a wide receiver -- But it still -- guilty I mean you you some of those calls you a little embarrassed with some of the calls they're making against you guys. Before you. Now I mean there's there's there's not. They're gonna call a game like that -- getting used to it for the regular season and kind of you know like train a dog get a trainer went out there and and and throw probably a little more now pending get in guys' heads to. To think towards the regular season so you know we're gonna played out every every team has to deal with that in our team has to deal our defense has built itself. You know that's what they want and that's the route they wanna go that's who got to do. I was gonna last before the restaurant let's go hopefully one more week. I mean you want you don't want to. In other raiders he's not received when he at flags game. I mean I don't know I -- I'm not a were I'm not ratify the you know -- they have their own meetings -- they have the point of emphasis of the year. That game who knows. You know. As a player you know the rules and in you're gonna go out there and you're gonna play. Do business as business is being done so few seats tight game you're gonna you're gonna you know tighten it up a little it's not you know you that's when you know loosen up and you know get away with push offers some like that so he's gonna you're gonna just how bout against being called. When you look at it this season joined did you. Do you have a different appreciation best based on how much success you had last year and do you feel a little more pressure to count I guess duplicate that -- mean and what have you done to make sure you're in the right remind them that physically fit I guess to accomplish that. You know this this year you know little different. You know. Now I get to really kind of focus on my fundamentals on. You know plays. That that I can go up there in and not have to think about. You know a bunch -- noise what's going on this that. You really get to brush up you know route technique. You you have the experience from my sheared to see what guys have done on certain plays certain. Techniques certain you know had Bob's all this kind of stuff so. You know it it's it's it's good to the kind of learn from last year in and try to use that as a foundation and and go on from there are so. We -- we compare maybe where you are this year where you are last year as an office maybe comfort them Tom Brady with everybody are you that far advanced that guys can do more because. He knows you guys more these weapons last year us your jump is in the morning guy new guy Danny Amendola went to -- run around do you feel that you guys are had a game. You know we do have a year of experience under each other though. And of course you're going to be a little more familiar with guys but. You know. As you guys see in the game evolves each year teachers are different here. I'm with the -- penalties are being called this. I mean you have to adjust and adapt to all those those different variables. And you know we're gonna have to see how teams are gonna place this year you know he always scout team and they always end -- doing some different so you know it's it's always know that ongoing battle of adjusting and adapting and you know the more we can practice that that adapt and go toward your rules in your your fundamentalism what you have to do on that play. The more comfortable you'll be in the game. -- gentleman with this on -- patriots Monday as always thanks for coming in Julian we appreciate it on my question to let go look at. I -- the rapist -- -- -- -- -- -- do you think the big mean nickname is gonna stick. Thomas actually called you and don't pygmies running on a pig -- beat -- tribe and in the Amazon -- person -- -- people you know. He's the commander in -- so what does this.

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