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Tim Hasselbeck takes us around the NFL 8-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

Hasselbeck joins Dennis and Callahan to breakdown all the preseason action.

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It's 3-D NC I think I can safely speak for Gerry Callahan when I say the only downside to being on vacation last week was we were not present and accounted for. When Tim Hasselbeck made his first appearance with us but we are here today. And Tim joins us on the AT&T a lot of conversation with him it brought -- -- -- power equipment and Toshiba business solutions that morning mr. Hasselbeck how are you. Good morning a little bit actually at. A yacht a she didn't sleep well that might think about the fact that Jerry and I were -- for your first appearance and it bothered me. We got this conversation rather interesting but Tom Brady about the qualities in in any particular order -- make a great quarterback in the NFL. And we asked Tom what number one would be and he said decision making -- physical -- Arms strength their upper body strength or escape ability would you agree with the decision making being number one who would you like to three in for him. Decision making I would agree with that I would put of one you know in terms of 23 and four. You know and you could probably easily argue you know the order of these things but it. I think you would actors he would have to be in the air. I think. You know leadership. Another one that needs to be in the -- and then I think you probably start to get into. You know things like on strain or are. It may be a more physical tool but I think if you're a look at the top. You know probably three. Characteristic of a successful quarterback. I think two out of history end up being. You know something other than. Physical surgical decision making leadership and accuracy of the top three which I think you could easily. Have -- that spot. That I did that it you know I think -- kind of shed some light on the situation when you know you start to look at. How quarterbacks are evaluated come to become mine and you know through the whole pro gay and individual work out all that. President that it -- goes well beyond. Well you made it to the NFL don't take enough away from mute them but. How come you brother -- lasted and you didn't are welcome any quarterback lasts and another guy doesn't. Well -- of -- just. Mean she. Something he's 64 outlaw but 061. -- and bigger than mine to grip the ball different planet wet weather. You know these cattle longer lever because of you've because of the fact that he's taller than me count longer arms and stuff like that to the ball always came out of his hands. A little bit you know more natural than it did mine I mean I the issue for me. Come in terms of lasting. You know vs other guys were really physical I mean. Arm strength is not. I wouldn't put -- in the top three. For -- making certain throws more difficult that it was for him to make certain throws. And so I would probably say that maybe maybe the biggest area then. A part of what happens to. Is and you can see that some guys may -- Brian Hoyer can't. Bryant warriors undrafted -- actually doesn't -- job makes the team. And really. In almost every environment that he was asked whether it was a blow -- an -- you know -- was still playing well over the preceding game. Really played pretty well when he had his opportunity. But he gets cut in and bounces around. So. You know you're not drafted don't have approach that like she knew it and wants to see you develop as a planned for you. It's difficult to get a shot because usually. Dependent on someone else getting hurt so. I think that plays a role you know kind of and everybody's journey. And you know you pick up ready for example. He was believe that first -- the fourth director Michael support spilled that's the case but keep -- Four guys in question investors something in somebody that helped the last. The last guy that was the fourth quarter back that -- undrafted -- -- it -- it doesn't happen there's there's got to be some type of connection and and and so you know certain that there are fortunate to have that based on what they did because when they get select. By overreacting with this rough stuff there were twenty flags thrown my second order of the Tennessee new -- -- Q what's the patriots game it was un watchable for the first half I understand. It's Octavia that what could be on watchable if you watched I didn't watch. I would avert my eyes every time the flag from what I -- me it's a good point Jerry. I could feel the -- by the way. Well it's been along here when he gets it when we get to the regular season is going to be the same thing you can't possibly be -- and there are gonna be this. Stricter taxis. No it it is at LP. I agree with you you know part of Iowa told he's gained in yup -- you'll want tomorrow on real time so. I feel like that's that's the benefit to. A south supported through the nonsense because the games that I watched in real time. It's been through at all it's an absolutely brutal and there's no way this continues because the week on the war game like this. During the regular season and I can tell you right now with all of this emphasis -- all of this focus on the illegal contact them in and that nonsense. Go look at every post season for the last five years. The further and further you get along in the post season. Reps are afraid to. So take a flight -- their pocket maybe they're just. Don't they want to. So. I think it's it's almost. In some ways to -- it doesn't make sense that there's this emphasis in pre season. But what happened the -- just you know in the preview can go away in the regular season -- action -- I think is gonna happen. And so what's the point that what's the point of doing in the pre season. It's about how you gonna call on the regular scenes give guys trying to you know make rosters. Playing by rules that argument they have access to their regular senior our elected officials felt kind of missed the ball on the floor. Tim might take a lot of heat for rescue multi layered questions -- apologize ahead of time we had a discussion on grapple -- development. Two part question here how long until like -- drafted quarterback in a system. Begins to get relatively comfortable with that playbook. That said what's bills thought process as he evaluates and asked to choose if indeed he does between mallet and and drop below. While I think. In terms of you know kind of the ownership of the system that you need to be given a full year. And the advantage European and something a full year. It is you know you have command over rather than just knowing you know you can -- -- touched on the new line of scrimmage. And a you know there's so much going on there's you know you're you're adjusting protections here or maybe even get the point where. You may be audible -- something against a familiar opponent and you feel like they have -- on in terms of your your verbiage here code words. But then you may signal hand signal out to another -- -- you know the wide receiver to change the route for help because you think the quarter. -- urge you wouldn't plan that route I mean there's. There's so many layers of -- so I think if -- that for over -- year start to develop that type of ability. You know in terms of entered the -- checks. You know process with these guys. Because the contract situation and four ballot going forward when he gets free agency and because they've invested a second round pick. And drop below. I mean I believe that you know the scale as it's kept a little bit you know in drop -- To. You can offer them to really try to get him up to speed feel comfortable. Which can be in the back up and so. A -- them give him opportunities. You know hurt themselves by working on about how early they put a man. Last week I think the patriot better than anybody do an excellent job in the pre season with their back up. Gotta keep them in the dark about when they're gonna play. And then all of it quickly on -- -- created a a real environments for how they would actually entered game. I think that's what they did I think drop below responded pretty well too. So give it everything you've said about grapples development or any quarterback development early on in the season my guess is that will factory in heavily to patten's decision tomorrow. Depending on how his two browns quarterbacks looks the night the employer might get the get get the -- vs man's elderly. It's possible but at the same time and I'm not sure and Cleveland. You know what's driving that decision com. There are so many reports about -- -- struggling with you know the playbook and when I watched. Him against Detroit. And he knew he was looking in the wrong places you know I mean there are times where. Wale without getting you know overly technical. And that is the wrong place. Mean he's he's working -- side of the field that he showed that based on the route that they have called. And the coverage that that was being played. Com and then there were plays where he ran around a little bit where really should never -- better and that environment based on decisions he made priests snap demand goes up in terms of diagnosing the coverage I think Mandela got a long way to go in terms of in terms of learning things in. I mean it in -- that drastically changes from pre season we want to week to. I wanna feel comfortable putting -- go out. Now they seem to could be excited about it they drafted in the first round and obviously there's a lot of buzz surrounding him and they made comments about big gaps being close. And when you hear that. But it'll kind of after you know whatever it is and snaps of the preceding game. Again that the situation where you know the scale is the captain. You know just a matter time before they wanna get there guy out there. Way and back to drop below are his eyes looking in the right places do you look at him. And say that is a NFL starting quarterback. A lot of upon race is an -- starter but I I will say I do he has been. You know. Part of of you know you about the -- comment about being decision maker well you can up the process. Until he got the play call for quite a called play right budget which is something that is that the battle especially in the system. -- when you get -- -- lines of the pre upgrade to a print out read a lot of times. Tell you know where your eyes are gonna start first or if you have a protectionist -- -- -- -- -- hotter whatever the situation and then. There has the DA pulled up diagnosis. OK with -- this -- I think something or they -- in the coverage of neighboring and oppression Nancy whatever it is. And then not tell you where to go with the football where. -- order in your eyes and eventually taking. -- upload it got a pretty good job. You know it looked nervous at times immediately when he -- in the game. I think if he's. He settled down and things have slowed down form. Quickly. It says he is he gets into. You know how to get into a series gets into drive and I think that's good that's good characteristic they have so I've been impressed with how you respond to this situation. In typically I actually think that. The ball coming out of his hand obviously he's mobility is athletic ability that that is pretty obvious to recognize that the ball's coming out of his hands. Better than IE. You know kind of envisioned it coming out of his hand after playing college. If I said do you professor at the over under for games for the AFC east this year -- you go over under for the patriots winning do you think is another team -- division it's in the challenge him -- dollars a just going to be another runaway. I think. I don't know I think it's important it's looking for the team and challenging them that would elicit. Just. I accept this you know last week what you guys -- and provocation you know that. If I don't -- policy. I mean. I don't I don't see anybody you don't challenging but he got no batter on both sides of the football just by. Beatle guys going in their second year guys on the defensive side of the ball you know in terms of additions. I just. To -- -- being -- the gotten significantly better not believe from a personal standpoint so you can talk if you lock in all you want him. -- -- in -- out here EJ Manuel developing. You know whatever it you know good quarterback play a lot of the jets their defense. But it looked better to sell. I really don't think that -- the team that they give them I was -- if Iran for their money needs. MIA. Premature to say Miami certainly will not be that team based solely on the fact that all five offensive linemen have never played together in Tamil might get killed. Let's and we look at that is actually look at. The other dedicated on the offense -- for -- reasons bill lasers their options coordinator. The coup in many instances it is. Because his coaching tree and out. Is there's West Coast offense and really -- not going to be that much of a departure from. What Mike Sherman and the puck squirted they fired was doing I brought some Chip Kelly elements. Out there be and you see them already a little bit in the pre season. I'm so I think that may help a little bit terms to get the ball out attaining -- hand. But I don't think they have a legitimate runner. And I think when you have an offensive line that. That projects to struggle which it -- at quarterback -- -- to hold the football. If you don't have a router that makes guys miss and can make up for you know guys not do what's supposed to do with the running game up front. I think you probably see more of the same god that it may be a little bit improved from a year ago but but again I don't know the back it's done. He's ESPN's excellent NFL analyst Tim Hasselbeck into my promise you that Gerry and I going for all clear all our vacation time -- -- appreciate about the back Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline. A conversation but it has brought you by -- equipment and Toshiba business. Long do we have to spend to get to know him before we can ask him if he thinks he married up. All I'll ask him but the view is -- today it was a disaster. Right we have one or bail. You guys that we do and we'll get that -- most. He must everyday chizik she's. Out of Matt's wife looks like but I think in that case it might do yeah lot of energy cheerleaders -- -- -- cubicle would discourage this book you know Islam group diesel hassle -- -- -- -- -- -- -- down from his time in the year he said my name once it's -- and Elizabeth -- -- school -- -- you -- Is Matt's wife as hard as Elizabeth I don't think now. Put -- abilities. Unlike Kevin Youkilis he would consider that a couple right he married up right you -- hourly what's coming headlines is next an hour late.

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