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Tom Brady on the progress of Jimmy Garoppolo 8-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

Brady reacts to the win over the Eagles and talks about the progression of Jimmy Garoppolo.

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This is our second patriot Monday I missed the first being on vacation our interview with Tom Brady has brought to you by AT&T. Northeast electrical distributors. How lubricate -- and DCU digital federal credit union and as always Bob joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Tom how aria. Morning guys I don't. Most guys bitch and moan about the grind of training camp mom you're not one of those guys is that because you really really love being out there or is it because you're a team leader. You may realize it's a necessary evil you wanna get everybody in the same positive page. Let -- book bought back in -- really in preparation for the season so. He cared shortcut it's it's our current early it's not a matter of is it's really just. It's about getting better and and you can't cheat are you got -- routine that -- have. You know weeks and weeks are really concentrated our firemen and the Greek you name and then. You make the HE correct we try to do -- better and make improvement I think that's what certain can't talk about so you know -- you're going to be pitching any better out. You know coach always says that offseason program Leach circuit starter training camp the training camp leads to good September. You know Richard Lambert leads. Look at October November and that's in and -- got -- and on December oh. We're not a vote stated in early just. You know the average user it -- -- you can never get back you can never try to get ahead euros on -- What metrics does Tom Brady used what Alabama's do you use to gauge the progress of an offense. In the pre season you know after one game after two games after four games what would you used to gauge where you -- -- -- -- All of our success level of improvement I think that's that's what you Asia has not all the parts are there at this point you're a lot of it is. Individual improvements are your religious folks on what your job is -- you go to -- -- not augur well. And that when you start corporate birds and you know maybe one on one -- and and at that leaked over the girls and now hopefully by opener. You got all the guys have worked -- individual improvement so collectively is all you're. Better and better you know -- -- significantly better than we than what we were. You know let's say when when he -- Yates started about sort out the looked to be able to do you -- Build that foundation that's not on patient and can never be principal. -- Tom I don't know if you noticed but we spend an inordinate amount of time talk about quarterbacks and NFL quarterbacks who's a good quarterback who's not a good quarterback who's gonna succeed news not. Whether it's Johnny footballer or drop below war. And James Winston in the future what in your mind what's the one thing one most important thing you need to succeed. In the NFL as a quarter. Well. Probably -- this thing they need in the lights its decision making. And that's that's an every day. That's an every day characteristic. So. I think more so than any physical ability. Which believe me those are all important and having great physical ability allows may -- some more margin error in other areas. But ultimately come down the decision making them at the quarterback on the other current split second that you're making. They'll attack carried over into into all parts of your life you know what you are not you know how hard you work the kind of leadership. You'll apply. You know what you choose to view it. You know -- whatever whatever it takes whatever party put in your life what you're making in order per hour -- important so. You know for me a lot of its. You know my priorities are you know football and obviously. You know they they change over the years about ceremony itself or that football is. Obviously the utmost priority and try to be the best I can be so a lot of every decision that I make always comes back. You know -- Cabrera perform and that's. You know that's pretty good part of my life you you're so. You know it's it's -- -- one quarterback on. You know port so one year -- year revered as not and had a lot like I I really look up to do so long periods that are and that's. Earlier light decision and that. Some that. Is early when you look at Peyton Manning for example on the -- he's just been so consistent. For so long that (%expletive) that's that's the kind of not kinda -- you'll look. Yeah you could be a knucklehead and being good. Wide receiver or defensive back linebacker or offensive lineman could you be a knuckle enemy -- The good quarterback get a great arm in great physical ability. Why I disagree I don't I don't think you can really yeah that'd be a great performer. You know maybe for a year or maybe -- cute here. But not for long periods -- Now that if there all the time on you know what at all you know a lot of people that -- in the locker -- It department that I think that the guys that -- Play policy and rebels you know they they do it for a year a year year and tortured and every timeout so. You know that's Cutler played against the best -- -- -- we always make this decision sort of one there are. They're doing the right thing by their teammates then you'd be in the that they can -- so. I think you know just a quarterback and overly affectionate you know a lot to say that you got before -- Edward anybody else. So you make or decision book all that you really don't get. Your team a chance to win games you just. If it's careless with the ball -- your. Not on the ball the right place is that your background checks on average number that you really are -- skirts. The ball always goes to record. You know I know 65000 people drove to route one cent traffic in front of them now hoped one thing and went -- that game. They hope that the referees to be active and -- a million flag yet and may god love a little they got their wish from a viewer a perspective. It was tortured times the watch the first bush the first half the united. Or not -- perspective and your plane does it affect you guys as well. I don't know whether they are white flag or five flights over the course that game and I just. Some called earlier -- some calls don't. You know I think players like an electric play that's more so than anything by at the same time they. Now the refs and the parents are about -- whatever -- was on Wednesday and said look we're gonna you know -- talked Plaxo. Hope we see illegal contacts we keep -- are holding appreciate aren't the states. Earlier reports are sort -- here and make -- video and so when those things come out there are on the flight and they didn't -- the -- is so. You know -- being able to adjust and in desperate in being a decision actors and you know like that said I accept this. You know few weeks ago up in like offered holding group offered a black hole and never play -- -- so all it yet. You can't not -- it's just how far. So what limit can push that -- quarterback. Turner ran straight at the quarterback you'd be administered yeah actually not a yellow. Well you know or locked up the line of scrimmage your -- inside the older guys breast plate if you get called an absolutely not so. You're out -- the player in the rules and those that just on a weekly bring up on a weekly basis depending on. Depending on how the refs call the game and we had a pretty good idea how -- gonna call in going into some rest are a lot like summer -- and art our coaches try to prepare on Matt and what you got there. On the field. You know you eat you play within the rules to the best ability and an -- caught -- you -- the good jobs so. That's all our decision making process of the player -- You know hopefully you're not you know one plus like that game because that's. That's a lot of -- that settlement -- -- -- -- in. Tom I heard one officials say that they've laid down the law they're throwing a lot of flags to come to draw a line in the sand but once the players understand it and once the officials know. The players know they understand it they're gonna back off of that you'd suspect in the BC and historically the that's the case that that the same play may be in week 12 or three of the regular season might not be called as it was the other night. I'm not possible August. Record -- depend on the crew and interpretation of -- and I know I remember that work there and made a break when I am sure it's. Our interpretation rule out the legal contact that we want. Back in 2003. And then you know there are some flag earlier in the year and -- -- -- -- aren't -- -- year since it got back on where it is now on. You know where you see you really critical secondary that. Or try to get their hands on the receivers and disrupt apps in part there's this time and asking them in. You know -- made an emphasis this year at Barack all. More legal contacts -- -- sensible thing and and and that -- and I've done that by you know outlook murder in an orderly -- it points. But you know I'd call them you know we QB can't think that we -- -- article about our routes through our job. Not because they call that they don't then you know we got -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom you've been on good teams -- you've been on really good teams today you we -- on I've read that you -- on eighteen and one team one year. When it was August 18. Could -- hell could you tell you -- a team that had that kind of potential. I don't think you're you know -- you have until December. You know you -- He's got to fight through it you there are ups and downs over the course of the year errors. Know a lot of metal content that comes in the play a lot of discipline and work out their decision making. That really doesn't play out August or September that once you're pretty you're -- on your point oh fall -- team think there're a lot better than. What they were -- the last season. But nobody knows you're gonna have to go out there and prove it's it's not something you can just say. Well you know we're gonna we're going to be better as we change it's got that we change this play this play. Now -- that determination that work -- The mental toughness that he did in particular Kerry lost the few games that you see on our back you know you're you're first YouTube and you're going to be. I don't know that's what football -- all about so that's why it's starts September you have the December and and you you see where your product that Iraq or not enough that are a lot. They went overall -- the quarterback needs to do both physically mentally and I know it's very very early in the infancy but so far from what you've seen from drop a -- does he have all those things is that the preparation. -- intelligence to decision making early on in its infancy a -- seen that from him. What you bet you know he's been a lot of -- -- -- -- you know there's a reason why that you liked them and they're pretty hot so. Obviously they can feel that way and and these cannot -- -- out there that. It is a great job when he -- opportunity. That's. That's great to see so many young player but not he's got to keep build on you keep it better make improvements and improving your restrictions you put strengthening here. Things are really strong points or so there it's hard to tell -- such a short period of time. You know like I said just like every team you know the individuals collectively their individual chapter. Improve -- work ethic their disciplinary -- are the argument over port so lock you out there that's where. Thirteen you wouldn't -- individual almost routine that's -- that -- and then so you know anyone who makes the final out and be counted on. -- you gotta you gotta be our under your job at a higher level. Everything will -- they're going to be a great team so. You know Jimmie -- into -- aggregates like everybody out there for Iraq so that. The guy to go out -- Final question for me Tom metal wire like to do this but I elected try to predict what the most satisfying play was for you when that particular game when Bobby far off the -- at the back shoulder touchdown pass to Tompkins with one you. Particularly liked. Yeah that was that was a great play by a key to make that catch in traffic in. -- -- and you know trying to jam at the line of scrimmage and we are on the same agent he just consider that shouldered broad matrix yet shall. There's great just yet come -- to -- what happened on the first than he showed little mental toughness that it wasn't gonna bother. We came right back out films courts so. That was great. A great thing to be able to see by our team put together in -- -- and writer start game and we're gonna need more that this week I really could -- Carolina. This -- Friday. Is there some kind of sight adjustment or some kind of communication before the snap and it lets him know it's going to be a back shoulder or is that an adjustment he makes. When the ball is in the air. One who -- an Apple Store and avert this point you know based on his body language based on. The technique that he'd be he would each idea what I. The quarterback receiver relation really come and play spirit that the patient. You know when -- and weakened you on the same page like that it's really hard for you are the beer stop that -- played here. You're either as a knock on the on the stated that -- on it is not -- on -- shoulder. And it when -- here on the same page. You know it's it's it's much more difficult to -- so. You're glad that he made a great catch in traffic. That was Olympic play or indeed it has gone in the night so. You know we're gonna need a lot more goes over the course he's in -- but without certain records -- there. -- generally speaking in the third pre season game that's when most of the ones get most of the time and more often than not the the first team guys can back up after halftime -- the adjustment is made I know you don't know whether that's gonna pay be the case in this particular game but you hate coming out of pre season games. As much as you hate coming at a regular season games. Yeah well I haven't economy and currency Greg where you and it's a I think that. That preceded and it's just great to be out there and play and and just yet it's a patient. That the speed is rarely. You know there it's all about coach coach sparked a -- on -- in the plight that. In fact if you pick yourself in the position to make the plate but you know you don't. Tracked through the apple you don't run for your lipstick and practice you don't -- trauma quarterback in practice you'll finish on -- receiver and it there at all about finishing in the part did you get for runner now it. The runner great attack with the quarterbacks stepped up and -- lower traffic receiver make secure traffic. So that's clearly the things that you are trying. You know that's what the game reality you're going out so there we have players that that's the preparation that we have the regular season goes in. Two and half weeks from now for weeks now at all going to be an outpatient never weighs about. You know it's great to be out there were older you'll get the point where you're your game ready your game ready for at a regular season and that. You know the more work that I get the better you know the better it better to go the more prepared -- -- Well it is almost upon us Tom thanks for the title talk to next week -- patriot Monday. Our -- or you're not ready to Dennison -- on the AT&T a lot of conversation with is brought to you by AT&T. Northeast electrical distributors house -- cater and DC you'd digital federal credit you.

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