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LLWS Recap on the Producer's Podcast 8-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

Sam Packard and Zach Geld recap the the first four days of the Little League World Series. Mo'Ne Davis dominates and we get you ready for Japan-South Korea and Pennsylvania-Nevada.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- With Sam Parker. -- -- -- You gotta do random -- blow it once -- yeah. Jimmy dated it's totally dig it no -- and chatty pedophile. He's got to keep -- -- and and it cannot be it. It's got to keep living. I don't live here on -- producers podcast with -- scaled and -- Packard. Quick quick turnaround this week yeah we got more fees. Little League World Series action I'm jacked up it was one of the four best days of the year in my opinion. -- -- teams and great personalities and great action each -- it was extremely different to he had mercy rule or stay close games the second day. Little wild -- is -- lord. It was insane. What are your first first question is what are your thoughts on the new format. Instead of the two pool planes it's just one. I like it because quality winner's bracket winners. Winners taking -- winner winners take you know winners we got coming up this week we got. Two games between undefeated teams immersed in Nevada congress is fairly great matchup -- at -- at the suckers. Our nation as the heroes to help their team that clown but that they are -- -- -- so -- it's really -- -- at the winners -- -- losers bracket means teams still have a chance -- -- lost twice I mean -- -- a couple hours from -- who cares about. Czech Republic vs Australia no one cares about that obviously the U wanna -- Venezuela I think they're gonna make -- that losers bracket but I think that's where they're gonna play the loser of Korea Japan. And there are I have to win that to get back the right to the plate and again -- or Korea right thing we got. Let's break it down -- let's start off with just your -- broke moments. From the weekend so far from the iron from the four days will be in the first two -- first four rounds. Obviously -- -- Davis excellent. Pitching performance on Thursday. Complete game -- Most impressed with money is she knew she only eight pitches going into that lasting mean. She had done its contact she knew it -- early quick outs and she got it done. Yet as she lived up to the -- Definitely definitely did and now she's due up for a huge battle. Huge battle against Nevada -- -- -- kind of comment in no way out of feeling -- -- I think -- -- good considering -- the first -- California team to come out of the last couple years. So they had been pretty decent. I do not expect them to put her in on Chicago. Chicago comes. One game one pierce Jones who -- Jones owns its three dinners. And it triple and a triple has a fantastic game I'm thinking in fifteen total bases no this stuff Jackie Robinson west and then about a comes in. Two hits them in the bottom picture destroyed them. It's that he was. It seemed like they held their -- app for that second game. There might have been might have been and that's the the real stretch Little League World Series that if you have that picture when the -- through that base threatening Phillies -- -- right because they got money in the first game and now against the Vegas there ever again. They asked though the Vegas -- that they were. Intimidated by them and they should be they said yes. Again we know that if we keep our approach. These skits on like Major League ball players in the -- these to these kids have gotten the Bill Belichick school. I was gonna keep it's gonna keep another day out there and -- -- guy and just stay with our approach go back up the middle and we do we have to work out well. That's right. Day two we've heard actually the best pitching performance of the entire. Under -- I feel under the radar. Haven't really heard -- regional talking about to combat Takahashi. And that your -- -- that's what board from Japan ever -- memo -- kid comes out. Was it one hitter one hitter complete game shut out one hander. To fourteen strike appealing to its first nine outs or strike out of eighteen total outs fourteen of them came of the straight -- for a alum Montae -- I would that -- think he's in the same category as. Party being arm it's and liked amonte and I am an orgy and that's tough to tell but at this point really care. He can -- we'll he can deal and he led his team to victory completely destroyed that there is will team a tough slot yes side it was a close game and go into the championship game. And he'll be back on the mound verse Korea. Which a big game. Another -- NL wild wild comeback against hardly go scorpions. Talk about that and feel welcome Obama called on right there. Let's not it's like that straight we can't we can't I just like you say in these career. Victory. But at bat -- in the Stanley is our fantastic. Specially because they're celebrating for ipads this letter they don't care. Pick up on air. -- -- if they feel like they got good aluminum on the ball there -- ago I mean. It's one in time they did get a home run and the other two times in his bat for the Brian yeah that'll be a little little bigger. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They were down what five to Puerto Rico and I came -- -- -- Started it was. It's like hitting really really easy. You just because. There's been so -- sketchy field. In -- that mean I know their children that. She put out complaints he would happen. Case in point the Philly walk off last night -- error. After that addition to poll yeah but. Quit eventually Little League moment ago lets -- stay at the secrets of events and I. Texas is down one they have huge fourth inning to score four runs. Take the lead leading six to three. Their pitcher comes in. It is just all on the map just crying his eyes he's it's tough to Bali now like all who used to quote. You're all like crept in and throw the ball the same time discuss the pressure was too much. What he was winning his team was. I'm pretty sure he got out and he gave up two runs that -- this team was still believe. He gave up two runs putting -- -- with its -- just. Cried all pitching that the team with a five when he struck out and started traffic and -- -- figures in the videos crying while eating. Well all it's hilarious desist expect they would -- I was certain that he would cry all pitching that's because if you're in the -- tough. If you're the batter's box in so your pitchers -- Tears streaming down his face that it's so distracting you don't want to hit a home run off him that would have been -- more therapy. That's a great great parents cry number I am -- off. I'm moving up at the front of the guy it's -- like 44 year old you look twelve year old there's so much nicer. Except that one little. Dirt bag on Texas to cut it here it's stupid hippy clearly. Clothes line this -- hit him with his glove with the ball and it fat lip. Shows can cast shows no remorse he just walked off the field -- -- -- care law figure out back this sequence of events. So -- comes down bottom the bottom of the sick and six down and down one. One single league lead -- what are good -- by your thoughts on the drag bunt to first. It had -- -- select people don't do more often is important to Koreans. Then after that. Actual lawyers are still pocket grounder between short and others who that that. This two -- runner on first down 12 outs. Yeah I think there's I think there's actually want them to apps to your -- that night I was watching -- the next it was the walk off -- -- and the -- the next play it was a strike then there's a walk I don't believe RA doesn't matter for the story that a ground ball between shortstop and third goes all the way to the wall and the -- at the -- ballots off the ball past the outfield again for the -- wife. There's no way in any form of baseball you should -- ground ball to the between shortstop and third. That actually bounces on the dirt out of the dirt. And it's a standup. -- but he at a given that we crushed it Tuesday that it it speaks to offense has been entirely -- close and then com. I predicted before any certain Monique Davis has been a walk off -- he was on deck. That's my fault I watched it was I didn't know lined up correctly I saw her with a helmet after the triple. Don't like -- come and but it wasn't a let's forget that last play ground ball to shortstop. He's just routine routine play team play -- -- me that played hundreds of times you had and the pressure got too -- just airmail air melt away over the first literally lighten brew and they sure I'll describe him he looked stunned by -- biggest crime. Yeah I guess -- it Matalin and they be based on the chance to -- yeah as long as he didn't -- they were eliminated by -- was that the South Dakota game where the game ended on. Runner outside the base path -- on yeah that's that's I've done that -- -- I ended a game on are -- second base too early in the -- in -- -- I still haven't gotten over it. Obviously. Slaves and you attack these children with a terrible children don't know. God damn fundamentals like that there always is perfectly into the umpires in all your thoughts on the umpire and suffer in the league this Little League -- that double we have all volunteer umpires -- have all volunteer or to always know. Is there are some sort of aptitude tests like something that these guys have been terrible blowing call after call after all absolute and -- reviewing the league World Series -- -- Is to get caught doing one -- ever want to play I don't remember what team. But there were two outs. Kids struck out swinging ball hit that their catcher comedy it runs to first. The team in the in the field runs into the dugout. So -- are running -- -- the second -- -- time. Called drop third strike in the team had to come back on the field. With the equity. Bump and what -- played Little League Baseball there was no drop third strike rule like you could throw the ball and I don't hit the backstop and swing if it yeah. Since when does that thing like this only test balls since when is allowing. But I saw that yesterday and went to commercial and epic comeback -- will -- -- it is about it is through this fabric in the next -- -- a big deal. It's an added that gap it's been atrocious the umpire -- atrocious they need to start paying these people. We're gonna pay one group of people should be the -- Yeah I mean I'm fine with like the peanuts ilsley a volunteer at six of them out there. You can you can -- How bad do you like have to feel about your own life to volunteer to be the right field umpire probably grew up near the home apart from pull it. -- one from Alaska now. Wanted to be a part of that's it's -- win Bayer's lake shore or. I mean there's not to be in a language barrier here that's of that there's a lot of home language here. Not even in the not only in the international bracket but in the manner in bracket. Yet international -- speaking. To a favorite international keep calling time out. They don't know where the -- timeout such -- their arms up and gesture to Y field within that -- -- with the Orix and other coaches like. Aren't you wanna call time and the native language of course we're gonna call time out. Gesture wildly. You'll get what. Others are at let's focus of the games coming up we got. Big games. Against two undefeated teams four undefeated teams squaring off Japan vs Korea. Thoughts on that team. Takahashi is pitching a -- here year player of the tournament so far Takahashi. It's gonna be on the bomb against Korea Korea has never lost -- Little League World Series. Ever rain to this is their second trip. But the first trip they -- defeated Japan's. One the past three of four understand that split and it has zero chance also won twelve in Iraq. Your chance and he did this kid -- kid I did see he was well off paint. And he was just cheesy in the whole time music Laffey and the kids from this kid basically created an opening night. Now okay -- -- this dumb thing bird people who are sick of the bar scene they can just go hang out and paint and get drunk. OK this kid invented that -- -- does -- eight. This kid is constantly debating the outside reported that the bill that but worth it. -- thwart president for the long the congress if you've got Japan cabinet in the -- -- he had no chance anyone beats them how how argued so you guys. Australia. With the loss. In their plane in with whose -- -- now. Puerto Rico I think more popular it was eliminated now. Don't think Hillary goes one on one -- -- Puerto Rico Australia. And you got Venezuela. Mexico Mexico. Will the -- each other. Yeah -- -- -- -- are the losers bracket so also the winner of Japan and Korea is gonna have to sit around to wait for the losers bracket teams to play exactly and the winner of the losers bracket. Then please. The loser of Japan and Korea. Yeah and I think then the winner of Japan and Korea place. Since long layoff it is a -- lip and I think Japan would have to lose twice before. -- eliminate its original with the technically have two chances and making it to the finals is undefeated team. In the international and US finals gonna have two chances to make it to the final. I think once they make the semifinals. Resets its resets is is determined -- So single loss elimination. I would assume so I think it's just it's only double elimination -- Makes axles and files on the other side of the wreck we got the US. Mode they Davis don't have against these hard swing in Nevada men. Going to be incredible matchup should be really good. -- -- obviously blue league shows us that the dominant pitcher has the advantage. And give it to where. I've -- and she's done nothing to prove us wrong at this point I mean she's clearly. Dominant performance related to ongoing -- that go with. So I'm gonna be interested to see how Jackie Robinson west bounces back after their humiliating. Defeats. Nevada and here's the thing if they if Monet wins in the Nevada -- losers bracket and then. Who Nevada Chicago detention the rematch against that same pitcher who absolutely dominated them. Variances in there's some still exciting games yet to come storyline to plenty story line. Things are planned to make sure -- stayed two and because we will be back. Up overdone right now he may be done right. Will be back to. To further. Breakdown league World Series when we get to what. Final six finally finally -- it may be later this week maybe early next week -- knows will be Beck keep keep checking in. Wolf we're gonna bring you all the hot takes on this year's Little League World Series. You changing clearly in my winner was eliminated. Extremely quickly yeah my pick was Jackie Robinson west I don't think we're gonna win. Right now I'd have to go with Japan just based on the first weekend but that's. Really don't wanna pick them Theres no I don't think when my heart and his idol I don't trust Japan just because they of that one pitches they almost lost to Mexico because -- back -- pitchers aren't factory. Next is a solid squad I don't disagree that's I think Venezuela. Well one have a really good chance at Japan if they don't have to run into the -- buzz saw. That is Tacoma -- Hasheem to do this -- what what's up now we're back to neglect hires not too I might have. Wasn't on purpose it wasn't on purpose -- is like a Freudian slip his entire tribe loses and you. -- in my pinkie but -- no money in your brain bro you're going to set at. Can -- that today saw so let's -- world's. Food. Well there -- -- him for a pretty. -- puppet yes you can reach us on Twitter I don't have a 114 dollars to fourteen day you know we'll look to one -- -- one on nine. Yeah biggest comeback I live we do Little League World Series that actually -- -- -- and a bunch of early because of joy are hot. Yes expert and changed my profile. Oh yeah right now. Little League World Series expert for the next. We can act are very is that yelled that's I killed on Twitter and Sam Packard -- -- that guy that. In the producers podcast. Watch. Really -- series yet don't be unimportant we shouldn't be your only source of information for this because you become an added. And you should be like -- your computer screens -- well. These guys haven't called yet to meet us if you think we've missed something in -- -- thing. You know more. -- challenges on that Little League aptitude and if you wanna be on if you wanna be on next week's podcast just -- yes we'll call you up you know and figure hot enough votes to. Think all of congress. They treat you watched the Little League World Series games and go to the post office just use the post office. Read excerpts civic duty just use the African post -- apart -- they did not come up at bunker. Just don't put up quite nicely into the Smithsonian. --

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